Sam Altman resigned from OpenAI, can Worldcoin become the focus of his career?

3 months ago
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Will Sam who leaves OpenAI follow the story of Steve Jobs?

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Sam Altman resigned from OpenAI, can Worldcoin become the focus of his career?

On November 17th, Eastern Time, OpenAI suddenly issued a statement announcing that the companys CEO Sam Altman would resign, and the companys current chief technology officer Mira murati would temporarily take over as CEO. OpenAI said the determination of a new CEO is still in progress.

The statement stated that Mr. Sams departure was a decision made after careful consideration and review by the board of directors. His lack of candor in communicating with the board of directors affected his ability to perform his duties. The board has lost confidence in his ability to continue leading OpenAI.

A few hours ago, Sam Altman said on Twitter: I absolutely loved my time at OpenAI. It was a transformative experience for me personally, and I hope it will also have some change in the world. The most important thing is What’s great is that I love working with such talented people.”

At the same time, OpenAI employee Alex Cohen said on Twitter that he and his boss Sam were fired from OpenAI and were looking for a new job. OpenAI co-founder Greg Brockman also tweeted that he would quit OpenAI due to Sams departure.

Sam Altman resigned from OpenAI, can Worldcoin become the focus of his career?

CoinMarketCap dataIt shows that Worldcoin’s token WLD fell more than 13% to $1.91 on the day. Worldcoin raised a Series C round of funding in May led by Blockchain Capital$115 million.In March of this year, it was reported that Altman was a board member of Worldcoin but was not involved in day-to-day operations.

Sam Altman resigned from OpenAI, can Worldcoin become the focus of his career?

As a well-known entrepreneur and investor, Sam also has a huge interest in the fields of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. In addition to Worldcoin, he has also led investments in multiple cryptocurrency and blockchain-related startups. Putting together Sams other business plans, it is not difficult to see that he is trying to build a future utopia dominated by many high technologies such as AI, encryption, and energy technology.

Previously, he said in a video interview that as a currency that is not subject to regulatory control, Bitcoin is a super logical and important step on the technology tree. Sam also expressed his concerns about the attitude of the SEC and the US government towards cryptocurrencies. He believes that the US government is launching a war on cryptocurrencies and wants to control Bitcoin. At the same time, he is also opposed to CBDC. Im disappointed with the recent actions of the U.S. government, but I think this war on cryptocurrencies, we cant give up, and were going to take control of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, he said on Joe Rogans podcast.

Considering Sams previous attitude and interest in cryptocurrency, as well as his expectations for the future world vision, it is possible that Sam will focus on the Worldcoin project for some time in the future and officially join the daily operations, just like after Steve Jobs was fired by Apple. Thats what he did - After being fired from Apple, Jobs founded NeXT, a company that developed high-end computers and software.

NeXTs operating system later became the basis for Apples redevelopment, and NeXT was also acquired by Apple, bringing Jobs back to Apple. In addition, Jobs founded Pixar Animation Studios, which later became a leader in animated film production, creating a series of successful films such as Toy Story, The Incredibles and Monsters, Inc. Pixar was later acquired by Disney, and Jobs became one of Disneys largest shareholders.

Currently, Worldcoin has not responded to Altman’s future at Worldcoin or his future plans.

Still persisting in pursuing dreams, innovating and persisting in work in difficult times is the only way to become a leader. We can perhaps expect Sam to make significant progress on the Worldcoin project, contributing to the development of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology while realizing his vision for the future world.

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