今天 星期六
Bitwise BITB Bitcoin holdings exceed 25,000 BTC
Odaily News According to the updated position data of its spot Bitcoin ETF by crypto asset management company Bitwise, as of Friday, March 1, BITB’s total holdings have exceeded 25,000 BTC, reaching 25,309.03 Bitcoins, and the market value has risen to US$1,584,049,290.31. In addition, the number of BITB shares in circulation has increased to 46,420,000, with each holding holding 0.000545 BTC.
Mechanism Capital Lianchuang: Meme currency has become the focus of global speculative liquidity
Odaily News Mechanism Capital co-founder Andrew Kang posted on the X platform that Meme coins have become the focus of global speculative liquidity. Compared with traditional equity, Meme coins are now more accessible to global users. This is why Dogecoin’s rise is higher than Gamestop’s stock price rise. The total market value of Meme coins in the last cycle reached 100 billion U.S. dollars. The market value at the peak of each cycle usually increases multiple times. In addition to retail investors, HWN traders and hedge funds are gradually entering the market. There is still a long way to go in the future. Walk.
K33 Research: The general rise of Meme coins may indicate that the copycat season is coming
Odaily News K33 Research analysts said in a market report on Friday that the recent general rise in Meme coins may indicate that the copycat season is coming. K33 Research notes that historically altcoins will begin to outperform current levels, with Bitcoin’s market capitalization relative to the total value of all cryptocurrencies except BTC and Ethereum having risen since the market bottom in November 2022. Doubling, the situation is similar to what happened in late 2020 before altcoins started catching up with BTC. (CoinDesk)
Sui Foundation announced a new batch of funding recipients: 12 projects including Mofa Labs and Turbos Finance were selected
Odaily News According to official news, the Sui Foundation announced its funding targets for January and February this year, and a total of 12 projects were shortlisted, namely: 1. Mofa Labs: an open source SDK developed using the Dart programming language, supporting cross-platform application development; 2 , ZeroAuth: Provides multi-platform SDK to facilitate developers to integrate zkLogin into their products; 3. MoveBit: Web IDE, supports the development of the Move ecosystem; 4. Venture23: Systematically organizes Kiosk data to support the growth and use of Sui Kiosk; 5. Nimbus: a personalized portfolio tracker that provides asset and DeFi configuration tracking for Sui users; 6. SuiMove Linter: a linter tool designed specifically for Move source code to help application builders analyze errors; 7. Turbos Finance: enhance mobility Key functions for sex provider experience; 8. Suilette: decentralized lottery protocol, supporting Sui community services and prize pools; 9. Anti-Cheat System by FranklinDAO Research: using self-learning technology to prevent game cheating; 10. Reclaim: through zero knowledge Proof makes https traffic verifiable, providing new data privacy protection application scenarios; 11. FRNZY: a peer-to-peer interactive shopping market for physical goods, supporting users to initiate auctions; 12. Interverse: helping game developers build in-game markets, supporting players from the Web3 market Purchase game assets.
Amber Group今日向Coinbase存入100万枚ARB
据@ai_9684xtpa 监测,Amber Group 今日向 Coinbase 存入 100 万枚 ARB,价值约合 197 万美元,当前该地址仍持有 1182 万枚 ARB,总价值 2329 万美元。ARB 将于 3 月 16 日解锁 11.1 亿枚代币,解锁量相当于该代币流通量的 87%。
RIFT Foundation completed strategic financing of US$3 million, with participation from Citizen Capital and others
Odaily News RIFT Foundation announced the completion of US$3 million in strategic financing, with participation from Web3 and game content creators such as Alex Becker, FaZe Banks, and ElliotTrades, as well as funds and community institutions including Citizen Capital, SwissBorg, XBorg, and MH Ventures. It is reported that the new funds will be used to support the ChronoForge game ecosystem. ChronoForge is a multiplayer action role-playing game based on Immutable and Raid. It has recently reached a cooperation with MON Protocol.
Grayscale GBTC Bitcoin holdings dropped to approximately 428,500 BTC
Odaily News Grayscale official data shows that as of March 1, local time, GBTC held 428,543.8453 BTC, a decrease of 9,665.1022 BTC from the previous day. In addition, GBTCs asset management scale (non-GAAP) is US$27,021,159,350.66, with 480,200,100 circulating shares, each holding 0.00089243 BTC.
灰度发布二月市场报告,其中指出比特币价格上个月上涨 45%,自 2021 年第四季度以来首次突破 6 万美元,这一现象反映了新的美国上市 ETF 的大量资金流入以及对 4 月份比特币发行量减半的预期。从行业角度来看,许多与人工智能技术产生协同效应的加密项目(比如 Filecoin)表现较好。此外,从上一个加密周期中可以看出,美联储货币政策和经济状况等宏观因素可能会严重影响加密资产估值,如果宏观市场前景保持乐观,可能会导致加密货币价格在今年进一步上涨,目前比特币的价格仅比历史高点低 9%,因此今年晚些时候可能会创下新的历史高点。
A large-scale transfer transaction of over 30 trillion SHIB occurred on the Ethereum chain, worth nearly US$50 million.
According to monitoring by Odailys on-chain data tracking service Whale Alert, at around 7:47 on March 2, Beijing time, an address starting with 0x73af transferred 3,023,255,579,400 SHIB on the Ethereum chain to an address starting with 0x40b3, worth approximately 49,933,096 Dollar.
Christopher Harborne 和 AML Global Ltd.两家公司已经以诽谤罪起诉《华尔街日报》,指控该媒体在 2023 年 3 月的一篇文章中声称这两家公司涉嫌欺诈、洗钱和资助恐怖主义。据悉,在《Tether 背后的加密公司使用伪造文件和空壳公司获取银行账户》(Crypto Companies Behind Tether Used Falsified Documents and Shell Companies to Get Ba)相关报道中,《华尔街日报》称 Tether 及其兄弟公司 Bitfinex 正在“努力维持其对全球银行系统的访问权限”,并包含了几个关于 Christopher Harborne 和 AML Global Ltd.两家公司的分析,但随后这些表述被删除。(CoinDesk)