Covalent (CQT) Announces $5M Funding Program to Advance Web3 Frontier Technologies

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The program is geared towards projects building on rich, deep and massive on-chain data, providing financial support to foster innovation.

Covalent (CQT) Announces M Funding Program to Advance Web3 Frontier Technologies

Leading Brand in Blockchain and Crypto IndustryCovalent(CQT), announced a groundbreaking initiative, the Covalent Grants Program, designed to provide substantial incentives of up to $25,000 in individual awards to long-term developers and startups in the Web3 space.

The program is geared towards projects building on rich, deep and massive on-chain data, providing financial support to foster innovation. If you are a developer passionate about pushing the boundaries of blockchain, this program is tailor-made for you.

Contribute to Web3 innovation

The Covalent Grants Program encourages developers to embark on a journey to create breakthrough solutions. The program supports projects in different niche areas, including:

  • Multi-chain wallet:If youre building a next-generation multi-chain wallet that streamlines user interaction, the Covalent Grants Program can help.

  • Risk scoring credit system:If you’re looking to transform your credit scoring system with blockchain data, the Covalent grant program has support.

  • DAO analysis tools:If you’re building tools for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), the Covalent Grants Program can accompany you as you navigate the complex world of DAO analytics.

  • On-chain auditing:Innovators in the field of on-chain auditing will find the Covalent Grants Program a valuable resource in streamlining their blockchain financial processes.

  • Predictive Analytics and Artificial Intelligence:If you’re seeking the nexus of predictive analytics or artificial intelligence in the blockchain industry, the Covalent Grants Program stands ready to support your groundbreaking work.

standard constrain

Covalent (CQT) is committed to supporting projects and startups that have the potential to address future challenges. To be selected for the Covalent funding program, projects should meet the following criteria:

  • Operating period less than two years:The project party should have less than two years of operational experience.

  • Covalent API key:Projects need to register a Covalent API key.

  • Products can be demonstrated:Having a demo-ready version of the product is essential.

  • The official website is online:Projects must have a publicly available website.

Funding type

The Covalent Funding Program is currently disbursed in the form of premium credits for Covalent’s (CQT) product range, providing the tools and resources needed to secure project construction. In addition, support can be obtained if innovative projects require extensive data resources.

Prioritize innovation

Covalent (CQT) values ​​collaboration and innovation. Covalent (CQT) will prioritize funding applications from verified partners. Funding is also prioritized based on ease of implementation, with particular priority given to projects that leverage Covalent’s (CQT) existing product range; we are also keen to support ambitious projects using data from over 115 blockchains.

Application and notification date

Covalent (CQT) will respond to applications expeditiously and applicants will be notified within 30 days of the start of the month following the month in which the application is submitted to determine whether their project passes the criteria. In certain circumstances, applicants may be asked to provide additional information to allow the Covalent Funding Program to better understand the potential of the project.

Why choose the Covalent Grant Program?

In a blockchain world where resources are scarce and only the most dedicated builders are screened out, Covalent (CQT) is committed to supporting innovators driven by passion and vision for the future by providing access to rich data that helps project developers Discover new ways to utilize on-chain data and unleash your project’s full potential.

The Covalent funding program is a good opportunity to advance innovative projects into practice. It not only provides financial incentives and expert guidance, but also provides access to rich, in-depth, and comprehensive on-chain data.

Join the funding program and help shape the future of Web3 data solutions! Details can be found

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