Looking back at Changan, there are piles of embroidery, and thousands of gates are opened on the top of the mountain (December 4). BTC4w will talk about the next stage of the point. 1. The trend of ETF is a foregone conclusion, but the news has been basically priced in. Since reaching 35K for the first time on October 24th, the momentum of BTC has weakened. After a few weeks of speculation about whether the ETF would pass before Thanksgiving, it continued to fluctuate. It was not until CME OI continued to surge around Thanksgiving that the market continued to rise (CME is still at a premium ). This wave of rise is more interesting, because it is the opening of non-CME trading time, and CME jumps short and opens high. According to the logic that the gap must be filled in 21 years, this is actually a point of pressure. CME, not Binance, became the market engine. My personal understanding is to observe CME’s real-time data and weekly position reports. Although they are delayed, they are also excellent reference indicators. The market here is very similar to that from December to January 2020. There is a high probability that something will happen before it passes. The main thing is to see if there are any new expectations. If not, it is optimistic that there will be a wave of correction in December, but from the operation Strategically speaking, what we should focus on now is the height after BTC passes, which is the daily level operation mentioned before (this depends on the individuals tracking time and risk preference. If the risk preference is low, I think it needs to be considered before and after Christmas. risk, or even earlier). 2. Most of the copycats have not broken through the height of the previous wave of 38K, but a number of non-consensus targets have emerged, such as Ordi, Luna series, etc. In the ETH defi and AI summarized before, AI also relies on the non-consensus target Tao to drive the overall situation, while the exchanges internal targets Wld and Rndr are not that strong. If youre wrong, admit it. The Alpha here may be a non-consensus target under the big narrative, or even nuggets among the 1-10M targets on the chain. In terms of specific targets, I read a lot about CT, and most of them are good. Just do a good job in research. However, I was constrained because I read too many projects and knew too much dark history. Finally, I really can’t play with Bitcoin Ecology/Inscription 3. Regarding the market situation of ETH and ETH derivatives, my expectation here is that after the ETF is passed, it may be more direct before and after the Cancun upgrade. Of course, it cannot be ruled out that if Btc appears at the end of December There will be a relay after a wave of corrections, depending on whether there is a correction and the depth of the correction. In terms of specific targets, after the Ldo staking rate was too high, LDO gradually became an outlier in the ETH ecosystem, and it was much weaker from the perspective of legitimacy. Here we look at the orthodox RPL+OP vs the unorthodox LDO + ARB, which one performs better after the launch of ETH. I personally buy in the unorthodox. 3. Here we gradually start to pay attention to the effects of new coins (note that they are not newer than Binance). New targets from Flip to many Gate/Mexc (platform coins perform well) are all good. Generally, by this time, there will be new coins on the chain. Several top IDO projects.(来源: Twitter )
http://Mint.Cashs USTC Anchor scheme mechanism is relatively complicated. Let me tell you something you are concerned about: 1/ $Mint - $Cash is equivalent to the previous LUNA-UST, but Mint needs to mortgage BTC to mint, and introduces A more complex fee mechanism and Staking module 2/ $Mint becomes $bMint after staking, $bMint can earn fees, but it will also suffer losses when it is unanchored 3/ Destroying USTC can obtain new ANC and oppaMINT, and holding oppaMINT You can buy bMINT at a discount (you still need to pledge BTC, but it can be a little less). If venture investors want to participate, they can also buy oppaMINT. In my personal opinion, this solution is not much better than the smart proposal of the LUNA Governance Forum... The current situation is http: //Mint.Cash shakes people to eat hot pot. When everyone is here, but the hot pot is not served yet, some good people are waiting to save billions of dollars in BTC at the risk of being diluted by oppaMINT, being diluted by venture capital institutions, and being liquidated and losing all their money.(来源: Twitter )
