Bitget Research Weekly News: Ethereum will test the Cancun upgrade on January 17, ARB continues to hit new highs

3 months ago
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In the past week (1.02-1.05), many new popular currencies and topics have appeared in the market.

1.Market Trends

This week (01.02-01.05) the market’s most focused topics are:

  • Bitcoin rebounds to $44,000, Ethereum to test Cancun upgrade on January 17

  • BTC briefly fell to $40,000 as Fed meeting minutes poured cold water on interest rate cut expectations

  • Grayscale GBTC has submitted a prospectus document to the SEC, and ARB has reached new highs

  • BTC breaks through 45,000 US dollars, Layer 2 such as ARB and METIS surge

2.Popular Projects

The most popular projects this week (01.02-01.05) are:

INSC (Token): BRC 20 token, representing inscriptions, deployed on March 17, 2023, and was mined by some community users after SATS to have a certain meme status in the BRC 20 track. The current market value of the token is US$15 million, the 24-hour on-chain transaction volume is 880,000, and the number of held addresses is 2,250, which is still at a relatively small stage.

BEND (Token): BendDao is an NFT lending platform on Ethereum. It recently issued BDIN inscription tokens to expand the BTC ecological NFT lending and cross-chain functions. At the same time, IDO will be carried out on BendDao, Bakery, and Turtsat. BEND tokens will be held for a long time. Staking users will have the opportunity to obtain a whitelist. BEND token has increased by 185% in the past month, with a 24-hour trading volume of US$2 million.

MICKEY (Token): A meme coin with Disney’s classic image Mickey Mouse as its core intention. As of January 1 this year, Disney no longer owns the copyright of the first version of Mickey Mouse. Multiple Mickey Mouse meme coins appeared on the chain. In the end, MICKEY obtained funding consensus. , the market value exceeded 10 million US dollars, and the 24-hour trading volume was 6.25 million US dollars.

POWR (Token): Powerledger is an energy trading platform relying on blockchain technology, which can realize peer-to-peer energy transactions, thereby promoting the adoption of renewable energy and improving efficiency. In May 2017, Powerledger completed its initial coin offering (ICO), successfully raising more than $34 million. There were large buy orders in the past two days, and the 24-hour trading volume was $9.01 million.

NodeMonkes (NFT): Ordinals NFT project, with Code Monkey as the meme attribute, the latest floor price reached 0.249 BTC, surpassing Bitcoin Frogs and becoming the most popular NFT project in the Ordinal NFT market at present, with a market value exceeding US$100 million, and 24-hour trading on Magic Eden The volume exceeds 6 million US dollars.

Uniswap (Dapp): As of January 3, Uniswap Labs’ front-end transaction fees (income) have accumulated more than 3.3 million US dollars, with a single-day income of 66,000 US dollars. Earlier, Uniswap Labs announced that it would charge a 0.15% exchange (swap) fee for certain tokens in its web application and wallet starting from October 17, 2023. Specific tokens include ETH, USDC, WETH, USDT, and DAI. , WBTC, agEUR, GUSD, LUSD, EUROC, XSGD.

Sleepless AI (Dapp): The auction of SleeplessAIs first NFT HIM Genesis I ended at 0:00 yesterday, with the highest unit price exceeding 510 BNB, and the total auction amount exceeding 8,477 BNB, which is approximately US$2.6 million. Its Launchpool has ended, and the tokens are expected to be launched soon, and the airdrop will be open for redemption 20 minutes before the launch.

Gas Hero (Dapp): Gas Hero is a Web3 social and strategy game developed by the former StepN team. Unlike traditional games, Gas Hero places a strong emphasis on game theory, providing players with richer strategies, and utilizes a decentralized trading platform to maximize the transparency of on-chain data. The game has just been launched, and NFT transactions in the game are quite popular. (Dapp): XPET is a socialfi + gamefi project on the Arbitrum chain that requires players to feed, accompany their pets, and ensure their survival, thereby helping players earn token rewards. Recently, xpet released PvE gameplay, which increased the consumption of $BPET, and the user data and transaction data of the project grew rapidly. At the same time, the egg fragments produced in the PvE mode can also be synthesized into NFT, which is currently circulating in the secondary market. Bitget has listed the XPET token.

3. Hot Searches

The most popular topics this week (01.02-01.05) are:

SEI (Token): Sei Network is the first L1 blockchain based on order books. The v2 version launches a parallel EVM solution, allowing developers to deploy audited smart contracts from EVM-compatible blockchains, as the first parallel EVM narrative On the public chain, SEI recently broke through a record high, reaching $0.8, an increase of nearly four times in two weeks.

BEAM (Token): The Merit Circle token of the gaming guild. According to its Lianchuang Twitter, the BEAM subnet network activity reached a record high in 2024, with more than 100,000 transfers in a single day. At the same time, the guild signed another contract in 2024 For new games, the token has increased by 40% in the past 30 days, showing strong performance on the game track.

Avalanche (Token): On December 29, the Avalanche Foundation will support the Meme sector through the Culture Catalyst funding program. Recognize and encourage the culture and fun that the Meme ecosystem represents, while complementing the Avalanche Foundations portfolio in the ecosystem, by creating collections based on Avalanches curated Meme Tokens. The requirements for selecting Meme projects include: number of holders, liquidity threshold, project maturity, fair launch principles, and overall social sentiment.

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