PSE Trading: Exploring the “Intent” paradigm in the Ethereum ecosystem

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4 months ago
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Intent is not just a technical concept, it plays a core role in creating a more humane, efficient and orderly digital future.

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Think of the intent layer as a big box, into which everyones needs are put. The intent layer matches these needs with each other and locks in the overall optimal or shortest path. At the end of the process, every requirement has been met, simplifying operations and significantly improving system efficiency and effectiveness.

PSE Trading: Exploring the “Intent” paradigm in the Ethereum ecosystem

This is an intuitive explanation of Intent.

This article will explore the significance of “Intent” in the Ethereum landscape and its possible future impact.

Mass Adoption——The core meaning that Intent will eventually be implemented

Mass Adoption or ETH large-scale application or widespread adoption is an important topic discussed at this years ETHCC in Paris, because"ETH Mass Adoption"The large-scale adoption of ETH is not only a sign of its technological maturity entering the next stage, but also a symbol of its further influence on the future digital society.

Although DeFi is innovative, its popularity and expansion have certain limitations due to its complexity and high threshold. Even driven by speculative factors, the number of people who are truly interested in and involved in DeFi is relatively small. This means that if DeFi is used as the core of the blockchain ecological expansion, it will one day encounter a bottleneck.

Future adoption is likely to come not through direct interaction with DeFi platforms, but through more user-friendly interfaces, such as mobile wallets, that serve as intermediaries for interaction with DeFi.

"Intent"——The intent layer will greatly reduce everyone’s operating threshold, which is also the core meaning of Intent’s eventual promotion.

Simplify complex operations and interaction processes on the blockchain to make it more user-friendly. Specifically, it attempts to merge multiple steps or operations into a simple, intuitive action by optimizing protocols and infrastructure so that users can more easily achieve their goals.

PSE Trading: Exploring the “Intent” paradigm in the Ethereum ecosystem

Three definitions of Intent - delineating the boundaries of Intent

After intuitively understanding Intent, we need to define Intent and delineate its scope:

Focus on results rather than specified processes

"Intent"The project allows users to clarify the intention of a transaction or operation through a statement, rather than specific execution steps. This statement should be clear, unambiguous and understandable and enforceable by the system or service provider.

Execute delegation

"Intent"The project provides a mechanism that allows users to delegate the execution of intentions to the system, smart contracts or third-party service providers. Regardless of whether it is executed automatically or manually, the execution process should conform to the users original intention and provide sufficient flexibility and room for optimization where appropriate.

Verifiable results

"Intent"Projects should ensure that the results of transactions or operations are verifiable and traceable, so that users and relevant parties can clearly understand and verify the execution of intentions, ensuring that the final results meet user expectations.

The Intent-centric architecture serves as an intermediary layer between users and DeFi infrastructure, greatly simplifying the user experience and lowering the threshold for participation, while also effectively capturing and executing user intentions. This not only helps expand the user base of DeFi, but also provides a new development direction for future decentralized financial applications.

PSE Trading: Exploring the “Intent” paradigm in the Ethereum ecosystem

Three meanings of Intent

The emergence of the term Intent allows us to describe and understand some elusive thoughts more clearly and accurately.

Amoma’s white paper is full of abstract descriptions, 1inch Fusion is difficult to express when trying to express its core concepts, and Cowswap is also at a loss when positioning itself. However, the emergence of the word Intent provides a clear direction for these issues.

Now, when we talk about Amoma’s design philosophy, 1inch Fusion’s trading solution, or Cowswap’s trading model, we have a common and clear vocabulary—“Intent”—to accurately describe and communicate. Through this vocabulary, we can not only better understand the core concepts of each project, but also achieve more accurate and efficient communication in discussions and research.

But I think as the community’s discussion on “Intent” deepens and quietly grows, the three levels of meaning that have been revealed will become more and more clear.

The first level: operational simplification

In the world of Ethereum, the operations faced by users are often complex and professional."Intent"The emergence of is to simplify these operations and allow users to express their needs more directly without having to deeply understand the complex technical details behind them. For example, users only need to express the goals they want to accomplish, and the system will automatically complete the corresponding operations.

Second layer: on-chain resource optimization

Expand the focus from the individual to the entire network,"Intent"The significance has been sublimated to the optimization of on-chain resources. It helps the Ethereum network use its resources more efficiently through intelligent or service providers to competitively allocate and execute transactions. This not only improves the efficiency of transactions, but also provides support for the stable operation of the entire network.

