Take stock of 7 noteworthy projects on the POW track

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Besides Kaspa, what other potential projects are there?

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The popularity of Kaspa has made many people pay attention to the POW track again. At the same time, with the BTC halving narrative bonus next year, the increase in the POW track can be said to be one of the strongest in this cycle. Biteye has sorted out the introduction of the seven related projects of the POW track for everyone. Interested friends should not miss it~



MC:$ 2.87 B

@KaspaCurrencyIt is a decentralized Layer 1 project based on PoW. Its team has a good background. The founder is a Harvard postdoctoral fellow, and his research directions are transaction sorting and MEV.

Kaspas blockchain structure model is different from BTC. It is not a single chain structure, but a directed acyclic graph (DAG) structure, which can maintain a faster block production speed.

The KAS mining algorithm is kHeavyHash and supports ASIC mining machine mining.

Due to its recent surge in token prices, it currently ranks second in value of daily token output and plans to develop its own Layer 1 ecosystem in the future.

Take stock of 7 noteworthy projects on the POW track



MC:$ 1.29 B

@bittensor_Aims to promote the development of artificial intelligence through a blockchain-driven incentive structure. In this ecosystem, contributors are rewarded with $TAO for their efforts. The network combines a hybrid consensus mechanism with elements of Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS).

Bittensor combines PoW with AI and uses PoW for mining and AI model calculations to form a decentralized large model network.

Miners in Bittensor host AI models and provide them to the network, and validators rank miners based on their “intelligent contribution.” The network has a reward of 1 $TAO per block, split equally between miners and validators through mining and verification.



MC:$ 78.3 M

@dynexcoinIt is a neuromorphic supercomputing blockchain based on the DynexSolve chip algorithm and proposes the Proof of Useful Work (PoUW) method to improve the speed and efficiency of decentralized networks.

Dynex network nodes are composed of PoUW miners, allowing any miner to perform Dynex chip calculations and receive the native token $DNX in return.

Its daily token value currently ranks seventh among F 2 Pools.

The project token DNX uses the DynexSolve mining algorithm and supports GPU mining.

Mining equipment: GPU (NVIDIA AMD, mainstream GPU (video memory no less than 3 GB) is acceptable.

Operating system: Windows, Linux.

Note: The background of this project is somewhat controversial, and its founder’s other projects were charged by the US SEC in 2019.

Take stock of 7 noteworthy projects on the POW track



MC:$ 521.4 M

@Conflux_NetworkBlockchain strives to solve the blockchain trilemma using a hybrid consensus mechanism that combines PoW and PoS. By leveraging the strengths of both mechanisms, Conflux is able to achieve higher levels of scalability and security while keeping the network decentralized.

Conflux is also EVM compatible, making it easier for developers to build dApps on the platform.

Conflux’s daily output token value ranks 13th among F 2 Pools.

The mining algorithm of $CFX is Octopus and supports GPU mining, RTX 4090, RTX 3060, GTX 1660 Ti, RTX 3070, etc.

Mining equipment: GPU (supports NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards), video memory is recommended to be more than 6 GB (the required video memory space increases linearly, increasing by 1 ~ 1.5 GB every year).

Operating system: Windows, Linux.

Take stock of 7 noteworthy projects on the POW track



MC:$ 56.3 M

@zephyr_orgThe protocol is built with Monero, allowing each native asset (ZEPH, ZephUSD, and ZephRSV) to inherit Monero’s privacy features. This ensures that transaction destinations and amounts are hidden, resulting in a private stablecoin protocol.

The Zephyr protocol runs on the RandomX proof-of-work (PoW) algorithm and is designed to optimize general-purpose CPUs and support decentralized and equal mining. There are three tokens in its ecosystem: base currency (ZEPH), stable currency (ZephUSD) and reserve coins (ZephRSV), users can use the former to mint the latter two. The base currency ZEPH is obtained through PoW algorithm mining.

Mining tutorial:https://pool.zephyrprotocol.com/#getting_started



MC:$ 31.6 M

Clore.AI is an emerging GPU computing power rental platform. Its dual narrative of POW and AI has recently attracted considerable market attention.

Its business model includes artificial intelligence training, movie rendering, VPN, cryptocurrency mining and other fields. Users can earn $CLORE tokens by renting computing power or providing computing power.

The project uses the kawpow algorithm and is resistant to ASIC mining. The token has no pre-mining and ICO, 50% of each block is allocated to miners, 40% to lessors, 10% to the team, and a Proof of Holding system (POH) is proposed to incentivize token holders. In the future, Clore plans to launch Clore Storage storage services, VPN services and more new features.



MC:$ 8.2 M

@LiquidLayer_It is a highly scalable PoW blockchain with integrated Liquid-Stake-Derivative Bridge and is a POW+LSD combination protocol.

The protocol creates a unique LSD bridge that allows users to move funds from Ethereum and earn APY on bridged assets. 90% of proceeds are returned to LiquidLayer bridging token and $LILA holders.

LiquidLayer’s LSD Bridge is designed to seamlessly transfer assets between Ethereum and LiquidLayer chains.

After the assets are transferred, they will be stored in various vaults and stable pools, such as Lido, Frax, RocketPool, and Aave, and will also be integrated into liquidity providing platforms to optimize yields while maintaining asset liquidity. Proceeds will be automatically transferred to the users Ethereum network wallet in the form of USDC.

Friends who are interested in the POW track can view POW token information through the Cryptohunt website below:https://cryptohunt.ai/zh-CN/tokenScreener/token

Take stock of 7 noteworthy projects on the POW track

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