- BlackRock denies application for iShares XRP trust; ZachXBT investigation indicates GROK is suspected of fraud (11.14))

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Aave has reopened the V2 market on top of Ethereum

- BlackRock denies application for iShares XRP trust; ZachXBT investigation indicates GROK is suspected of fraud (11.14))


BlackRock denies application for iShares XRP trust

What appears to be BlackRock’s filing for an XRP ETF caused a temporary jump in the price of XRP. The filing was filed with the Delaware Division of Corporations and posted on its website. The filing contains details that match similar BlackRock filings, including the name and address of its registered agent. It is similar to previous filings for Bitcoin and ETH, but mentions XRP. However, a BlackRock spokesperson confirmed that the filing had nothing to do with BlackRock. The document was first discovered by a user on Following reports that the document was fake, prices returned to previous levels.


ZachXBT investigation revealed that GROK was suspected of fraud, and GROK plummeted by more than 40% in the short term.

Well-known on-chain detective ZachXBT stated on the X platform that GROK was created by a scammer, and the project’s official X account (ID: 1690060301465714692) has been reused in at least one scam. Affected by ZachXBTs investigation, GROK has plummeted in the short term and is currently trading at 0.014 USDT, which is about 44% lower than todays highest point of 0.025 USDT.

HashKey Exchange will list LDO and open for trading on November 16

HashKey Exchange announced that it will launch LDO for professional investors. Deposits and withdrawals are now open. Trading will be open at 16:00 (UTC+ 8) on November 16. The trading pair is LDO/USD.

FalconX withdrew a total of $23.4 million worth of IMX, LDO, and MATIC from Binance over the past week

According to Lookonchain monitoring, in the past week, FalconX withdrew a total of 10 million IMX (approximately $12.14 million), 3.4 million LDO (approximately $7.4 million), and 4.23 million MATIC (approximately $3.86 million) from Binance. .

Project News

Aave has reopened the V2 market on top of Ethereum

Aave has reopened the V2 market on top of Ethereum. Previously on November 5, Aave said it had received reports of issues with certain features of its protocol. After verification by community developers, the V2 market on Ethereum and the V3 market on Arbitrum, Avalanche, Polygon, and Optimism have been suspended. Earlier today, all V3 markets resumed operations.

The Starknet testnet will be migrated to Sepolia starting tomorrow, developers are reminded to migrate as soon as possible

Starknet issued a document on the X platform stating that after Goerli is deactivated, Starknet will migrate the test network to Sepolia. The Goerli testnet will be retired at the end of 2023, and Starknet encourages developers to migrate to the Sepolia testnet as soon as possible. Starknet will begin migrating to the Sepolia testnet on November 15, 2023. At that time, full nodes, API services, SDKs, and other Starknet development tools will also begin to be migrated to Sepolia. Therefore, starting November 15, 2023, Starknet urges all builders to migrate to Sepolia at the earliest opportunity. The Sepolia testnet will support all Cairo V 0, V2.0.0 and higher versions. According to previous news, Starknet stated that the V 0.13.0 mainnet is planned to be launched on January 22, 2024, and will support STRK to pay transaction fees.

Blockchain staking service provider stakefish has stopped supporting FLOW

Blockchain staking service provider stakefish has announced that it has stopped supporting Flow (FLOW). FLOW pledgers who previously used stakefish need to re-entrust their pledge to other validators. Unstaking still needs to comply with the unstaking period.

Investment and Financing

Web3 K-Pop company Modhaus completed $8 million in Series A financing, led by Sfermion

Web3 K-Pop company Modhaus announced the completion of an $8 million Series A round of financing, led by US venture capital firm Sfermion, with participation from SM Culture Partners, Laguna Investment, KDDI Open Innovation Fund III and Foresight Ventures. It is reported that Modhaus was founded in December 2021 to form the K-pop girl group tripleS through its NFT voting system. On Modhaus’ COSMO app, fans can purchase NFT photo cards that can be used as voting tokens. Modhaus said that by collecting NFT format photo cards of their favorite idol members, fans can obtain practical tokens and participate in decisions related to group operations, such as member activities, lead songs, and the selection of album cover shooting locations. Modhaus’ goal is to introduce more blockchain-based application scenarios in the Korean entertainment industry.

zkEVM Kakarot completed its second round of financing, led by Stake Capital and LongHash Ventures

Kakarot, the modular zkEVM launched by Starknet, announced the completion of its second round of financing, led by Stake Capital Group and LongHash Ventures, with participation from Eterna Capital, Fenbushi Capital, OKX Ventures, Foresight Ventures and others. The amount of this financing has not been disclosed. The team stated that the funds raised will be used to expand the team and accelerate the development of Ethereum scaling solutions. In May this year, Odaily reported that ZK EVM Kakarot completed a pre-seed round of financing.

regulatory policy

APEC finance ministers meeting to share views on cryptocurrencies at San Francisco meeting

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said in her opening speech at a meeting of Treasury ministers on November 13 that they would discuss long-term oriented areas of focus with a strong emphasis on sustainability. They will also hold a session dedicated to supply-side economics and a session on digital assets. Yellen specifically mentioned unbacked cryptoassets, stablecoins and central bank digital currencies. “Sharing insights and engaging with the private sector allows us to deepen our understanding of the tools policymakers can use to promote the responsible development and use of digital assets,” Yellen said. She added: “I look forward to hearing your views on the long-term role of digital assets and blockchain technology in your respective financial systems, and how your authorities plan to handle regulatory oversight of their development and use.”

The Korea Monetary Authority has established a virtual asset listing working group and will publish guidelines for listing and delisting next year.

South Korea’s financial authorities plan to issue guidelines on the listing and delisting of virtual assets in the first half of next year. The Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) of South Korea recently formed a working group (TF) related to the listing of virtual assets with external experts and began to formulate standard regulations for listing, maintaining online status, and delisting.

Relevant sources from the Korean Financial Supervisory Service said that they plan to draw conclusions and report to Congress in July next year, a few months before the implementation of the Most Asset User Protection Act.


Greeks.live: Sellers who added positions at the end of October have basically admitted losses and are out, and IV will not pull back quickly.

According to monitoring by Adam, a macro researcher at Greeks.live, sellers who increased their positions during the short consolidation period at the end of October have basically surrendered in the past two days. There should be no more aggressive sellers now. Personally, I feel that IV will not pull back quickly, and the largest volatility shorts need to take a break.

Hong Kong Legislative Council: Call on institutions to actively consider Hong Kong and citizens should choose licensed trading platforms

Wu Jiezhuang, a member of the Hong Kong SAR Legislative Council, said on the X platform that Hong Kong’s Web3 policy has achieved positive results since the SAR government opened up its virtual asset policy. He called on more international institutions to come to Hong Kong to learn about investment and landing opportunities and actively consider Hong Kong. Relevant investors are also welcome to invest in listed companies of licensed institutions. Wu Jiezhuang said that the media also reported on individual unlicensed exchanges. He called on citizens to choose licensed virtual asset exchanges for investment and to fully understand related products and risks when making investment decisions.

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