A super-efficient gold farming guide for Pixels GameFi Hunter that combines the latest token information

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Raising chickens and bees mainly, supplemented by planting and cooking is a good gold-making strategy.

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A super-efficient gold farming guide for Pixels GameFi Hunter that combines the latest token information

If someone asks which Gamefi project has the lowest gold cost and high popularity at this stage? That has to be Pixels, the pixel farm.

On the one hand, according to DappRadar data, in the past month, the number of independent users of the chain game Pixels has continued to rise, reaching 1.54 million, ranking first in the entire RON ecosystem and far ahead of the second place. On the other hand, compared to most chain games, Pixels has a lower gold-making cost, and you can even start making gold every day at 0 cost. Although the latest AMA emphasizes that the daily reward pool for free players will be reduced and VIP user rewards will be increased, the monthly investment cost to become a VIP user is only US$10, which is within the acceptable range of most experienced chain game players. .

A super-efficient gold farming guide for Pixels GameFi Hunter that combines the latest token information

Image source:DappRadar

So, how do we participate in Pixels and make gold efficiently?Through this period of practical experience, communication with senior users, and recent AMA content, Odaily has come up with a set of gold-making strategies that are suitable for the vast majority of users.

AMA key content extraction

On April 3, the official AMA held a lot of dry information that is worthy of our in-depth discussion.

First, Luke explains the token economics of Pixels. The monthly unlocks for Pixels are mainly divided into three parts, namely:

  • 28 million Pixels tokens: The monthly token rewards in the ecosystem are also the part that is emphasized in this AMA to be adjusted. The core is how to effectively distribute these monthly unlocked tokens to real users instead of robots. wait;

  • 10 million Pixels tokens: tokens that are deposited into the project treasury every month. Luke said that the team will not misappropriate these tokens without authorization. The use of the treasury tokens needs to be decided by community members through voting and other methods before they can be used;

  • 3.125 million Pixels tokens: distributed monthly to contributors to projects such as team advisors.

Secondly, and the highlight of this AMA – how to efficiently distribute the 28 million Pixels tokens unlocked every month.According to Luke’s statement, this part of the content needs to be continuously optimized throughout the next 3-6 months, 12 months or even longer.

Specifically, efficiently allocating monthly unlocked tokens means continuously optimizing the Taskboard. As a first step, the team plans to divide the large reward pool of the mission board into two reward pools for free players and VIP/land holders. The latter will occupy a larger reward pool, and the rewards of the two are independent.

A super-efficient gold farming guide for Pixels GameFi Hunter that combines the latest token information

Reward division explained in AMA

The second step is to refine more small reward pools. In order to increase the diversity of the game, Luke said that in addition to the two reward pools for free players and VIP/land holders, more reward pools will be refined, such as:There are various restrictions such as total skill points exceeding 100, owning pets for 100 days, only growing carrots, joining a union, creating a union, etc.

So, how should we effectively farm gold this time?

Pixels gold mining strategy

Before proceeding with specific strategies, let’s share a tool website (click here), this website summarizes the prices of various materials in Pixels, unit energy output, unit time profit, etc., and is a must-have website for gold farming.

Since Pixels includes planting, breeding, mining, cicada raising, chicken raising, bee raising, etc., it is very confusing for novices. Therefore, combined with this website, we analyzed a set of advanced gold-making tutorials suitable for junior players. You can optimize based on this.Before the formal explanation, everyone needs to understand that our core goal is how to obtain cost-effective materials in exchange for as many gold coins as possible under the conditions of limited energy every day.

First of all, chicken and beekeeping are the core.Enter the website and select the Resources column to observe the material prices, income, skill consumption and other data produced by various skills. According to the data, it can be clearly seen that excluding some cooking materials (since it does not consume energy, this part of the operation strategy will be discussed later),Raising chickens to produce eggs and raising bees to produce honey are the two ways to obtain the most gold coins per unit of energy.

Some friends may question that it is obviously more profitable to cut down trees and produce flour, but both trees and windmills are limited resources (you don’t need them if others use them), and the waiting time cannot be determined, so the output per unit time is uncertain. Definitely, not an efficient way to produce.

A super-efficient gold farming guide for Pixels GameFi Hunter that combines the latest token information

Resources column

Then, we need to find out which land can raise chickens and which land can keep bees through this website. Select the above"Lands"Column is enough. According to the picture below, if there is a chicken sign in the Coop column, it means that the land can raise chickens. However, it should be noted that because some land holders may be set to closed (other people cannot obtain various resources on the land), you need to go to the specific land label to confirm.

A super-efficient gold farming guide for Pixels GameFi Hunter that combines the latest token information

Find chicken coop

For beekeeping, just select Apiary in the section shown in the picture below. You can fill in up to four places, that is, there are 4 hives on the land.

A super-efficient gold farming guide for Pixels GameFi Hunter that combines the latest token information

Find hive

Secondly, part of the daily energy is reserved for growing some crops that appear on the task board.At present, friends who buy materials in the market often complain that popular materials are always unavailable, which is particularly time-consuming. In fact, someone has also asked Luke about this issue in previous AMAs. Lukes answer is that although the optimization of this part of the function will improve the game experience, the current development focus is on task board upgrades and Bot monitoring, which may not happen in the short term. Adjustment. Therefore, this part of the strategy is to save frequent trips to the market when making task board materials. It is recommended to stock up on various crops.

Finally, cooking is sustainable.Friends who have participated in cooking should find that cooking some foods does not consume energy. Therefore, if the price of the synthesized food is higher than the total price of the required raw materials, you can make an infinite loop to make money from the price difference through the secondary market, and earn more gold coins while improving your skill points.

A super-efficient gold farming guide for Pixels GameFi Hunter that combines the latest token information

Partial cooking 0 energy cost


According to the content of this AMA, it can be seen that the share of rewards for free players will continue to shrink in the future. At the same time, if VIP users do not make strategic adjustments, the daily gold output may also be affected. Therefore, according to the current resource prices, mainly raising chickens and bees, supplemented by planting and cooking is a good entry strategy. At the same time, we need to pay close attention to the reward changes on the mission board after Chapter 2 is launched.

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