Zentry announces completion of a new round of strategic financing to accelerate the construction of the Metagame Layer

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By integrating Web2 and Web3 games, consumer brands, and ecosystems, Zentry will continue to lead a new era of gaming and SocialFi.

Zentry announces completion of a new round of strategic financing to accelerate the construction of the Metagame Layer

Recently, the Metagame Layer project Zentry announced the completion of a new round of strategic financing and reached a strategic cooperation with leading investors Spartan Capital, LongHash Ventures, Synergis Capital and DWF Labs. These well-known funds join the ranks of Zentrys existing $ZENT holders, including Binance Labs, Coinbase Ventures, Pantera Capital, Hashed, Defiance Capital, Animoca Brands, Vessel Capital, Play Ventures, Dapper Labs, Arche and SkyVision Capital, and will jointly promote the realization of Zentrys vision.

In addition, Zentry has several well-known angel investors in this round, who also supported and participated in this strategic cooperation, including Ray Char (Memeland), Mirza (Injective), Zagabond, Seedphrase, Soby, Loopify, Dingaling, Grail.eth, Konger, Spirit Dao, and APG_capital led by Awawat.

With the support of these outstanding investors, Zentry will benefit from extensive networks and resources in Web2 and Web3 games, consumer brands and ecosystems, which will accelerate Zentrys mission to build a game of games and establish a strong and unique position in the gaming and SocialFi fields.

1. Building a New Paradigm

Everyone is asking, Whats the next big thing in gaming? Whats the narrative after Play-to-Earn?

As we delve deeper into this space, we’re witnessing the emergence of a gaming lifestyle revolution. Gaming is moving beyond entertainment and igniting two important trends: first, gaming is becoming part of everyday life; second, the physical and digital worlds are merging. Zentry’s continued expansion and growth is a testament to this trend.

“We are excited to support Jarindr and his dedicated team who have successfully built a stable community of GuildFi users during the bear market by gamifying social behaviors through rewards and tasks. We believe that Zentry’s Metagame Layer will drive the next generation of Web3 gaming and social experiences through the team’s expertise in player behavior and a strong catalog of games.” - Shi Khai Wei, Partner at LongHash Ventures

Zentry is pioneering a new paradigm: the Play Economy.

This Play-to-Earn evolution goes beyond the short-term cycles of a single game economy and into a meta-economy that encompasses multiple games with lifetime value.

Zentry and its gaming economy will enable a new dimension of gaming, a new distribution model, and a new era of advertising, creating unparalleled social and economic opportunities for gamers, game publishers, and others.

The gamification of everyday life will continue to be a dominant trend in the future, and we believe Zentry is well-positioned to build a unique social layer that better connects the digital and physical worlds. As the network effect of the Zentry community platform grows, it has the potential to become a dominant distribution source for new games and entertainment. - Jerry Shi, Founder and Managing Partner of Synergis Capital

2. Setting New Standards

Zentry will strive to raise the bar and set industry benchmarks in the future. It stands to reason that to achieve mass adoption of crypto, we must purposefully build seamless onboarding and user experience. Furthermore, mass adoption is not the work of one party, but rather the collective effort of the entire crypto industry.

Spartan remains bullish on Web3 games because we believe it is the most convenient way for crypto to achieve mass adoption. Zentry has an innovative vision to seamlessly integrate real-life social interactions with Web3 technology to create an immersive MMORPG experience, and we firmly believe that the team can create a transformative ecosystem that redefines the boundaries of digital value creation. - Tommy Chang, Head of Gaming and Executive Director of Spartan Capital

3. Zentry’s Treasury Strategy

According to the official treasury information for the first half of 2024 recently released, as of May 22, 2024, Zentrys total treasury has reached $151,367,382, an increase of about 50% since the beginning of 2024. The treasury consists of two parts: liquid reserves and investments. Liquid reserves are nearly $78,105,000, including stablecoins and major cryptocurrencies, of which stablecoins total $17,850,000, distributed in USDC and USDT, and cryptocurrencies total $60,255,000, including about 16,000 ETH, scattered across multiple protocols. Investments include seed tokens, stocks, liquid tokens, and NFTs, totaling $73,262,382.

Zentry uses a four-engine treasury strategy to unlock economic value:

1. Invest in our own development: Enhance the economic value of Zentry by continuously improving and expanding its core products;

2. Outbound investment: strategically evaluate and select cutting-edge projects that are consistent with the long-term vision;

3. Ecosystem Incentives: Promote the rapid expansion of the Zentry ecosystem through strategic incentives;

4. Income Growth: Generate at least $10 million in annual income through strategic staking of stablecoins, ETH, and token nodes.

Invest in your own development

Zentry continues to enhance and expand its core products to ensure it remains competitive and innovative in an ever-changing market. By enhancing the economic value of its core products, Zentry is not only able to attract more users and partners, but also set new industry standards in the gaming and SocialFi fields.

Overseas Investment

Zentry strategically evaluates and selects cutting-edge projects that are aligned with its long-term vision, such as Ronin, XAI, Memeland, monprotocol, and Apeiron. These investments not only enrich Zentrys coffers, but also provide it with more growth opportunities and strategic advantages.

Ecosystem Incentives

Zentry drives rapid expansion of its ecosystem through a variety of incentives. By rewarding user participation and contributions, Zentry is able to build a vibrant and interactive community that drives continued growth and development of the platform.

Revenue growth

Zentry generates significant annual returns through strategically staking stablecoins, ETH, and token nodes. These returns not only provide Zentry with a stable source of funds, but also support its future development and expansion.

4. Introduction to Nexus Airdrop Activity

Nexus is one of Zentrys four core products. It is the meta-game entrance to Web3 culture and a gamification layer based on social interaction. Nexus aims to provide rewards for social interaction by transforming users social interactions into immersive gaming experiences. As long as players participate in Nexus airdrop activities, they can receive airdrop rewards, including $ZENT, game tokens, whitelists, etc. Nexus encourages players to actively participate in the Zentry ecosystem and provides more players with the opportunity to understand and use the Zentry platform.

Currently, the Nexus beta airdrop event is online. The form of participation is very simple. Players only need to complete designated tasks, such as following Zentry’s social media accounts, participating in community discussions, completing game tasks, etc., to receive airdrop rewards.

This airdrop event not only provides players with the opportunity to obtain free tokens, but also further promotes the development and growth of the Zentry ecosystem by increasing player participation and interactivity. In the future, Zentry will continue to launch more similar events to attract more players to join the Zentry community and jointly create a vibrant and innovative play earn ecosystem.

Nexus official website and airdrop event: https://nexus.zentry.com/?invite=8V6NE1

V. Conclusion

With the support of this new round of strategic financing and multi-party cooperation, Zentry is accelerating the construction of its Metagame Layer. By integrating Web2 and Web3 games, consumer brands and ecosystems, Zentry will continue to lead the new era of games and SocialFi. Its strong treasury strategy, innovative game economic model and extensive investment network will provide a solid foundation and strong impetus for Zentrys continued development.

Zentry is committed to creating a game of games that integrates games and SocialFi, and through continuous innovation and expansion, it will drive the development and change of the entire industry. In the days to come, Zentry will continue to set new standards, enhance user experience, and create more value for its community and investors.

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