- DWF Labs: L1/L2 project tokens may see an overall rise; Ordinals cumulative fee income exceeds 4,900 BTC (12.26)

3 months ago
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The probability of the Fed cutting interest rates in February next year is 16.5%.

- DWF Labs: L1/L2 project tokens may see an overall rise; Ordinals cumulative fee income exceeds 4,900 BTC (12.26)


DWF Labs Lianchuang: L1/L2 project tokens may experience a comprehensive rise, so be prepared

Andrei Grachev, co-founder of DWF Labs, posted on the , but it’s best to be prepared in advance. DYOR.”

The cumulative fee income of Ordinals inscriptions exceeded 4,900 BTC, and the total minting amount exceeded 51 million.

Dune data shows that the cumulative fee revenue from minting of the Bitcoin NFT protocol Ordinals reached 4,918.4427 BTC, which is approximately $211,984,359. The current total number of minted inscriptions reaches 51,333,094.

CME Fed Watch: The probability of the Fed cutting interest rates next February is 16.5%

According to CME Fed Watch data, the probability of the Fed keeping interest rates unchanged in the range of 5.25% -5.50% in February next year is 83.5%, and the probability of cutting interest rates by 25 basis points is 16.5%; the probability of keeping interest rates unchanged by March next year is 83.5%. 6.7%, the probability of a cumulative interest rate cut of 25 basis points is 78.1%, and the probability of a cumulative interest rate cut of 50 basis points is 15.2%.

OKX CEO Star responded to the request to list more BRC-20 tokens and will follow the five major currency listing principles.

OKX CEO Star posted on the Build infrastructure, don’t do evil, be as transparent as possible, and always be technology-driven. The five major currency listing principles include:

  • Whether the token is driven by blockchain technology and products;

  • The popularity of the token in the community;

  • Whether the project founders and investment team are long-term builders;

  • Legal and compliance reviews;

  • We do not accept pitches, but instead select projects from the market based on our research.

Industry news

FTX Debtors Litigated Embed Acquisition and Reached Proposed Embed-Related Settlement with SBF

Debtors of FTX cryptocurrency exchange have filed separate lawsuits in a bankruptcy case involving the acquisition of clearing platform Embed. The FTX debtors said they have reached a proposed settlement with SBF regarding claims in Embed Proceeding, according to filings with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware. The proposal only addresses specific aspects of the insolvency case related to Embed and SBF and does not include all assets handled by the exchange to respond to creditor claims.

Maker’s annual revenue is nearly US$96 million, ranking first among DeFi protocol revenues in 2023

BlockWorks released the 2023 revenue ranking of DeFi protocols. The top five are:

Maker — $95.91 million; Lido — $55.79 million; PancakeSwap — $52.31 million; Convex Finance — $42.23 million; GMX — $37.52 million.

Investment and financing events

Web3 marketing company Addressable completes second round of financing in 2023, bringing total funding to $13.5 million

Web3 marketing company Addressable has completed its second round of financing in 2023, with total financing reaching US$13.5 million. BITKRAFT Ventures led the investment, with participation from Karatage, Viola Ventures, Fabric Ventures, Mensch Capital Partners, North Island Ventures and others. The funding is intended to enhance its Web3 growth suite and expand its services to new networks and blockchains. (Chainwire)

Project News

Bounce Brand: Bitcoin staking chain BounceBit is being developed

Bounce Brand issued a document on the X platform stating that it is developing the Bitcoin pledge chain BounceBit. In order to enhance blockchain interoperability, it will cooperate with MultiBit and designate it as the official bridge.

Jupiter: Applications for JUP rewards for users who have made substantial community contributions are open

Jupiter announced on the user.

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