The third layer: lower the threshold of use and promote large-scale adoption

"Intent"The ultimate goal is to enable more people to use Ethereum easily and lower the threshold for its use. By simplifying operations and optimizing resources, it enables ordinary users without technical knowledge to participate in the Ethereum network. This simplification and optimization paves the way for the large-scale adoption of Ethereum, allowing more people to enjoy the convenience of blockchain technology.

in short,"Intent"Starting from simplifying individual operations and gradually expanding to optimizing network resources, the ultimate goal is to lower the threshold for using Ethereum and promote it to a wider public. Every aspect of it is designed to make Ethereum better and easier to use.

PSE Trading: Exploring the “Intent” paradigm in the Ethereum ecosystem

Rethinking the future on-chain ecology in the context of “intent”

In the context of intent, the on-chain ecology will be further expanded and enriched in the future. This new paradigm makes the blockchain ecosystem not just a cold technical network, but a living system that can understand and respond to user needs.

Under this novel framework, users no longer need to choose an entrance, and their intentions are accurately identified and directed to the optimal path by applications such as AA Wallet. At the same time, blockchain protocols have begun to shift their focus to product strength. Only those products that can provide the best solution path can gain market recognition and use. As the number of high-quality products and protocols increases, the Matthew effect gradually emerges, and those protocols that cannot meet market demand begin to wither away, showing the rigor of natural selection.

This intent-centralized paradigm also affects the development of blockchain protocols and applications. Developers are beginning to design and optimize their products from a user perspective to ensure they meet their actual needs. For example, new blockchain protocols may pay more attention to how to simplify transaction processes, increase transaction speed, reduce transaction costs, etc., to attract more users. At the same time, application developers may also pay more attention to how to provide a more humane and user-friendly interface, and how to automatically realize user intentions through technologies such as smart contracts.

With the promotion of the intent-centralized paradigm, we have also seen various possibilities of blockchain technology. For example, decentralized finance (DeFi) can provide more personalized financial services by understanding users’ investment intentions. At the same time, supply chain management, identity verification, and many other application areas will also benefit from this new paradigm.

However, with the promotion of the intent paradigm, some new challenges may also arise. For example, how to accurately identify and understand the users intention, how to ensure the privacy and security of the users intention, and how to effectively realize the users intention through technology are all issues worthy of in-depth study and discussion.

Rethinking the future on-chain ecology under the background of intent shows us a more humane, efficient and orderly blockchain future. In this future, technology is no longer cold code and protocols, but intelligent assistants that can understand and respond to human needs.

PSE Trading: Exploring the “Intent” paradigm in the Ethereum ecosystem

AA wallet is also an Intent

Under the background of Intent, understanding AA wallet, it is not just a static account management tool, but has become the transmitter and executor of user intentions. It exists not only to solve a specific technical problem, but to convey users deep on-chain needs and wishes, and will provide a more direct and natural interaction in the Ethereum world. Way.

Although the AA wallet has been designated by the ETH Foundation as a rights return project to be done by ETH core developers.

Before the advent of Intent, it was difficult to find the right angle to express its true value. Only Buterin has mentioned it in many public speeches, but everyone still feels it is far away and seems to understand it.

However, with the emergence of the Intent concept, AA wallet finally found its peers and a new language to describe and understand it. It is no longer an isolated entity, but has become an important component under the intention-driven design concept, becoming an important bridge connecting users and the Ethereum world.

The story of AA Wallet is not just a story of technology, but also a story about understanding, expression, expansion and connection. In this sense, the emergence of AA wallet is not only an important milestone for the Ethereum ecosystem, but also means that the Ethereum ecosystem has begun to mature and expand. The infrastructure has been basically improved, opening its arms to the majority of users, and actively embracing innovation and diversity. new stage.

Not only to attract more users, but also to realize Ethereum’s long-term vision of becoming an open, decentralized, and widely used global platform. The joining of every new user is recognition and promotion of this vision. The AA wallet has become an important bridge between users and Ethereum. With its simple and direct interaction method, it provides users with a friendly entrance, allowing them to easily explore the rich possibilities of Ethereum.


exploring"Intent"After reading the profound connotation of (intention), we can get a glimpse of the future direction of blockchain technology and Ethereum ecology."Intent"More than just a technical concept, it plays a central role in shaping a more humane, efficient and orderly digital future. It calls for a new design concept that puts the real needs of users at the center, simplifies operations, optimizes on-chain resources, and ultimately achieves the goal of large-scale adoption. The expansion at each level shows the continued maturity of the Ethereum ecosystem.

In this context, understanding AA wallet is even more important"Intent"The concrete embodiment and practice of the concept. It is no longer just an account management tool, but has become the transmitter and executor of user intentions, becoming an important bridge connecting users with the Ethereum world.

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