Troubles arise again, the founder of Nostr protocol calls $NOSTR 100% a fraud

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Nostr Assets Protocol responded by stating that we are a custody solution and should not be misunderstood as a fraud.

Nostr Assets Protocol is making waves again.

On the evening of December 3, Nostr protocol founder Fiatjaf (@fiatjaf) published a dynamic statement in Chinese on the social platform: Nostr Assets Protocol is a full custody service borrowed in the name of Nostr, which is an affinity scam. Nostr Assets Protocol has nothing to do with the Nostr protocol itself, just in terms of naming. Borrowed Nostr.

Troubles arise again, the founder of Nostr protocol calls $NOSTR 100% a fraud

This public statement also brings Nostr Assets Protocol back into the spotlight of the cryptocurrency community.

The founder of Nostr Protocol speaks for the first time: Nostr Assets token is 100% a fraud

According to BlockBeats observation, this is the first time Fiatjaf has spoken out about Nostr Assets Protocol-related events.

In this public statement, fiatjaf also reminded people not to deposit any sats to the Nostr Assets Protocol platform: The token named Nostr issued on the Nostr Assets Protocol platform is 100% scam, and the founder of Nostr, and (Nostr) The team has nothing to do with it.

In fact, the Nostr protocol originated in 2019. On November 20, 2019, fiatjaf began to develop the Nostr protocol, hoping to create a simple, open, global, decentralized, and censorship-resistant social protocol.

He wrote in his blog that day: Nostr is the simplest open protocol, based on encryption keys and signatures, does not rely on any trusted central server, does not rely on P2P technology, and can create a censorship-resistant protocol once and for all. global social network.

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The Nostr Assets Protocol project, according to its official introduction, is a LightningFi on Nostr that can help users send, receive and trade Taproot Assets and BTC. This project only opened its official Twitter account in April this year.

On the surface, the two do have a certain degree of correlation, which was also explained in the official statement released by Nostr Assets Protocol early this morning.

Nostr Assets: We are a custody solution and should not be misconstrued as a scam

Three key points were pointed out in the clarification statement issued by Nostr Assets Protocol early this morning.

First of all, Nostr Assets Protocol stated that its main goal in building the Nostr Assets ecosystem is to enable builders to create business use cases on the Lightning Network and Nostr. At the same time, fiatjafs fraud accusation lacks basis because Nostr Assets Protocol is a custodian Solution and should not be misconstrued as fraud.

Many L wallets (including Satoshi Wallet) provide users with escrow wallets to exploit the Lightning Network, which is considered fraudulent. They are critical to providing users with a superior UIUX.

Troubles arise again, the founder of Nostr protocol calls $NOSTR 100% a fraud

Secondly, Nostr Assets Protocol also pointed out that $NOSTR has no relationship with the core developers of Nostr, and that Nostr Assets Protocol utilized Nostr, Taproot Assets and Lightning in its construction, making it related to Nostr.

Finally, Nostr Assets Protocol also proposed to establish a cooperative relationship with the Nostr team: Nostr is a decentralized, open source and censorship-resistant relay network that anyone can build on. This incident occurred due to a communication gap misunderstanding, we hope to connect with the Nostr development team to improve collaboration and cultivate a better Nostr ecosystem.

$NOSTR is about to open. The website has been shut down for maintenance many times before.

BlockBeats observed that Nostr Assets Protocol’s Fair mint from November to December may be about to have major new news in the past two weeks, and some crypto community KOLs have also begun to promote tutorials.

Troubles arise again, the founder of Nostr protocol calls $NOSTR 100% a fraud

Perhaps it was while $NOSTR was gradually gaining popularity in the community that the founder of Nostr Protocol’s “fraud” accusation against Nostr Assets Protocol attracted widespread attention from the community.

But before that, Nostr Assets Protocol had repeatedly shut down its website for maintenance, causing the community to debate its team background and project reliability.

November 7, on the day it announced the upcoming release of Taproot Assets and the Fair Mint function, Nostr Assets Protocol stated on its social platform that due to load reasons, the website was temporarily closed for maintenance.

From November 13th to 16th, Nostr Assets Protocol announced three times that it would shut down the website and conduct maintenance. This also triggered controversy in the community, believing that there was something wrong with the Nostr Assets Protocol project.

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BlockBeats will also continue to pay attention to the dispute between the founder of Nostr Protocol and Nostr Assets Protocol.

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