Full record of Odaily editorial department investment operations (June 5)

1 months ago
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Some people took profits and cleared their positions, some saw new highs coming, and some posted screenshots of their earnings...

This new column is a sharing of real investment experiences by members of the Odaily editorial department. It does not accept any commercial advertisements and does not constitute investment advice (because our colleagues are very good at losing money) . It aims to expand readers perspectives and enrich their sources of information. You are welcome to join the Odaily community (WeChat @Odaily 2018, Telegram exchange group , X official account ) to communicate and complain.

Full record of Odaily editorial department investment operations (June 5)

Recommended by: Asher (X: @Asher_ 0210)

Introduction : Low-market-cap copycats, long-term ambush, blockchain games, gold farming, and freeloading

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  1. The overall market is currently looking at a correction. I shorted BTC near 71,000 and am looking at three positions around 68,000, 66,000, and 63,000. The low-market-cap altcoins that I have held for a long time are not moving, and the mainstream altcoins PEPE and FLOKI have been sold out.

  2. Blockchain game sector: Several recent gold-making opportunities worth paying attention to - Pixels is still in the process of making gold, and we are still waiting for the big update of the second chapter; illuvium is now open for public beta, with a total reward of 200,000 ILVs, currently worth more than 18 million US dollars, and it is still 0, so it is worth participating in multiple accounts; Mavias second phase Next Frontier will be launched on June 14, and we will see if it can bring up the red crystal market this time.

  3. Meme section: As FLOKI continues to rise today, I have sold out my FLOKI and PEPE. I will buy them back when the overall market falls back.

Recommender: Nan Zhi (X: @Assassin_Malvo)

Introduction : On-chain player, data analyst, plays everything except NFT

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  1. Ethereum Meme-MONKAS, a PEPE derivative meme, has recently broken through the range of fluctuations;

  2. Solana Meme-DJCAT, a foreign CTO token, has a relatively strong community creativity and is undergoing its second wave of price increases.

Recommender: Vincent (X: @vincent 31515173)

Introduction : Buy and sell based on your feelings, and quit when you are ahead

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1. Currently holding ONDO, there are 4 reasons to hold on:

(1) ONDO is the leading token in the RWA sector and is unique. The production of ONDO tokens is a historical legacy. Since RWA sector projects are closely related to traditional finance, there are certain risks in the issuance of tokens.

(2) ONDO is currently listed on only Coinbase among the three major exchanges. Binance and OKX have not yet been listed, but there is an expectation that they will be listed on a major exchange.

(3) ONDO holds a high proportion of BlackRock’s newly launched BUILD fund, and has replaced its underlying assets with BUILD. ONDO is also the only RWA project in BUILD’s holdings.

(4) Ondo has developed well, its project design logic is self-consistent, and it occupies a leading position in the RWA sector.

Risk: The current market value is high, the expected growth multiple is low, and the RWA sector has a small audience, so subsequent developments need to be observed.

2. Potential airdrop of TON ecosystem Hamster Kombat

Hamster Kombat, a Tap-2-Earn management simulation game, plans to launch its hamster ecosystem on TON, including on-chain assets.

Currently, the Telegram channel has over 21 million subscribers, has great potential, and the game design is relatively simple and has strong spreadability.

Recommender: Qin Xiaofeng (X: @QinXiaofeng 888)

Introduction : Option mad dog, Meme taker

Share : I bought BTC and ETH end-of-day options on Monday. That night, BTC rose as expected, and the profit was more than 2 times. However, due to the sudden downtime of the US stock exchange, the price of BTC fell, and it expired on Tuesday and returned to zero. The end-of-day options fluctuate greatly, and you can even regard the end-of-day options as a meme coin with a very short life cycle, and you should stop when you are ahead. Take last night as an example. After the US stock market opened yesterday, BTC rose from US$69,000 to US$71,000. The price of multiple BTC call options expiring on June 5th rose by more than 10 times.

BTC broke through $71,000 this morning and traded sideways at a high level. It is likely to break through $74,000 this week. It is recommended to buy the $74,000 call option expiring on June 6 and the $76,000 call option expiring on June 7. It is best to buy before the US stock market opens tonight. Attached is a screenshot of last nights earnings:

Full record of Odaily editorial department investment operations (June 5)

Recommended by: Azuma (X: @azuma_eth)

Introduction : The first person to sell diamonds

Share : I bought some PRIME when the price was low, waiting for the staking mining of PROMOT to be opened.

40% of the total supply of Wayfinder (PROMOT) will be distributed to PRIME staking users. The total circulation of PRIME is currently about 41 million. A 50% staking participation rate would translate to 20.5 million PRIME (about US$350 million). At this price, it is quite imaginative to bet on 40% of the chips of an AI concept project that is frequently promoted by Multicoin and Solana.

Recommended by: Wenser (X: @wenser 2010)

Introduction : 10 U God of War, Meme selling player, second-level old leeks

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  1. Regarding the overall market situation, I personally think that BTC will break a new high around the 13th to 15th, and ETH is expected to reach 4300-4500 in the second half of the month;

  2. In terms of meme, in addition to diversifying holdings, focus on the meme of the Base ecosystem, including Degen, Toshi, TYBG, and Mfer. The next player with a market value of over 1 billion is likely to be among these.

  3. In addition to the new Tugou Meme, the L2 and re-staking tracks of the Ethereum ecosystem have recently seen some growth. I personally recommend that you take a look at UNI, LDO, and ENA.

  4. As for other ecosystems, Sol ecosystem only focuses on Trump concept coins, while TON ecosystem NOT has room for improvement in market value, and is expected to reach 3-5 billion US dollars.

  5. Finally, I still say that June is a month of harvest. (Will see if it is true at the end of the month)

Recommended by: golem (X: @web3_golem)

Introduction : Bitcoin Ecosystem Catcher, LuMao Trainee

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  1. I bought some COOK•THE•MEMPOOL runes. The runes have not been minted yet, but it was cheaper to buy them yesterday than to mint them. The runes are limited-time and unlimited-quantity series, and will be minted after block height 848064. The reason for buying them is that it is rumored that the runes are deployed by RSIC, and there may be some gameplay in the future; at the same time, it is also to activate the on-chain wallet and do some interactive data.

  2. Log in to your Warpcast account daily, like, follow other users and tweet more often to stay active. This is a great way to experience decentralized social products while making money. It is recommended to use multiple accounts.

  3. You can participate in the Babylon Testnet-4 staking event today, but the upgrade has not been completed yet and is expected to open around 18:30.

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