Bitget Research Institute: The SEC’s Twitter theft triggered market interference, and the market is waiting for the adoption of Bitcoin ETF

3 months ago
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1. Popular currencies

TROLL (Token): Because the self-introduction of Musk’s Twitter account contains Troll, and because Troll is the meaning of troll in Internet culture, it has been hyped by meme funds, and it has attracted a lot of attention in a short period of time.

MUBI (Token): As a bridge project between BRC 20 and ERC 20, MUBI has been one of the core projects in the rapid rise of the Bitcoin ecosystem in this round, and is highly sought after by market players and funds. On January 9, the Bitcoin ecosystem generally rebounded, and MUBI was the core project in the sector and rebounded first.

Alita (Token): Alita is an AI-themed meme coin. After a cold start through pinksale, it has a certain degree of transaction popularity on the BSC chain. The recent token price trend is good, but it needs continued empowerment from subsequent projects. Long-term development.

LDO (Token): As the largest LSD project on Ethereum, Lido has the largest number of Ethereum pledges. With the advancement of the final dencun upgrade, the LSD sector tokens have also attracted market attention.

XAI (Token): A recent hot project on Arbitrum, it has been launched on multiple centralized exchanges at the same time. The project conducted a large-scale airdrop to the community, but the price dropped slightly after the token was launched. It is recommended to continue to observe the follow-up.

ARB (Token): As the Dencun upgrade of Ethereum is approaching, the token ARB of Layer 2s leading project has also attracted the attention of market funds. Recently, ARB has exceeded a record high of 2 US dollars, and has fallen back recently.

Raydium (Token): Solana ecological DEX Raydium’s revenue in the past seven days reached $87.07 million, surpassing Ethereum. The DeFiLlama fee data dashboard shows that the top five public chains or protocols with fees and revenue in the past seven days are Bitcoin ($117 million), Solana ecological DEX Raydium ($87.07 million), Ethereum ($80.57 million), and Avalanche ($30.67 million) USD), Uniswap (USD 16.29 million), Lido (USD 16.18 million).

2. Popular NFTs

Gas Hero (NFT): Gas Hero is another new on-chain game from StepN Production Company. It has received widespread expectations from players, and the transaction volume and price of its NFT have also increased.

Smartcat (NFT): The NFT project launched by Smart Layer is very popular on the chain. Users can interact with SmartCat NFT such as Feed and Clean, and the interaction is extremely active. SmartLayer officially issued Airdrop Confirmed, indicating that airdrop and TGE are approaching.

3. Popular DAPPs

Zeroex (Dapp): The 0x protocol is an open source, decentralized trading protocol based on Ethereum that allows users to quickly and securely trade Ethereum tokens (ERC-20) and non-fungibles on different decentralized exchanges tokens (NFT, ERC-721 tokens). Its main role is to provide a standardized platform that allows developers to build efficient decentralized exchanges while optimizing trading efficiency by aggregating liquidity from multiple exchanges.

Maestro (Dapp): As a well-known on-chain bot, Maestro is deeply loved by users in the crypto community. Currently, Maestro’s daily handling fees have increased to an early high, reaching 150,000-200,000 US dollars, maintaining the top spot on the BOT track.

TinyTap Game Events (Dapp): TinyTap is a large library of teacher-created games, and the project became part of Animoca Brands, which aims to build an open education system based on the blockchain. Animoca Brands claimed that it intends to purchase additional EDU tokens from the open market, and Binance Labs invested US$3.15 million in the Web3 education protocol Open Campus, bringing a certain amount of traffic to the web3 education sector.

QnA3.AI (Dapp): The AI-based Web3 knowledge sharing platform has received widespread attention from players on the BNB chain. The project currently has a data mining mode. Users can join and use the idle computing resources on their devices to perform data cleaning and data capture on large models, and provide point rewards for users who contribute computing power.

Project_galaxy (Dapp): Galxe supports multiple data sources, including on-chain and off-chain data. For on-chain credentials, curators can contribute via subgraph queries or static snapshots; for off-chain credentials, Project Galaxy has integrated with platforms such as, Twitter, and Github. This support of multiple data sources enables Project Galaxy to collect and leverage data more broadly.

Woofi (Dapp): Crypto trading platform WOO X will expand its designated market maker (DMM) program to the spot market this month. WOO

Yuliverse (Dapp): Yuliverse establishes new investment partnership with DWF Labs. Yuliverse is a free-to-play blockchain metaverse game that combines elements of GameFi and SocialFi, using NFTs and the cryptocurrencies ARG and ART. Games are designed to promote social interaction and engagement, providing players with opportunities to explore the real world and make connections. Yuliverses game mechanics include elements of finding and making money, providing players with a unique gaming experience.

Aerodrome (Dapp): Aerodrome is an emerging automated market maker (AMM) protocol designed to be the central liquidity hub for Coinbase’s Layer 2 chain Base. Aerodrome’s design draws from the Velodrome V2 model to incentivize liquidity on the protocol. Aerodrome operates independently of Velodrome, although the two have collaborated. Aerodrome’s AERO is a utility and governance token that allows holders to lock their tokens and earn veAERO NFTs, as well as voting rights based on the lock time.

4.Twitter hot discussion

BTC (Token): The U.S. SEC staged an own incident of ETF approval. The SEC Twitter account first sent out a tweet announcing the approval of the ETF, and then clarified that the ETF had not yet passed because the account was hacked. Affected by this incident, the price of BTC briefly touched more than 475,000 US dollars, and then fell back quickly, with the pin as low as around 44,750 US dollars. There are strong calls on social media to thoroughly investigate whether the SECs account has actually been hacked and whether the SEC is suspected of manipulating the market.

5. Regional hot searches

XAI (Token): XAI is a Layer 3 game public chain directly supported and assisted by Offchain Labs, the development team behind Arbitrum. Listed via Binance Launchpool, trading opened last night. XAIs competing products are MAGIC and GALA. MAGIC has an FDV of US$350 million, and GALA has an FDV of US$1.25 billion. Based on the current price of XAI 0.6, the FDV has reached more than US$1.5 billion.

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