$USTC shut down after TFL broke off the relationship. I have also done some research on Mint Cash @wemintcash in the past two days, and I am also on the bus, so the interests are related. ✍️ Today I will give you a detailed calculation, one is 1.25x-12.5 How do the odds of x come about. I think what the founder said is very right: TFL should have tried to use this method to save the project 18 months ago. 🧵 The current method of Mint Cash, I think is the best solution to increase the value of $USTC: 1. Rules: According to the current valuation method of Mint Cash, it is how much USTC is finally deposited into the airdrop contract, and then the value of 1 US dollar is Calculating the project valuation, the current circulating supply of USTC is 9 billion. If half of the amount of 4.5 billion is locked, then the valuation of the new project will be 4.5 billion US dollars. 2. The valuation of 4.5 billion must be on the high side. Under conservative conditions, we reduce it by 10 times. The FDV of 450 million is relatively reasonable for an ordinary public chain, so we can calculate $USTC = $0.1. From the current price of $0.04, there is still room for at least 1 times more. 3. Why does the game say that Mint Cash’s plan is very smart? Because all $USTC in the airdrop contract must be destroyed, so there will be two situations: (1) If there are a lot of locked $USTC, then the remaining $USTC in circulation will The sudden decrease in the circulation of USTC will be very beneficial to the price increase and will also become a topic of speculation. However, many people directly use the entire $USTC circulation to calculate the valuation of new projects. This algorithm is wrong. If it is calculated this way, USTC will be bought up. (2) If there is very little $USTC locked up, the valuation of Mint Cash will be very low, close to reasonable or even underestimated. Users who lock up their positions in the airdrop contract are very likely to actually use $USTC. = $1 USD value exchanged for new project tokens. So the result of the game here is that either (1) or (2) will benefit $USTC, and the odds are very high. So do you expect more or fewer people to participate in Mint Cash? What are the current odds of $0.04? (1) If a lot of funds are involved, my personal estimate is that the highest is half of 4.5 billion USTC, then the valuation is 450 million at a 10% discount, and the current income is 1.25 times. (2) If the funds involved are very small, 10% of the amount is 900 million, the valuation is 450 million at a 50% discount, and the current income is 12.5 times. Of course, you can also not participate in the airdrop contract and sell $USTC at any time during the rise. In short, I agree with the founders point of view. This plan should have been implemented by TFL 18 months ago.(来源: Twitter )
Briefly understand the eths protocol. The Ethscriptions protocol (hereinafter referred to as the eths protocol) is a protocol based on the construction and sharing of native digital assets on the Ethereum chain. Ethscriptions have been available since 2016. However, the birth of the eths protocol itself was inspired by the btc inscription protocol, which was launched by Tom Lehman. To date, there are over 2 million inscriptions on Ethereum. The Eths protocol not only brings inscriptions on the Ethereum chain, but also attempts to bring new explorations to the Ethereum L1 expansion. Simply put, it has several key points: * Utilizes the calldata on Ethereum. The Eths protocol uses Ethereum transactions to call data calldata to store data instead of smart contracts, which has the opportunity to reduce fees. So, how is calldata used? In ordinary transfer transactions, the user sends eth and calldata as comment feild, which will generally be left blank. If you interact with a smart contract, the function name and parameters information will be added to the calldata field. Ethscriptions also uses a similar method. It encodes data into calldata, but it is not for smart contracts. It has the concept of dumb contract (the name is also interesting, in sharp contrast to smart contracts). In this way, ethscription is completely on the Ethereum chain, achieving permanent existence, and is suitable for building native digital assets on Ethereum, etc. * Does not use smart contracts. As mentioned above, it has its own dumb contract concept, that is, the eths protocol itself does not use smart contracts for storage and execution. It calculates state by applying deterministic protocol rules to Ethereum transaction calldata. In short, the eths protocol bypasses smart contracts to store data on the chain by using calldata, trying to achieve a lower-cost storage method. * ESC VM brings a new narrative Regarding the eths protocol, the ESC VM (ESC virtual machine) proposed by ESIP-4 is a development that everyone is paying relatively more attention to because it carries greater imagination. Specifically, ESC VM is a new protocol built on ethscriptions. It works by using ethscriptions as computer instructions (here ethscriptions take on a new purpose) that allow users to interact with specific programs. The specific program here is mainly dumb Contract. That is, ESC VM+Dumb Contract can execute commands, such as creating new contracts, calling existing contracts, etc. To put it simply, in Ethscriptions, Ethscriptions must be made in a specific format, so that these Ethscriptions are regarded as normal ethscriptions and can be recognized by the ESC VM. These eths inscriptions can be computer instructions that enable deployment and calling. Deploy creates a new Dumb Contract, and call calls the state change function on the existing Dumb contract. When a dumb contract is deployed, anyone can call its functions. ESC VM provides an EVM-like environment for Dump contracts. However, ESC VM is not yet a real virtual machine. It is only suitable for a specific contract (Dumb Contract). The eths protocol has plans to introduce general computing in the future, which brings the possibility of new