Potential Bitcoin NFT New Blue Chip? What are the highlights of Pizza Ninjas?

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The best Bitcoin NFT project so far that embodies domestic and foreign consensus

After Bitcoin Frogs, Goosinals and other 10K Bitcoin NFT series dominated by Chinese people have experienced a cold market, Bitcoin NFT projects such as OMB (Ordinals Maxi Biz), which have huge influence in the English circle and have low total supply, have received more attention. Much attention. OMBs market started after the 10K boom, and has risen from around 0.2 Bitcoin to 0.5+ Bitcoin and remains stable.

Potential Bitcoin NFT New Blue Chip? What are the highlights of Pizza Ninjas?

Pizza Ninjas, which we are going to introduce this time, is also a Bitcoin NFT project with huge influence in the English circle and a low total supply. Compared with OMB, Pizza Ninjas has a lower total supply and is also very popular in the Chinese circle. Pizza Ninjas, which has gathered domestic and foreign consensus, is very likely to become another new blue chip of Bitcoin NFT besides Taproot Wizards (not yet released) and OMB.

Potential Bitcoin NFT New Blue Chip? What are the highlights of Pizza Ninjas?

Pizza Ninjas Project Overview

The total supply of Pizza Ninjas is 1,500, and the offering price is 0.02 Bitcoin. Among them, 300 Free Mint qualifications were distributed through the Free NFT platform of LimitBreak (the Web3 gaming company that issued the Digi Daigaku NFT series), and more than 700 people shared videos of themselves wearing ninja costumes eating pizza on Twitter to compete. Earn Free Mint qualifications.

Team background

Pizza Ninjas team currently consists of 6 members, which may not sound big, but it is very strong. Project co-founder trevor.btc@TOHe is one of the top KOLs in the Bitcoin NFT ecosystem. The most influential Twitter Space The Ordinal Show in the Bitcoin NFT circle is hosted by trevor. Trevor is also the managing partner of the Bitcoin Frontier Fund, which participated in the US$7.5 million financing of Taproot Wizards, the most influential NFT project currently. He himself is an investor in more than 50 Bitcoin ecological start-up projects.

Potential Bitcoin NFT New Blue Chip? What are the highlights of Pizza Ninjas?

Trevor shared his previous investment intention letter for Taproot Wizards on Twitter. Completed a basic term sheet on a section of toilet paper, that’s very Bitcoin!

In addition to Trevor, Pizza Ninjas also has two co-founders, Max Savin and Sihoon Kim.

Max Savin is a full-stack developer and designer with extensive entrepreneurial experience. Before joining Pizza Ninjas, he developed and launched several cross-platform apps with good revenue including Color Schemer and IntroKit. As a software that mathematically creates colors based on all known spectra and algorithms, Color Schemer played an important role in designing the palette of Pizza Ninjas.

Sihoon Kim graduated from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), South Koreas top technical university, and previously worked as a chief engineer in a VC-backed start-up company.

Artist boozy.btc is the co-founder of the counterfeit culture platform that helps new artists enter the Ordinals ecosystem. He has been active in the Bitcoin ecosystem for a long time. Before the Ordinals ecosystem exploded, he released multiple NFT series such as Hooch Haus: Creature Feature and Hooch Haus: Booze Brains on Stacks.

Before the Pizza Ninjas PFP series, the team already had a mature NFT information tracking tool, Ninjalerts, which helps Ethereum NFT players track the activities of specific addresses or NFT series and provides them with real-time push notifications. Strictly speaking, Pizza Ninjas is a product of Ninjalerts.

Project Highlights

Pizza Ninjas is regarded as a potential new blue chip for Bitcoin NFT for many reasons:

Sincere and thoughtful design

Twitter is the core hub for NFT community communication and the most frequent place for NFT players around the world to communicate. Therefore, making a PFP suitable as a Twitter avatar is a very important design principle.

Pizza Ninjas was designed based on this principle. Thanks to the use of recursive inscriptions, Pizza Ninjas are able to burn high-definition images with a resolution of 10,000 x 10,000 on the Bitcoin network, which allows holders to share the complete Pizza Ninjas image on Twitter. At the same time, Twitter avatars are one of the most important identity symbols for NFT players, and Pizza Ninjas is designed to be eye-catching when seeing the avatar directly.

Potential Bitcoin NFT New Blue Chip? What are the highlights of Pizza Ninjas?

Comparison between large picture and small avatar picture

Another detail is that the head position of the Pizza Ninjas image is lower than that of the ordinary PFP, and the head is slightly tilted to the left. This is to allow holders who use Pizza Ninjas as their Twitter avatar to participate in Twitter Space even if they use bubbles. Expressions will not block the avatar too much.

Potential Bitcoin NFT New Blue Chip? What are the highlights of Pizza Ninjas?

Pizza Ninjas avatar using bubble emoticon effect in Twitter Space

You can also notice in the picture above that the background color of all Pizza Ninjas is orange. Friends who are familiar with the Bitcoin NFT ecosystem will know that orange is an important feature of the Bitcoin NFT ecosystem. Many Bitcoin NFT-related tweets will use orange Emoji expressions (such as orange hearts). The once popular BRC-20 project In the startup stage, $OXBT even relied on sending out orange square Emoji expressions as one of its operating methods. Using orange as the background actually helps the holder declare I am a Bitcoin NFT player, and it also resonates with Bitcoin NFT players.

