Bitget Research Institute: BTC breaks through 40,000 US dollars, ORDI price doubles in two days

2 months ago
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With the accelerated rise of BTC over the weekend, ORDI, the leading project of the BTC ecological project BRC-20 asset, doubled in two days. The rise of ORDI has also driven the rise of similar assets in the sector, and the BTC ecological popularity is good. ORDI was listed on Bitget in May this ye

1. Popular currencies

ORDI(Token):Accompanying on weekendsBTCThe rise accelerated, and ORDI, the leading project of the BTC ecological project BRC-20 asset, doubled in two days. The rise of ORDI has also driven the rise of similar assets in the sector, and the BTC ecological popularity is good. ORDI was listed on Bitget in May this year and has achieved an increase of more than 10 times from its low point.

WISDOM(Token):Meme pen, TGE’s project on DEX yesterday, pulled up immediately after being launched, and then almost plummeted to zero. The rising market was achieved again today, with one K line completing all the gains, and Dex Trader was unable to participate in the rising market of the token. Token project parties have serious market control and need to pay attention to market risks.

GFY(Token):Elon Musk was interviewed on the show. Because he did not accept blackmail from advertisers, he made foul language and became a meme currency in the community. The project currently has a liquidity pool of more than 500,000 U.S. dollars in DEX, and a 24-hour U.S. dollar trading volume of 3.72 million U.S. dollars.

MUBI(Token):A relatively popular project recently, the project mainly focuses on cross-chain BRC 20 and ERC 20 tokens. The project conducted an IDO on Bounce and received official comments from DWF Labs. Since the BRC 20 token is currently relatively popular, the entry point for this project is more precise. At present, the project contract has been open sourced, with a transaction volume of approximately US$3.3 million in the past 24 hours and a market value of US$37 million. It is recommended to stay tuned.

LINK(Token):LINK token trading has become more popular recently. According to the latest data from Coinglass, several cryptocurrency trust products owned by Grayscale have experienced significant premiums. The premium rate of LINK (Chainlink) trust has reached 200% +. LINK tokens have been at the top of the nansen smart money inflow list for a long time.

xPet(Token):The socialfi project on the Arbitrum chain has a gameplay similar to Fren Pet, requiring players to feed and accompany pets and ensure their survival, thereby helping players earn token rewards. The difference from Fren Pet is that xPET uses browser plug-ins to play games instead of home screen games like Fren Pet, which means xPET has more possibilities for strong interaction with Twitter.

ARB(Token):The native token of the Arbitrum public chain. Because I have done a lot of token operation work in Arbitrum before, there are currently many ARB positions in the Arbitrum ecological project. Ecological projects attract users through the operation of airdropping ARB. In the past, because the market believed that airdrop shares were larger, the performance of token prices in the secondary market had a downward trend. Recently, it has returned to the upward channel. The current price is 1.12 US dollars,BitgetThe contract and spot varieties of this token can be traded on.

2. Popular NFTs

Pudgy Penguius(NFT):Last month, Luca Netz, CEO of NFT project Pudgy Penguins, said that Pudgy Penguins will launch two different arcade games in 2024, one of which is a crane. The recent rise in NFT has been good, and the trading volume has also increased, so you can continue to pay attention.

!fundrop finale ID(NFT):NFT minting aggregator announced the end of the !fundrop event, currently allowing !fundrop Pass holders to mint !fundrop Finale ID on Base. The ID attribute is generated based on points, streaks, level achievements, etc. Since !fundrop began, over 513,547 people have minted !fundrop Passes and over 382 have been issuedETHaward.

3. Popular DAPPs

Banana Gun(Dapp):The project is a TG Bot to help users trade on DEX. Officially announced that the total transaction volume of the agreement reached 388 million U.S. dollars, growing to second place on the BOT track. At the same time, the transaction volume on the token chain broke through a record high in a single day and reached 8.65 million U.S. dollars. Brought a handling fee of 28 ETH.

Blur(Dapp):BLUR has partnered with Blast to develop Season 3 of Blur. 50% of Season 3 rewards will be distributed to $BLUR holders. Holder points are earned by depositing $BLUR, and points are awarded hourly based on the amount of $BLUR users deposit. There has been a certain correction after the token was recently listed on Binance.