narratives. Currently dumb contract cannot support direct payment. There is no concept of ether here, and ether needs to be bridged to the dumb contract through a smart contract. In addition, it does not support arbitrary creation of dumb contracts yet. The dumb contract code must be consistent with other Eths protocol rule definitions in the ESIP process. * The Eths protocol is not L2. It is a new extension. Eths and L2 explore different technical routes. As far as the current scalability of Ethereum is concerned, there is still a lot of room for development. And importantly, there are certain trade-offs in different technical routes, and there is no question of who to replace for the time being. For the eths protocol, some relatively simple functions are currently implemented through dumb Contract and ESC VM, and its biggest narrative comes from the general computing possibilities of ESC VM. If there is a chance to reach this point in the future, for eths, it will have the opportunity to bring more application scenarios and further enrich and prosper the Ethereum ecosystem. (Risk warning: All the above analyzes are only one-sided observations of technology and market, and may not be correct. Please be sure to maintain your own judgment and do risk control.)(来源: Twitter )
Regarding the recent hot discussion about GameFi Summer in the market, I think games are a sector that must be deployed in this cycle. Whether it is a single game or a guild and public chain in the game ecosystem, the core logic is 1. In the previous cycle, games were the entire Web3 The sector with the most financing in the primary market has locked up a large amount of institutional funds. It is difficult to exit after such a large amount of funds every two cycles, otherwise the institutions will have a difficult time. The primary market has a strong will for this sector to bubble up. 2. This year will be the first year of 3A GameFi. After the last round of shoddy small games, how to balance playing and making money is a big question left to the market. Excellent large-scale production not only conveys the teams strength and willingness to do things to the outside world, but also It is also a path of continuous development from playable to fun, but it is also a pity that we have not yet seen the emergence of paradigm innovations such as CryptoKitties, Axie, and StepN. 3. Regardless of the historical experience of Web1, 2, and 3, games are the track with the most large-scale circle-breaking effect. 4. Games are naturally suitable for combining blockchain, NFT + Token + economic model + scalability, and can use as many blockchain features as possible, as well as a full-scale game that is still very niche but has sufficient narrative. Chain games into autonomous worlds. However, the problems currently faced by the game track still exist, including the need for long-term exploration of the balance between playing and making money, and the death spiral pattern of skyrocketing and plummeting is still difficult to escape, so this is a highly explosive but risky industry once it rises. High track.(来源: Twitter )
Blast’s economic model is very humane. It continuously lowers the psychological threshold for users to dig out their pockets through the “come all come” layer by layer. Human nature is risk averse, but it is also a return preference. How to balance these two Point, this is the process of using Beta to win Alpha. Its like the banks model of earning interest on deposits and giving away soybean oil has changed to the model of earning interest on deposits and giving away lottery tickets. 1. You have money, right? There’s no point in leaving it alone. You can deposit/pledge it and still maintain principal and interest. 2. You want to deposit/pledge, right? Where to deposit is not a deposit? Come to me and you can get two barrels of soybean oil when it matures next year. 3. You want soybean oil, right? How about I exchange the soybean oil for you into two lottery tickets, and I might earn 5 million. 4. Do you think two tickets are less? How about I use your interest every month to buy lottery tickets for you automatically? You can come to me and scratch the lottery for free every month. How about that? Finally, I discovered that the lottery shop next to the bank was owned by the president’s wife. There are also some users who don’t want to scratch lottery tickets, so the president opens hot pot restaurants, foot bath shops, movie theaters... The monthly interest can give you equivalent vouchers for consumption. But no matter what, as long as you don’t touch the user’s capital. The remaining interest can be used as you like, and users feel that they are enjoying themselves for free. In a previous tweet, I mentioned that the money everyone puts in Blast is in the nature of deposits. This is the principal that users don’t want to touch, but the extra interest is what Blast can guide users to consume in their own ecosystem. According to the current situation The growth rate assumes that Blast conservatively estimates TVL of 500 million US dollars. According to the pledge APR of 4%, it will have 20 million US dollars of live money a year. This money is the live money that users are directly willing to consume within the Blast ecosystem. Blast can Guide users to buy lottery tickets, eat hot pot, get foot massages and watch movies next to this bank. Whose opportunity is this? This is an opportunity for developers to get close to Blast. If you can open a store next to a Blast bank, you can also get the right to use the consumer coupons given by the bank to users, which is very comfortable.(来源: Twitter )
