How-to guide: How to maximize Farcaster airdrop opportunities?

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Every airdrop hunter must establish a social presence on Farcaster.

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This article will help you get the most out of the Farcaster platform and ensure you have the best chance of participating in future airdrops.

Farcaster is a decentralized social network SocialFi project that recently raised $150 million. While projects like Lens Protocol have been around longer, Farcaster has quickly gained the most attention with integrations with popular DApps like Layer 3 and Zora. Building a social presence on Farcaster is a must for every airdrop hunter. Here is a step-by-step guide to navigate this platform:

1. Create a Warpcast account

Warpcast is the most popular client using the Farcaster infrastructure. Other clients also use Farcaster, but this article will focus on the most famous one, Warpcast.

The most annoying part of creating a Warpcast account is that you can’t pay the $5/year fee with crypto. Account creation is only possible through iOS/Android, and the $5/year fee can only be purchased with fiat currency in the app. This goes against the idea of decentralization. After entering your email address, you will be given a brand new mnemonic.

How-to guide: How to maximize Farcaster airdrop opportunities?

This is separate from the wallets recovery phrase and needs to be kept just as safe.

1. Link your airdrop wallet to Warpcast

This is an important step to ensure your on-chain activity qualifies for future airdrops. For example, @Spectral_Labs ’ airdrop rewarded Warpcast users who were active on Base. Both of my wallets (Warpcast + airdrop) were on this eligibility list (but I failed to qualify for this airdrop).

Therefore, I strongly recommend linking your airdrop wallet to Warpcast in case your Farcaster activity is considered for future airdrops. I shared a quick guide to linking your wallet.

2. Link your Layer 3 account to Warpcast

You need a Warpcast account to complete certain Layer 3 tasks. But linking Warpcast to your Layer 3 account is a little more complicated. After clicking the Farcaster link , you must complete a Layer 3 task on Warpcast to link the account. But this may vary from person to person.

3. Stay active on Warpcast

Spectral’s airdrop rewards Farcaster accounts with at least the following conditions:



❍ 10 releases

So an active Warpcast account might qualify you for future airdrops. But Warpcast’s algorithm is different than Twitter’s. If you post on your homepage (by default), you’re just sharing with your followers.

How-to guide: How to maximize Farcaster airdrop opportunities?

There will be almost no one in the beginning, so if you want to get more likes and followers, the best way is to post on channels . Channels are similar to Twitters communities feature, and anyone can create and join a channel. The best way to get likes and followers is to post to channels that have more followers, such as:

❍ /base

❍ /ethereum

❍ /farcaster

To create a channel, you need to spend in-app currency (Warps), which I will explain in detail later:

4. Purchase and use Warps

Warps are required for certain on-chain operations, including:

❍ Give Warps to other users posts (similar to tipping)

❍ Connect your Warpcast account to other apps

❍ Post on certain channels

❍ Create your own channel

❍ Minting NFTs

You need to buy Warps with ETH at a ratio of 5 USD to 500 Warps.

How-to guide: How to maximize Farcaster airdrop opportunities?

The good news is that this can be paid in cryptocurrency. Creating a channel requires 2500 Warps per year ($25). I think creating and managing channels could be a multiplier for the Farcaster airdrop. Some channels require 10 Warps per post , which go to the channel owner. Warpcast mentions in the FAQ that there is no benefit to accumulating Warps, so its best to spend the Warps you have. Warps can only be used in the Warpcast client and cannot be transferred to other clients.

5. Interactive Frames

Frames is Farcasters newest feature that turns any cast into an interactive application.

How-to guide: How to maximize Farcaster airdrop opportunities?

I found most of them to be laggy, especially when completing Layer 3 missions through them (some of them take a while to validate). But when possible, I try to interact with any Frames I see on Farcaster. This may also be a standard for future airdrops. You can create a Frame with Fileverse.

6. Get a Power Badge

Power Badges are awarded to active Warpcast users, and Im working on getting one. The algorithm isnt public, though. Warpcast hints at the criteria for awarding:

❍ Activity (frequency of posting)

❍ Affinity (Do power users like your release?)

❍ Flag (if your post is marked as spam)

I sent a private message to someone who has a Power Badge and he mentioned that he got this badge by making a conscious effort to get reactions from OGs who have Power Badges . Therefore, I recommend you to interact with Power Badge users. But dont spam them and try to be creative in your comments so that you are more likely to get their likes and increase your chances of getting a Power Badge.

All of this may seem cumbersome, but that’s exactly where we have an advantage over those who are too lazy to create an account.

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