Bitget Wallet attended Devconnect Istanbul and co-hosted offline events with 1inch

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3 months ago
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Bitget Wallet aims to become the most useful transaction wallet in Web3 and create the next decentralized transaction portal.

The worlds leading one-stop shopWeb3 TransactionWalletBitget Wallet(formerly BitKeep Wallet) is participating in the week-long Ethereum developer conference Devconnect 2023 in Istanbul, Turkey. This conference gathered Ethereum builders, researchers and community members to discuss related technical issues. Bitget Wallet not only attended this event, but also co-sponsored the unStable Summit global stablecoin summit to be held on November 15 with industry partners such as Curve Finance. It will also co-host offline events with the leading decentralized trading protocol 1inch.

Bitget Wallet attended Devconnect Istanbul and co-hosted offline events with 1inch

Bitget WalletWork with 1inch to explore the leading Swap trading experience

Bitget Wallet and 1inch have close cooperation in the field of decentralized exchange. As a DEX pioneer, 1inch is famous for its aggregation of DEX functions and optimized transaction routing algorithms to achieve optimal transaction prices and slippage; Bitget Wallet regards decentralized trading as its core business and aims to become the most usable transaction wallet on Web3 , to create the next decentralized trading portal.

Based on recognition of the advantages of the 1inch protocol, Bitget Wallet has deeply integrated with 1inch in its Swap product.Bitget SwapAs the core function of Bitget Wallet, Quick Exchange already supports nearly 30 public chains, aggregating the liquidity of hundreds of DEXs and cross-chain bridges, including 1inch naturally; it also integrates the 1inch limit order protocol, allowing users to Specify price pending orders on multiple chains.

In addition, as a powerful multi-chain DEX aggregator, Bitget Wallet provides users with optimal price strategies through efficient algorithms, enabling smooth exchange between any tokens, further enhancing users trading experience.

In terms of product innovation, Bitget Swap has always maintained its leadership, taking the lead in implementing functions such as gas-free transactions and automatic slippage, simplifying processes, reducing user costs, and bringing a smooth multi-chain experience. Its industry-first on-chain K-line market helps users make informed trading decisions by providing real-time, intelligent information.

Bitget Swap also integrates Flashbots to improve the privacy and security of transactions, prevent malicious MEV attacks on the Ethereum chain, and automatically return the MEV revenue generated by transactions to users through Flashbots.

In addition to quick instant swaps at market prices, Bitget Swap also supports multiple trading modes such as limit orders, and has opened the Quick Buy service to the world. Through continuous iteration and innovation, users can experience services comparable to centralized trading platforms in decentralized wallets.

Türkiye ecological expansion plan will be launched soon

At this appearance at Devconnect Istanbul, Bitget Wallet announced that it will launch a Turkish ecological expansion plan.

Türkiye’s high inflation rate makes it a hot spot for cryptocurrency investment. Since the end of 2021, Turkish peoples enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies has continued to rise, using cryptocurrencies as a store of value against inflation. At the same time, people in Turkey are also attracted by the convenience and profit potential of Web3, and their interest in emerging concepts such as NFT and the Metaverse is also growing. The diversification and maturity of the market, coupled with the spread of community and social media, provide rich resources for the development of Web3.

The Bitget Wallet team is full of confidence in Turkeys development prospects in the Web3 field, and hopes to use this event as an opportunity to cooperate with local project parties, KOLs, communities, etc. in Turkey to carry out a series of ecological activities for the Turkish market and provide Turkish users with Excellent product and service.

Leading trading wallet with obvious innovation advantages

As the worlds leading Web3 transaction wallet, Bitget Wallet provides users with a full range of on-chain products and DeFi services, including wallets, Swap transactions, NFT transactions, DApp browsers, etc., and recentlyLaunched MPC wallet, providing a more secure and easy-to-use Web3 wallet experience.

Nowadays, the Web3 wallet track is growing day by day, and many exchanges are optimistic that decentralized asset management and trading will become a future trend, and they have launched their own wallet products. We found that Bitget Wallet has repeatedly defined the latest standards of current wallets with its innovation and leadership:

The first wallet that takes the entire chain as a perspective, breaking down barriers between chains and integrating all public chain assets from a broader perspective;

The first wallet to launch DEX market, based on the whole chain DEX data, it provides real-time intelligent asset market and popular list;

The first wallet to implement and promote seamless cross-chain transactions, allowing users to freely move assets between any public chains without having to understand concepts such as gas fees and cross-chain bridges;

The first wallet to support the NFT market, it fully integrates the Web3 ecosystem into the wallet and provides comprehensive support for the public chain.

Bitget Wallets user usage and recognition are also increasing day by day. Its number of global users has exceeded 12 million. According to statistics from CoinGecko, it ranks seventh among the most popular crypto hot wallets in the world; data shows that in the past month, , it is also the fourth most downloaded wallet in the world.

Bitget Wallet attended Devconnect Istanbul and co-hosted offline events with 1inch

According to DappRadar data, the Bitget Swap function often ranks in the top ten of all DeFi projects in terms of transaction volume and number of active users, basically on the same level as MetaMask, and sometimes even leads. Community feedback Swap trading is also the favorite and most commonly used function, and the smooth trading experience is widely praised.

As one of the core products, Bitget Swap will continue to maintain technological leadership and bring a better experience to users. Overall, Bitget Wallet will continue to lead the industry trends and standards with its outstanding innovation, providing users with the best Web3 transaction wallet services.

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