When it comes to the design of each image, in order to strike a balance between simplicity and diversity, and make each image unique enough, Pizza Ninjas follows 5 core principles:

Potential Bitcoin NFT New Blue Chip? What are the highlights of Pizza Ninjas?

1. Make each Pizza Ninjas look simple, aesthetically consistent, and unique enough

2. Each Pizza Ninjas has a differentiated recognition through the characteristic changes of the eyes and head.

3. Add some more features, if the caster likes it :)

4. Match colors carefully and intentionally

6. Pay tribute to Web3 culture, nostalgia culture and Ordinals culture (you can see elements such as Kevin, TV head, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, wizard hat, and OMB appearing in the picture)

These thoughtful designs ultimately allow everyone to feel their thoughtfulness by providing a personalized image design process for the casters. I filled out my Pizza Ninjas customization form very carefully. Not only can I choose the type of image subject, various characteristics, overall style, etc. I want, but I can also provide a description myself for the artists reference. Of course, the rare features were basically selected by those with the highest whitelist activity points at the beginning.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that all Pizza Ninjas will be burned on rare satoshis.

trevor’s personal influence and excellent marketing skills

Trevor’s influence in the Bitcoin NFT circle has already been introduced to you in terms of the team’s background, so I won’t go into details here. Here I would like to focus on the biggest impression that Trevor himself left on me——

trevor is an energy monster!

Im not a big influencer, but a long tweet I made some time ago introducing Pizza Ninjas attracted trevor to the comment area. I also tweeted a cue to him once to make me laugh, and he also started posting it again. To be honest, it’s really hard for me to imagine that a big V like Trevor, whose Twitter notifications and private messages are exploding, would notice me. My friends all joke that I live on Twitter. After meeting Trevor, I feel ashamed...

Interspersed here is the process of Trevor and the team carefully screening whitelisted people. I dare not say anything about other projects. Trevor has definitely checked them one by one carefully. The diamond level of the initial holder group should be very good. trevor, energy monster.

trevor himself once lived in China, so he can understand many Chinese tweets. The important thing is that he personally attaches great importance to exploring the Chinese-speaking market, such as:

Potential Bitcoin NFT New Blue Chip? What are the highlights of Pizza Ninjas?

trevor also organized a Twitter Medal Gift Pack for all minters. Anyone who has chosen their own Pizza Ninjas image will be invited to become an affiliate account of Ninjalerts, which is equivalent to giving everyone free Twitter Premium+ service, a blue label + a Pizza Ninjas medal on Twitter.

Potential Bitcoin NFT New Blue Chip? What are the highlights of Pizza Ninjas?

This is a real benefit that helps everyone use more of Twitters features, and its also a great way to build community identity. Not only can you see your Pizza Ninja Twitter badge every day, but others may also be interested in seeing it - what kind of company is yours?

Thats great, Trevor.

The best Bitcoin NFT project so far that embodies domestic and foreign consensus

The Chinese Discord community of Pizza Ninjas is the most active among the Bitcoin NFT projects I have observed. There are several ways to observe the popularity of Pizza Ninjas in the Chinese community:

- Bitcoin NFT KOL/Builder in the Chinese circle changed Pizza Ninjas as Twitter avatar, such as z 3th.eth, the founder of OrdzGame, shep.eth who had in-depth exchanges with domo in the early days of BRC-20, etc.

- Many of my friends in the Chinese circle have changed their avatars to Pizza Ninjas (the last time I saw them was Bitcoin Frogs, but in my opinion, the influence of Bitcoin Frogs in the English circle is not as great as Pizza NInjas)

- I saw someone take Pizza Ninjas’ whitelist for 500 U outside the venue before.

In the English circle, you can see many people wearing Pizza Ninjas avatars when participating in the Ordinals-related Twitter Space. To describe the influence of Pizza Ninjas in the English circle more specifically, like@LeonidasNFT@billyresteyAll the top players in the Bitcoin NFT circle have joined the Pizza Ninja camp, one of my favorite Bitcoin NFT artists.@ccovvrrAlso changed the Twitter avatar to Pizza Ninjas. Even, Ethereum’s NFT big V@nftboi_Also tweeting and pulling peoples heads to make liver whitening...

Potential Bitcoin NFT New Blue Chip? What are the highlights of Pizza Ninjas?


There is still a chance to get the Pizza Ninjas whitelist. To get it, go to https://www.ninjalerts.com/ordinals, connect the Xverse wallet and Twitter account and complete the given tasks to win points. The top 1,000 users with points can get it. whitelist.

According to the current intensity of competition, everyone needs to mobilize their friends to help them win.

Finally, I really like the Bitcoin Pizza meme. It is also because of this love that I made Bitcoin Pizzas, and even though I was very resistant to WL, I joined the crowd-pulling army because I was not honest.

The picture quality of Pizza Ninjas itself is very impressive. Coupled with trevors influence and the gathering of Chinese and foreign consensus, I have great expectations for this project to be successful with the joint efforts of China and foreign countries.

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