Regarding a certain L2 airdrop play style, some interesting discussions have arisen. For example, multiple signatures. Making a 3/5 multi-signature and locking up 100 million US dollars is silly and sweet enough. In fact, the victory of multiple draws is not about more, but about the people. If it is a well-known real-name team, 3/5 may be enough; for a completely anonymous team, you will be given 249/250, so you may not dare to play. As for whether there should be no upgrade contract or multiple contracts, that is another consideration. Let’s talk about airdrops. Successful airdrops require timing, people/organizations, and finally a pattern. Most projects have the fate of airdrop, but they may not have the luck of airdrop. It doesn’t mean that if you copy the model, TVL will come. Models are the easiest to learn. If you relied on models, Shenzhen would have become the center of space airdrops.(来源: Twitter )
The U.S. Department of Justice’s settlement regulatory agreement with Binance clears the way for ETFs. Thanks to CZ for his outstanding contributions to the industry. Let’s explore the infinite possibilities of DeFi together!(来源: Twitter )
At this moment, seeing CZ’s public farewell letter is unimaginable and even more unbelievable. Many people consider CZ to be the Hero in the cryptocurrency market. Direct, decisive, regardless of cost. Many people only see the glory of Binance, the invincible winner in the crypto market? In fact, looking back on the past, I found that all CZ moments were moments of crisis. This can be seen from the time when he and He Yi led the team to leave China to develop Binance. We have also seen it from his insistence on building Binance Chain, from his direct attack on SBF and public confrontation with FTX, and from Binances insistence that he is fine. A company that has been in business for more than six years has been surrounded by ups and downs, sieges, and dangers from the first day. Let me tell you a little story. I remember, four years ago, I was invited to Singapore to participate in the Blockchain Week held by Binance. He Yi told me, CZ wants to talk to you. I said yes. At that time, I had just switched to blockchain from the Internet. There was no DeFi and NFT like today, and my understanding of the cryptocurrency market was very superficial. In fact, I didn’t know where to start if we met. I remember how As soon as I was picked up outside the venue and went upstairs, in a very small room, I met CZ for the first time, even though I had communicated with CZ many times online, through WeChat and TG. We have many mutual friends. Wang Feng, I only have one hour, what can we talk about now? I was stunned. Such a direct - without any pleasantries - Western-style opening. This is our first meeting. Ha ha. ………… That day; we talked about transactions, traffic and products. I remember CZ told me that if given the opportunity, he would be willing to return to China and establish the Binance China Research Institute like Microsoft and Google. ………… No more to say. Have a good rest. Its rare that I can take a break. I believe Binance will be fine, and I hope Binance’s next step can be more efficient, transparent and open.(来源: Twitter )
The big prediction of NFT 2024 is coming to the end of the year. I suddenly had a whim and wanted to take a snapshot of some of my current ideas. I will wait until the end of next year to verify how many have come true and how many have exceeded my imagination. 1. Some NFT IP will really drive Mass Adoption. Personally, I think it is unrealistic to challenge the existing financial system to achieve Mass Adoption. Although decent practitioners in our industry all have a decentralized ideal, and in some inflation It has been relatively popular in serious countries, foreign trade transactions and other scenarios, but for our daily living environment, it is not realistic to implement Mass Adoption through tokens. The NFT IP itself represents the continuous content output capability. In my opinion, content is the better way to attract outsiders. Only through the attraction of content and lowering the entry barrier through technical aspects can we have the opportunity to achieve Mass Adoption. The difficulty is never to teach outsiders how to use a wallet, but to convince outsiders why they must use a wallet. 2. Old projects that are still alive will be blue-chip in the next bull market. The alive here is not based on floor price, transaction volume, etc. as a criterion, but on whether the team is still doing things. I would like to give the following words to entrepreneurs in the industry. Believe that hard work will be rewarded. Although we always say that this industry does not reward long-termism, the things we have done will always be seen by others. The real long-term Doctrine will definitely pay off. 3. PFP Collection is still the mainstream form of NFT. What I mean here is that most projects that want to do a marketing work through NFT will still use avatars to issue their NFTs, because after users change their avatars, they will Social media becomes the project’s publicity. To give an example that may not be appropriate but can express my ideas well, the social media account of Holder’s avatar will become a focus media on various social media platforms. 