A look at 4 new projects worth paying attention to in the Bitcoin ecosystem

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In addition to established ecological projects such as STX and RUNE, new projects such as MUBI and ALEX are also emerging in this bull market.

On December 4, the crypto market was once again filled with bullish sentiment as Bitcoin surged above $41,000. In this round of rise, the old project tokens of the Bitcoin ecosystem, RUNE, BADGER, ORDI and even STX, all have considerable price trends, but some new projects are also gradually emerging in this round of bull market. BlockBeats has screened 4 new Bitcoin ecological projects worthy of attention and summarized the contents as follows:


  • Current price: $0.038

  • Increase (24 H/7 d/30 d): -0.1%, 61.6%, - %

  • Market cap: $35,322,772

  • Trading volume (24 hours): 10, 406, 631 USD

Multibit is a bridge protocol that emerged in May this year to connect BRC 20 assets to the EVM network, allowing users to seamlessly transfer tokens between the ETH chain, BNB chain and BTC network. Multibit completed the IDO auction on the auction platform Bounce Finance on November 12, raising 88 ETH. On November 4, IDO was completed again on the Bitcoin network donation platform TurtSat at the same unit price, raising 4.64 BTC. The total raised between the two rounds was approximately $350,000.

MultiBit simplifies the process of transferring tokens between Bitcoins BRC 20 and EVM networks. First, users transfer BRC 20 tokens to a dedicated BRC 20 address. After confirmation, the Multibit protocol starts working, minting an equal amount of tokens on the Ethereum or BNB chain. Multibit Protocol collects tokens from all distributed unique addresses. The tokens are securely transferred to a unified cold wallet. When a user needs to withdraw tokens, Multibit Protocol will destroy the corresponding number of tokens from the EVM chain. The equivalent value of tokens is then transferred to the user from a secure cold wallet.

The total supply of MUBI is 901, 224, 547 pieces, all of which are currently in circulation.

A look at 4 new projects worth paying attention to in the Bitcoin ecosystem


  • Current price: $0.145

  • Increase (24 H/7 d/30 d): 23%, 117.8%, 177.3%

  • Market cap: $92,719,324

  • Trading volume (24 h): 22, 345, 001 USD

ALEX Labs is a Bitcoin ecological DeFi platform based on the Stacks network. The platform was originally established to focus on the concept of Bitcoin finance. Its vision is to eliminate the barriers between Bitcoin L1 and L2 and create a seamless Bitcoin DeFi experience. The total amount of its token ALEX is 1 billion.

Currently, ALEX Labs’ Launchpad feature can be used to launch new projects or deploy, mint, and transfer BRC 20 tokens. The cross-chain bridge function allows users to transfer tokens between EVM and Stacks, as well as transfer tokens between Bitcoin and Stacks. The trading modes include AMM and order book. Users can view and analyze the ecological DeFi economy on ALEX through the dashboard. In addition, the platform will also launch liquidity mining and RWA services. As a Bitcoin ecological DeFi platform, ALEX Labs’ functions can be said to be quite complete.

ALEX Labs announced the completion of US$5.8 million in financing at the end of 2021. According to information on its official website, the participating institutions are as follows:

A look at 4 new projects worth paying attention to in the Bitcoin ecosystem

The current TVL of the platform is US$43,539,056, the total transaction volume reaches US$404,849,253, and the number of active wallets is temporarily reported at 27,738.

A look at 4 new projects worth paying attention to in the Bitcoin ecosystem


  • Current price: $1.4653

  • Increase (24 H/7 d/30 d): 77.10%, 105.70%, 125.55%

  • Market cap: $24.77 million

  • Trading volume (24 hours): $7.22 million

A look at 4 new projects worth paying attention to in the Bitcoin ecosystem

BitStable (BSSB) is a decentralized asset protocol based on the Bitcoin network that allows anyone, anywhere to generate DAII stablecoins against collateralized assets in the Bitcoin ecosystem. BitStable has a dual-token system and a cross-chain compatible structure, and its tokens are DAII and BSSB.

DAII is a stablecoin whose value and stability come from the robustness of the Bitcoin ecosystem assets, including BRC 20, RSK, and the Lightning Network. In addition, in BitStables vision, DAII can also bring the Ethereum community into the Bitcoin ecosystem with its cross-chain capabilities. The total supply of DAII is 1 billion.

BSSB is the governance token of the platform. The community uses it to maintain the system and manage DAII. BitStable will also incentivize BSSB holders through dividends and other measures.

The total supply of BSSB is 21 million, of which, in addition to 50% being publicly sold on Bounce Finance, the team will hold 5% of BSSB (6-month lock-in and 15-month linear unlock), and the airdrop quota will account for 3.5%, staking rewards account for 36.5%, LP accounts for 5% (locked indefinitely).

BitStable launched the native token BSSB on the Bounce Launchpad at 12:00 on November 29. Users can obtain the corresponding BSSB shares by pledging AUCTION tokens or through the auction mechanism. Within two hours after Bounce Finance announced it, the price of AUCTION also achieved an increase of more than 15%.

On November 29, during the Bitstable public sale on Bounce Finance, an unauthorized entity acquired a majority of the available supply tokens. This incident was caused by a combination of a DDoS attack and multiple wallets interacting directly with the contract, resulting in uneven distribution. In order to realign BSSBs distribution and follow DAIIs strategic roadmap, Bitstable has made a difficult but necessary decision:

  • 75% of the BSSB tokens involved in the fixed exchange auction will be burned.

  • The remaining 25% will still be claimable. However, taking into account the high gas fees and additional fees, this effectively increases the cost of participation by six times for the parties involved.


  • Current price: $17.85

  • Increase (24 H/7 d/30 d): 25.2%, 71.2%, 156.0%

  • Market cap: $118,596,905

  • Trading volume (24 h): 81, 771, 750 USD

Bounce Finance is a decentralized auction protocol that integrates liquidity mining, decentralized governance and staking mechanisms. Provide users with the ability to create and participate in various types of auctions on multiple blockchain networks. Bounce Finance provides a range of products, including token and NFT auctions, physical collectible auctions, advertising space auctions, and SDKs and plug-ins.

On November 12, Bounce Finance completed the MUBI auction on the Ethereum chain, with an IDO unit price of US$0.00047, raising 88 ETH, and the current return exceeds 80 times. In addition, Bounce Finance also completed the public sale of the Bitstable project, a cross-chain DeFi protocol based on Bitcoin.

On December 1, Bounce Finance launched BounceBit, a DeFi solution designed for the Bitcoin ecosystem that will be based on Binance Bitcoin (BTCB) and powered by AUCTION. BTCB is a BEP 2/BEP 20 asset pegged 1:1 to Bitcoin and locked on the Bitcoin blockchain, allowing Bitcoin holders to participate in the DeFi ecosystem while maintaining their Bitcoin investment.

A look at 4 new projects worth paying attention to in the Bitcoin ecosystem

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