Full record of Odaily editorial department investment operations (June 12)

1 months ago
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What to watch for memes, how much should popular coins be traded, where to store restaking, how to pass blockchain games, what to watch for macroeconomics...

This new column is a sharing of real investment experiences by members of the Odaily editorial department. It does not accept any commercial advertisements and does not constitute investment advice (because our colleagues are very good at losing money) . It aims to expand readers perspectives and enrich their sources of information. You are welcome to join the Odaily community (WeChat @Odaily 2018, Telegram exchange group , X official account ) to communicate and complain.

Full record of Odaily editorial department investment operations (June 12)

Recommender: Nan Zhi (X: @Assassin_Malvo )

Introduction : On-chain player, data analyst, plays everything except NFT

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  1. The debate between Andrew Tate and Ansem this morning once again gave rise to several Meme tokens with market values ranging from millions to tens of millions (DADDY). As the strongest caller in the past week, Andrew Tate is expected to continue to give rise to several Meme tokens with super high multiples. It is recommended to pay attention to the relevant remarks of the two from around 24:00 Beijing time until daytime.

    It is not recommended to touch tokens that have already risen, such as DADDY and early TOPG.

  2. PEPE rebounded strongly during the sharp drop, becoming a mid-term bottom-fishing target.

Recommender: Qin Xiaofeng (X: @QinXiaofeng888 )

Introduction : Option mad dog, Meme taker

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  1. BTC and ETH have been volatile recently. There are two major events this week. One is the CPI at 20:30 tonight (Wednesday), and the other is the Federal Reserve’s interest rate decision at 02:00 on Thursday morning, and Mr. Bao will give a speech. The macro environment will definitely affect the trend of Bitcoin tonight. It is recommended to buy doomsday call and put options that expire tomorrow, and open both long and short positions.

  2. In terms of currencies, ORE is a good choice. The project was launched in April this year, focusing on Solana POW mining. Does it sound a bit like IO? It also won the Solana Hackathon Championship. After the project was launched in April, the price once soared by more than 3,000 US dollars, and the FDV was as high as more than 20 million US dollars. Later, due to mining, withdrawal and sale, the coin price fell to as low as 80 US dollars (FDV fell to 2 million US dollars). Finally, the official suspended the mining activities, and the total amount was fixed at 19,744.

    Recently, the price of ORE has risen above $600 (currently stable at more than $500), and the FDV has reached as high as $12 million. There are two main reasons: first, IOs with similar concepts have been launched on major exchanges, and second, ORE V2 is about to be launched, and the economic model will be greatly changed. The founder once said that holding the V1 version of ORE will be a blessing. Personally, I guess that although the FDV of ORE is not high at present, the unit price of more than $500 does discourage many people, and there is a high probability that it may be split in the future.

Recommended by: Asher (X: @Asher_ 0210 )

Introduction: Low-market-cap copycats, long-term ambush, blockchain games, gold farming, and freeloading

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  1. BTC market, it was said that it would be bearish if it fell below 70500, and it really fell rapidly. At present, we are paying attention to whether the 12-hour line can stand firm at 67300. If it cannot stand firm, it will be bearish and see 61000; if it stands firm at 67300, it will see 70000.

  2. BWB, which I mentioned before, has increased its position around 0.45. Its current market value is less than 60 million US dollars. It is worth buying. It will take off after the wash-out is over.

  3. NOT thinks the wash-out is almost over, and bets that it can break through 0.02. If it can break through, the take-profit will be at 0.036 or 0.044, and the stop loss will be at 0.014.

  4. Blockchain game: Pixels has been banned more and more frequently recently, so I have prepared a lot of PIXEL tokens. I will wait for the income from the VIP account of the second chapter on June 17th. If the income is considerable, I will decide to add more accounts. Mavia will eventually be able to exchange rubies and mavia. I will wait for the update on June 14th to see the exchange rate, and then decide whether to play the previous account again. The Beacon is very popular these days. Anyway, there is no cost, so if you have the ability, you can create more accounts. I have indeed seen someone open a treasure chest and get 10 ARB.