4. It is difficult for a PFP that lacks a carrier to survive for 6 months. The carrier here means what is your project about? in the vernacular. For example, Tiaohai is also doing various activities and marketing, but its main business is sales. liquor. Projects need to have a complete business model, leaving less and less time for new projects to slowly explore the business model after the release. In other words, entrepreneurs can no longer wait for the NFT to be sold before completing future planning and resource integration. It is necessary to put these forward. 5. The life cycle of new Meme PFP will be shorter. Meme will never disappear and will always emerge in endlessly. In 2024, the life cycle of Meme NFT will be even shorter than now, and the wealth effect of individual projects will be even crazier. 6. The status of artists in commercial projects will be further reduced, and king-level projects that are top-notch in all aspects will not be discussed. With the development of AI, the gap in art aspects of NFT projects will be smoothed out. Unless the design of the IP itself is extremely unique, artists may still be the dominant ones in personal art projects, but in commercial projects it will become more and more difficult. Like a tool man. 7. NFT has great potential in the RWA track. I have not studied RWA in depth, so some ideas may be wrong. Corrections are welcome. The most important thing about RWA is the asset package in the real world. From a personal perspective, the asset package I am more interested in is the income rights of offline stores. I communicated with an investor friend of Web2 some time ago. Now they are trying to use the Drip Tong model to invest in offline stores. I won’t go into details about the specific model. If you are interested, you can check it out for yourself. I am looking forward to holding some NFTs. To obtain the revenue rights of several offline stores. Of course, how to convert legal currency and crypto is also a problem that needs to be solved, but I am very much looking forward to it. 8. NFT liquidity solutions continue to iterate, and existing products are facing challenges. I am not a finance major, and I don’t usually speculate in coins. I thought about it, for example, to make two NFT liquidity solutions, Blur and Flooring. Wouldnt the combination be more reasonable and add some fun work? I regard Blur as an NFT liquidity solution rather than just a trading market. Can entrepreneurs who want to kill Blur, OpenSea and the like think differently? 9. Fully Virtual’s metaverse will continue to be sluggish, but it is very optimistic about the application scenarios that combine virtual and real things. Pure virtualization is very difficult to experience, especially with the name of the metaverse, and the experience will be scolded for being mediocre, let alone Most of them cant even do normal. Coupled with the increasing intensity of various problems such as social attributes and real-time rendering, there is a high probability that it will be out of business in 2024 from a technical perspective. But I am very optimistic about the experience of combining virtual and real, bringing virtual assets into our world before they bring us into their world. 10. There will be a super NFT project spanning multiple tracks. Projects starting from NFT IP have a lot of room for imagination. The reason is very simple. IP can adapt to any product and any track. For example, any project, whether it is DeFi, RWA, GameFi, social, Metaverse, trendy brands, etc., can use Little Ghost IP as the spokesperson of the project. Therefore, as long as the team wants to do things seriously, the NFT project has great room for expansion and can be followed by various projects. Of course, it is simply impossible for a start-up company to lay out such a wide pipeline at the same time. I am just raising a possibility. Entrepreneurs should still be down-to-earth and take one step at a time.(来源: Twitter )
[Analysis of funds for the week] The hot market continues, let’s take a look at the data on funds 1) In the past week, the influx of funds has been very obvious. The total market value of stablecoins has increased by US$1.05 billion, of which USDT has issued an additional US$1.4 billion, which is the largest one-week increase this year (memory data may not be accurate). And there was a net inflow of US$810 million into the USDT exchange. 2) The stock of BTC on the exchange increased from 2.336 million to 2.35 million, with a net inflow of 14,000. The Bitcoin ecology is hot, but there has been no large outflow, so there is a risk of peaking in the short term, which deserves attention. 1 The total market value of stablecoins has grown from US$121.19 billion to US$122.24 billion over the past week, with an additional US$1.05 billion issued, the largest increase this year. Among them, the mainstream stable currency USDT increased from 85.4 billion US dollars to 86.8 billion US dollars, an increase of 1.4 billion US dollars. USDC dropped from US$24.5 billion to US$24.2 billion, a drop of US$200 million. 