TinyTap(Dapp):TinyTap is a large library of teacher-created games, and the project becomes part of Animoca Brands, which aims to build an open education system based on blockchain. Animoca Brands claimed that it intends to purchase additional EDU tokens from the open market, and Binance Labs invested US$3.15 million in the Web3 education protocol Open Campus, bringing a certain amount of traffic to the web3 education sector.

Hooked Pickaxe(Dapp):Hooked Protocol aims to build a community-driven social network with token economics design. It has recently launched the opBNB mainnet launch Hooked staking plan; it has recently launched a $50 million Web3 education ecological fund to promote the development of HOOK 2.0.

Meta Force(Dapp):I have done NFT sales projects before, and the data on the chain is still relatively active at present. There are many cases of using dai to purchase tokens."Registration"Wait for operations. The project is an invitation-only project, and the inviter will receive purchase rewards from the invitees. It has the nature of a community pyramid scheme, and participation is not recommended.

Smart Cat(Dapp):SmartLayer-related applications currently have 800,000+ holders of NFTs issued. Smart Cats can be fed, cleaned and other operations to upgrade the NFT. Because users anticipate SmartLayers future airdrops, the transaction volume of this NFT is very high.

Orbiter Finance(Dapp):famousCross-chain bridgeProject zk technology accelerates cross-chain operations and has technical advantages. The cost of cross-chain has a comparative advantage compared to other cross-chain bridge projects. At the same time, the project is also an important on-chain analysis tool. Data on the fundamentals of some Dapps and Layer 2 can be found on its official website. The project has not issued coins yet, so you can continue to pay attention.

Dmail(Dapp):Dmail is an email application based on Web3.0 and Dfinity technology, which integrates NFT functions andDistributed storage, each account is itself an NFT. This project aims to eliminate the differences between traditional email systems and blockchain-based email systems, thereby lowering the barriers for users and developers to participate in the crypto world. Dmail is designed to make using blockchain technology as easy and intuitive as the Internet.

Rarible(Dapp): In November, NFT trading marketplace Rarible announced the launch of a turnkey market solution customized for Web2 and Web3 brands. RaribleX is built on the Rarible API and is designed to help brands and creators launch their digital products.

Galxe(Dapp):Galxe supports multiple data sources, including on-chain and off-chain data. For on-chain credentials, curators can contribute via subgraph queries or static snapshots; for off-chain credentials, Project Galaxy has integrated with platforms such as, Twitter, and Github. This support of multiple data sources enables Project Galaxy to collect and leverage data more broadly.

Aerodrome(Dapp):Aerodrome is an emerging automated market maker (AMM) protocol that aims to be the central liquidity hub for Coinbase’s Layer 2 chain Base. Aerodrome’s design draws from the Velodrome V2 model to incentivize liquidity on the protocol. Aerodrome operates independently of Velodrome, although the two have collaborated. Aerodrome’s AERO is a utility and governance token that allows holders to lock their tokens and earn veAERO NFTs, as well as voting rights based on the lock time. Yesterday, the front ends of Velodrome and its forked protocol Aerodrome were attacked, and officials recommended not to interact.

StarkEx(Dapp):The Starknet Foundation confirmed the screenshot showing the draft airdrop plan and said it had taken a snapshot of the airdrop. Plans are currently underway to distribute tokens to certain past active users and contributors. The qualification deadline for airdrops has been set, and any subsequent operations by users will not affect future airdrops. He also stated that the final official standards and detailed information on airdrop distribution will be shared in the future.

4.Twitter hot discussion

EDU(Token):Recently, Animoca Brands officially stated that it plans to purchase additional EDU tokens from the open market, and expressed its belief that the work of EDU, OpenCampus and partners has great potential to stimulate the creation of educational content and promote the application of blockchain technology among educators. .

5. Regional hot searches

Bitcoin(Token):Bitcoin has exceeded the 40,000 US dollar mark and has continued to rise recently. At the same time, the crypto market has generally risen and the trend is good.

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