After viral marketing, how does TON game complete the business loop?

1 months ago
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Paid game props and traffic sales have become the main means of monetization.

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After viral marketing, how does TON game complete the business loop?

With the explosion of Notcoin, the TON ecosystem has adopted a model of viral fission growth through Telegram invitations. This method has already been used in many WeChat mini-program games, such as Sheep Sheep, Synthesize Watermelon and Cute Dog Transformation.

However, due to the restrictions on the version number, domestic games cannot adopt the direct payment model, and the most common monetization model is advertising monetization. In the Telegram ecosystem, there are no restrictions in various aspects, and the convenient link with the TON wallet provides a convenient channel for payment. After viral marketing, how do these TON ecological games realize commercial monetization for users?

Paid props

Take the most popular click games as an example. The in-game tokens or points of such games are directly related to the number of clicks. Some click games have added TON as a bonus in the game, but the fees are not high. In TapSwap, users can pay 0.5 TON (worth about $3.5) to permanently increase double points. If users believe that the game tokens of the project have high expectations and value in the end, buying Boost becomes a must for long-term participants.

After viral marketing, how does TON game complete the business loop?

In addition to click games, there are also some projects with real gameplay. The underlying logic for users to purchase such games is not entirely based on Crypto’s expectations for coin issuance, and some users are willing to pay for the game itself.

Take the most well-known Catizen as an example. The gameplay of this game is the same as the cute dog transformation game that became popular on WeChat many years ago. Users can breed pets of various levels, collect their output tokens, and then continue to breed higher-level pets. At that time, the cute dog transformation game could only be monetized through advertising, but Catizen has taken a different approach in the TON ecosystem.

First, Catizen has added a paid game item purchase module. Users can pay TON to get Fish tokens, which can speed up the process of pet hatching in Catizen, and the marginal growth of input costs is very fast. For the top users, they pay more for the game rather than for the game rewards. According to Catizen official disclosure, more than 50% of users have become paying users, and the conversion rate is already very high. In addition to paid props, Catizen plans to become a game Launchpool platform, which we will analyze later.

After viral marketing, how does TON game complete the business loop?

Startups for exchanges

Exchange Rebate Registration

While other games are still incentivizing users through invitation tasks, TapSwap was the first to join the Binance new account registration task, and it has been verified that its registration link comes with an invitation code.

Telegram has exceeded 900 million users, which still leaves a lot of room for development compared to Binance’s 200 million users. However, it is worth noting that the top five download regions for Telegram are India, Russia, the United States, Indonesia, and Brazil. Most of the countries are not crypto-friendly and Binance-friendly, so the achievable user growth is questionable.

After viral marketing, how does TON game complete the business loop?

Exchange product traffic

Pixelverse is a cultivation and combat game where users will automatically obtain game tokens over time and then train their pets to fight.

Pixelverse added a task to cooperate with Bybit Web3 wallet in the Dashboard task list. Eight days after the launch, the number of participating addresses reached 700,000. Odaily queried the data of completed activities in the past. The last six activities lasted about 3-4 weeks, and the number of participating addresses was 320,000, 250,000, 580,000, 120,000, 70,000 and 80,000 respectively. It can be seen that the number of users that the TON ecosystem can capture is much higher than that of native Web3 projects, and it has a clear advantage in traffic growth.

Traffic Monetization

From the previous section, we can see that traffic growth is Telegrams outstanding advantage, and projects that have built a large community can transfer their traffic to other projects and realize monetization through this channel.

Back to Catizen, the official has disclosed the next development roadmap of Launchpool and game platform. Catizen has signed contracts with more than ten WeChat mini-games and plans to gradually launch these games on the Catizen game platform. From Gaming Bot to Game Launchpool, it will empower governance token holders.

There are also a wide range of projects that adopt this method, and the specific practice paths are also different. For example, the educational application XPLUS directly directs traffic to Catizen through the homepage advertising space, and the click-based game PocketFi allows the consumption of tokens of another application TON PUNKS to obtain click bonuses.

in conclusion

By breaking down the closed-loop logic of the TON ecosystem project into three parts: user access, paid conversion, and user retention and repurchase, it can be seen that by relying on Telegram, the TON ecosystem project has a natural and significant advantage in obtaining sufficient user access.

However, in terms of user conversion, except for a few projects that are truly playable, there are not enough reasons for each project to attract users to pay other than the expectation of issuing coins, and homogeneity is extremely serious. It is even more difficult for non-head projects to convert paying users.

Therefore, the success guru or shovel seller has become the only way to close the loop of its business model, that is, to occupy a leading position and then sell traffic to other projects to gain revenue.

The current TON ecological project has initially demonstrated the feasibility of the free game fission + paid value-added approach, but how to truly leverage Telegrams unlimited dissemination capabilities, Cryptos highly compatible wallet expansion, and a huge base of 900 million users, we still have to wait for the next answer.

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