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In the past week (1.08-1.12), many new popular currencies and topics have appeared in the market.

1. Market Focus Market Trends

This week (01.08-01.12) the most focused topics in the market are:

  • Bitcoin continues modest gains, BlackRock Bitcoin ETF tops $1 billion in trading volume

  • SEC approves 11 spot Bitcoin ETFs, and Ethereum’s ecology receives capital inflows to make up for its growth

  • The SECs Twitter theft triggered market speculation, and the market is waiting for the adoption of Bitcoin ETF

  • Multiple clues suggest that BTC spot ETF will pass, BTC breaks through $47,000

  • Market risk aversion intensifies, altcoins generally fall

2. Popular Projects

The most popular projects this week (01.08-01.12) are:

SATS (Token): The Bitcoin spot ETF was approved by the SEC, and the top ecological projects rose. Currently, ordi and sats have been corrected in response to the correction of Bitcoin, and the main transaction volume has been dominated by centralized exchanges.

TROLL (Token): Because the self-introduction of Musk’s Twitter account contains Troll, and because Troll is the meaning of troll in Internet culture, it has been hyped by meme funds, and it has attracted a lot of attention in a short period of time.

METIS (Token): Metis is expected to become the first decentralized Optimistic Rollup sequencer early next year, and the distribution of the $100 million ecosystem fund will take place one week after the Metis decentralized sequencer is expected to go online. METIS TVL and currency prices have both surged recently.

LDO (Token): As the largest LSD project on Ethereum, Lido has the largest number of Ethereum pledges. As the Cancun upgrade progresses, the LSD sector tokens are also subject to market capital inflows, and the LDO price continues to hit record highs.

Azuki (NFT): Azuki’s official The introduction of the Weeb 3 Foundations Affected by this news, Azukis trading popularity has been ranked Top 1 for several days in a row, and its floor price has increased by 50%.

Tinfun (NFT): TinFun is an NFT project led by the well-known crypto KOL Laser Cat. It mainly develops Web3 virtual adventures. It has recently launched a whitelist NFT sales activity and raised a total of 25,000 ETH. The project will announce the results of the lottery today and open withdrawals. Payment collection page. The project NFT only has artistic value and will not have any empowerment in the future. The Chinese-speaking community in the project has a high level of participation and can continue to pay attention.

Gas Hero (NFT): Gas Hero is a Web3 social and strategy game developed by the former StepN team. Unlike traditional games, Gas Hero places a strong emphasis on game theory, providing players with richer strategies, and utilizes a decentralized trading platform to maximize the transparency of on-chain data. The game has just been launched, and NFT transactions in the game are quite popular.

Turnup (Dapp): Web3 Social Gaming Ecosystem, the transaction data on the chain continues to increase, and it ranks among the top Polygon Dapp daily actives. The project team promised on Twitter that when it reaches the top 1 daily active, it will conduct an AMA with Polygon Founder - Sandeep Nailwal.

Arbitrum (Dapp): According to DeFilama data, the 24-hour trading volume of DEX on the Arbitrum chain reached US$1.67 billion, with a weekly increase of more than 31%, lower than ETH and ranking second. Recently, with the influence of the hype of the upgrade narrative in Cancun, ARB prices have performed strongly and continue to reach new historical highs. The price has increased by 20% in the past 24 hours. ARB unlocked US$2.2 billion on March 16, which is approximately 90% of the existing circulation.

Pixels (Dapp): Chain game Pixels stated in its community AMA that the second season of the games Play to Airdrop will start on January 5. The distribution of the second season will be less than that of the first season, and may eventually include a lottery. system. In addition, the token issuance (TGE) of the games main currency PIXEL will be carried out within one to two weeks, and the rewards for the first season of Play to Airdrop will also be distributed before this TGE.

Jupiter Exchange (Dapp): Jupiter co-founder Meow said that it plans to conduct an airdrop of JUP tokens at the end of January. 10% will be withdrawn from the team wallet to provide liquidity, and 15% will be withdrawn from the community wallet for the first airdrop and early stage. Based on the needs of community activities, it is expected that on the first day of JUPs creation, 15% -17.5% of the tokens will enter circulation, 10% -7.5% of the tokens will be in hot wallet storage, and 75% of the tokens will be in cold wallet storage.

3. Hot Searches

The most popular topics this week (01.08-01.12) are:

ETF (Event): SEC documents show that the SEC has approved 11 spot Bitcoin ETFs including VanEck, Bitwise, Fidelity, Franklin, Valkyrie, Hashdex, Ark Invest, Grayscale, BlackRock, WisdomTree and Invesco Galaxy. The SEC Chairman stated that the approval of the ETF was mainly affected by the Grayscale ruling and did not represent recognition of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies classified as securities.

ETH (Token): At the recent 178th Ethereum Core Developer Executive Meeting (ACDE), it was confirmed that the Goerli testnet Cancun upgrade time is January 17, and will be scheduled for January 30 and February 7 respectively. As Sepolia testnet upgrade and Holesky testnet upgrade dates. After the Bitcoin spot ETF was launched, the ETH ecosystem received capital inflows, and ETH ushered in a compensatory increase.

ARB Ecology (Token): As the DENCUN upgrade test approaches on January 17, the transaction volume of layer 2 projects begins to surge. The arbitrum community has started voting on the Long-term Incentive Pilot Plan proposal. The proposal is intended to test new long-term incentive designs with a view to designing Arbitrum’s future long-term incentive plans. Various ecological projects will become the main beneficiaries.

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