2 The stock of stablecoins on exchanges In the past week, judging from the stock of stablecoins on exchanges, USDT increased from US$12.79 billion to US$13.6 billion, with a net inflow of US$810 million. USDC dropped from US$1.75 billion to US$1.73 billion, with a net outflow of US$20 million. It can be seen that stablecoins are also rare in seeing large inflows into exchanges. This is good news for future market conditions. 3 BTC/ETH stock on the exchange In the past week, the stock of BTC on the exchange increased from 2.336 million to 2.35 million, with a net inflow of 14,000. It is worth noting that last week, there was also a simple net outflow of 1,000 coins. What needs attention here is that the Bitcoin ecosystem is very hot now. However, there was not a large net outflow in the actual exchange, but a large net inflow. This shows that the incremental funds in the Bitcoin ecosystem are relatively limited. Maybe some big players have already settled down. ETH increased from 14.46 million to 14.53 million, an increase of 70,000, which is not a large amount.(来源: Twitter )
How to analyze the fundamentals of the brc20 project: 1. The number of holders, currently the maximum number of sats is 40K+, and secondly the bitmap is 25K; I think the position safety threshold of the new casting project is 4K+ 2. Vol trading volume, the average daily trading volume of new projects is greater than 25 BTC There is something for everyone 3. New things with high slippage and poor experience. The emotions are so high and the funds are so FOMO. Just rush and it is done. 4. BRC20 is pure air at the moment. Only air has investment value. There are projects with roadmaps, expectations and institutions. The bull market is full of garbage5. Instead of analyzing value investment, it is more reliable to look at metaphysics. Ordi, sats, rats, bear, and frog are all top horoscopes for wealth and wealth. The right time, place and people are indispensable6. Good projects It does not mean a good price. A good price will definitely lead to good projects7. Don’t ignore NFT on BTC. There will definitely be small pictures that surpass the existence of BAYC.(来源: Twitter )
#Brc20 #Arc20 The development of these btc derivative protocols is very similar to what it looked like during the 2017 ICO boom. The first innovation of blockchain is the distribution method, which is often accompanied by a large amount of wealth transfer. As far as the hype of Inscription is concerned: ➡️Participants are distributed fairly and carry out new ➡OTC transactions. The liquidity is extremely poor but the initial change of hands is completed ➡️Online market, through the manipulation of pending orders, the price increases by leaps and bounds ➡️Fomo sentiment continues to increase, and a large number of people outside the circle Users enter ➡️The market value of the community group has reached hundreds of millions of dollars, the CEX is online to release liquidity, and institutions choose targets with strong narratives to take over ➡️The sudden wealth effect starts the next casting cycle, which is similar to the history of ICO and DeFi, with strong dissemination and powerful narrative. Innovation is active, combined with ETF, halving, BTC L2, and BTC DEFI, the Bitcoin ecologys position as an early driver of the next wave of bull market is becoming more and more obvious, and it seems difficult to see where its ceiling is. If you want to seize the opportunity, what you have to do is to give up your bias, choose the early target with the strongest narrative or strong consensus, buy it in the market and get a market value of hundreds of millions 💎, and then consider other things such as liquidity, CEX, and defi. This is the greatest gamble.(来源: Twitter )
Many brothers have opinions on the btc ecology, mainly for two reasons: ✨ Eth can do better with things that are lagging behind the btc ecology, including currency issuance, defi, etc. ✨ The centralized btc ecology, especially brc20, relies on centralization as an index, which is a step backwards Let me explain my views: Matt Huang’s widely circulated description of crypto is Mars Casino. It represents a more mainstream description, that is, we expect cryto to be able to onboard a larger number of assets and users (from non-crytoOdaily) in the future. However, now there is only one real rigid demand for crypto: speculation. Regarding the two accusations of backwardness and centralization, if you know enough about the current situation of eth ecology and cryto, then centralization is actually everywhere, and if you look at it from a changing perspective, the btc ecology has been developing and is not static. So, going back to the Mars Casino narrative, what role does the Bitcoin ecosystem play here? In the future, onboard will have more assets and users. The path we will explore is not limited to eth, but a wider range of choices, such as btc and sol. These non-eth ecosystems will only give non-cryptodaily people and money more choices. For example, maybe you think its okay for erc721 to point to ipfs, but I prefer the narrative that all metadata is engraved on btc. Now, as the only strong demand, speculation. There are already various games in big casinos, such as blackjack slot machines and the like. However, brc20 and ordinarys with engraving as the core have brought new gameplay, similar to baccarat in the casino. Don’t worry about whether DeFi is better than eth. The core is the emergence of new gambling games. This is the fundamental reason for its prosperity. Once you understand this, you will understand that it will always exist and continue to grow and develop. If you look at the Bitcoin ecosystem from a more essential perspective, you will come to a completely different conclusion.(来源: Twitter )