Recommended by: Azuma (X: @azuma_eth )

Introduction : Iron-headed leek, anti-massage master

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  1. In the macro week, no matter what the results of CPI and interest rate decisions are, there is a high probability that they will lead to large short-term fluctuations. You can refer to the long and short two-way option operations recommended by Professor Qin Xiaofeng before to take a chance on volatility.

  2. Symbiotic, a Restaking project jointly developed by Paradigm and Lido, opened a deposit window last night. Five of the eight pools were full in one day, and there are still a few small LST pools with a small amount of quota, where you can deposit some to brush up your points. Paradigm itself did not invest in EigenLayer, and Lido was also sucked a lot of blood by Restaking. Symbiotic is a counterattack, and the future market has a certain imagination.

Recommender: Vincent (X: @vincent31515173 )

Introduction : Buy and sell based on your feelings, and quit when you are ahead

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  1. From a narrative perspective, there is a high probability that the Ethereum spot ETF S-1 will be approved this month, which may cause an increase in Ethereum-related tokens, and ETH/BTC will rebound to a certain extent.

  2. The fourth season of The Open League of TON ecosystem has been launched. STON.fi and DeDust will open a reward pool of 1.8 million USD. Interested friends can actively participate. The event will last for two weeks.

Recommended by: golem (X: @web3_golem )

Introduction : Bitcoin Ecosystem Catcher, LuMao Trainee

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  1. The overall transaction volume trend of pizza is difficult to count because it is scattered on the chain and in small exchanges. However, from the chain, the daily transaction volume has reached a peak since the end of the airdrop on June 9. The transaction volume has been declining in the past few days, and the price has fluctuated around 5-6.5 U. From observations in the past few days, the pizza craze has not driven the activity of other BRC 20 or new inscriptions. The situation where a single ecological currency rises alone cannot be maintained for too long. If you still have a lot of pizza in your hands, it is recommended to ship it first to lock in profits. At the same time, you can keep 1-10 pizzas for each address to prevent projects from airdropping to pizza addresses.

  2. The Beacon is very popular. I found in the community that some friends cant pass the levels. Here are some tips. For the level with 10 skeletons, players who are not good at positioning can not fight the white skeleton after it appears, run to the top of the map and wait to kill the ranged attack skeletons that spawn first; in the level with spiders, you can use the right button of the mouse to charge the attack while dodging. The longer the charge is, the higher the damage. You can also choose to speed through without fighting the spiders and rush through directly; for the latest blacksmith level opened today, the fastest way is to pass it for the first time. It is best not to break the passing jars and just go through.

Recommended by: Wenser (X: @wenser 2010 )

Introduction: 10 U God of War, Meme Critic, On-chain Tracking Learning ing

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  1. Continue to be bullish until June 14, and reduce positions if it fails to break new highs;

  2. NOT’s price is nearly halved due to the influence of the market, but combined with the data and the continuous follow-up craze of the TON ecosystem, it is still expected to break through 0.03 U;

  3. Kitty is currently close to being cut in half, so buy a small amount at the bottom. As long as the spiritual leader of Meme is still there, there is no need to worry about not having a rebound;

  4. Value coin W did not run away, and it is still locked. I am a little impatient and can only passively hold the position. Affected by the upcoming airdrops of ZK and ZRO, other L2 tokens are not recommended;

  5. The sports season is ready to go, and the Chinese national football team recently advanced to the round of 18. As the worlds largest sport, football has a huge following. You can follow CHZ, LAZIO, and SANTOS, but dont rush to buy.

  6. All the hot money in AI has gone to the US stock market. I feel there is not much hope this month, so I will not look at it for the time being.

As I said, whether to slap someone in the face or not, see you at the end of the month.

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