What happened to Binance? It seems that he is losing his original wolf nature. The reason why Binance became the king of copycats is that it went overseas without hesitation in 1994. When Huobi OK was suppressed by supervision, it unscrupulously joined hot ICO copycats to create wealth effects. Currently, Binance seems slow and dull when facing market hot spots. Is it because it is tired of dealing with the regulatory stick of the United States? Leader strategy? Or do you only favor conservative and safe “value coins”?(来源: Twitter )
The Ethereum ecosystem surrenders its knees to the powerful, while the Bitcoin ecosystem likes to stand and make money. The Ethereum ecosystem is oriented by centralized elites, while Bitcoin is oriented by decentralization and everyone is equal; the Ethereum community does not care whether the technology is centralized or not, but cares more about what VTLK said and how much centralization was included in the press release. VC capital. The Bitcoin community doesn’t care who raises how much money. No matter how many people have Bitcoin and BRC20, they are extremely spiritually rich. They are naturally averse to centralized technical solutions, keen on decentralization, and believe in Satoshi Nakamoto’s depiction. world. Surrendering your knees to the powerful for the sake of VC financing spree is not the spirit of encryption. Bitcoin and Bitcoin Layer 2 are the real future, not another network oriented by the rich and powerful.(来源: Twitter )
Radiant (RDNT) has launched its services on Ethereum L1. For Radiant, this was a step that had to be taken sooner or later. The question now is how much share can be taken from aave and compound.(来源: Twitter )
How to choose a new platform,you need to understand these skills 20231030 #清水哥Diary Buying new BRC20 tokens, this is the most basic operation in the BTC ecosystem, but most people still dont know the techniques to save money, nor do they know It turns out that you can still cancel after making a new payment. Commonly used platforms for minting BRC20 tokens include Unisat, IDclud and Satosea, and of course newer ones such as geniidata, which I wont introduce too much here. From the cost point of view, for a certain amount, the same Gas, and the same Satoshi, the Unisat platform is the most expensive to renew, while IDlcud and Satosea have similar costs. If the token creation progress is about to end, you can use the Unisat platform to increase Gas , because among these platforms, the Unisat platform is the fastest. If you usually make new updates, you can use IDclud or Satosea. I especially emphasize that Satosea has a refund function, which is very easy to use. It means that after the payment is successful, as long as there is no block on the chain, you can get a refund. . Seeing that FOMO was rising on the chain, I gave low gas and realized that it was likely to be buried, so I could cancel it directly , but it would only consume a little handling fee. The default Satoshi on the Satosae platform is 330 Satoshi, while the default on the Unisat and IDclud platforms is 546 Satoshi. Of course, when new, it can be changed to 330 Satoshi. Beginners should pay attention to this point so as not to waste money. Finally, if you use IDclud or Satosea to upgrade, Gas can be given a decimal point. For example, Gas 3.1 will be faster than Gas3, but the cost is about the same . Unisat platform Gas cannot be adjusted currently. These small details can be used, and more save money. In short, you can familiarize yourself with these platforms and use different platforms in different situations based on your actual situation.(来源: Twitter )
The representative asset of brc20 is $ordi. Its high rate of return makes brc20 well-known. However, in addition to the desire for wealth, behind the high rate of return is a new record of desire for the BTC ecosystem. The influence of the BTC halving effect will Gradually being replaced by miner fees. In the future, miners will no longer be affected by the continuous increment of BTC, and may come more from more compression fees. Unisat is a typical application of protocols based on ordinal numbers.(来源: Twitter )
FTX starts selling coins. 10 million u for small sales. To test everyones bottom line, pull that link in the morning. It was simply designed for this currency selling behavior. One year ago, if ftx told creditors, I would sell the assets to pay off your debts when BTC rises back to above 35,000. I believe not many people will believe it, but he did it. The power of long-termists is very touching. ftx needs to sell US$3.4 billion in cash before the second quarter of 2024.(来源: Twitter )