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To sum up seriously, the recent ore on the sol chain has led to a great collision of ideas, and the level of various postures has been rapidly improved, including but not limited to: 1. The official link speed is too slow, and the rpc of the little ghost wallet is fast and good. 2. The single IP of the Little Ghost Wallet still has a little speed limit, so you can directly connect to the IP proxy. 3. After Little Ghost directly banned non-APP requests, you can directly connect to the quicknode proxy. 4. The quicknode proxy was directly destroyed, and the speed was significantly reduced. 5. After the claim failed, I modified the code and successfully claimed 6. Then after the failure rate was too high, I directly jitos mev 7. During the period, I learned to create sol accounts in batches, transfer funds in batches, start mining in batches, mirror the cloud server with one click, throw the wallet, and enter json Can run directly, automatically swap, automatically collect, how to run sol chain mev, etc. 8. The most important thing is to make a lot of money
The first smart contract hacking case was pronounced, and the suspect who stole more than $12 million in assets was sentenced to 3 years in prison
Odaily According to the official website of the U.S. Department of Justice, Damian Williams, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, announced that SHAKEEB AHMED was formally sentenced to three years in prison by U.S. District Judge Victor Marrero for hacking into two independent decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges and stealing Over $12 million worth of cryptocurrencies. AHMED previously pleaded guilty to computer fraud. Damian Williams said, “This is the first time ever that a person has been convicted of a smart contract hack and ordered to forfeit all stolen cryptocurrency. As today’s sentence demonstrates
4 hours ago
Topic|SEC hits CEX hard, and the encryption market is in a quagmire again
Mocaverse announces MOCA token economics: more than 50% will flow into the community
Odaily News Animoca Brands Web3 project Mocaverse announced token economics on the Strategic partners account for 13%, liquidity accounts for 10%, operating expenses account for 5%, team accounts for 12%, and distribution contributors and consultants account for 7%. More than 50% of the token supply will go to the community, including through airdrops to incentivize community growth and user participation. MOCA will serve as Moca
7 hours ago
Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission: Beware that TCAME and BitCloud are suspected of engaging in virtual asset-related fraud
Odaily reported that the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission issued a warning that TCAME and BitCloud claimed to provide cryptocurrency trading services, but investors reported problems with withdrawals and some investor accounts were frozen. The Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong has added two entities to its alert list of suspicious virtual asset trading platforms, and the public should be wary that they may establish new websites with similar domain names.
8 hours ago
币安首席执行官 Richard Teng 在币安博客发文称,比特币减半即将到来,币安将通过一系列举措迎接比特币减半,并微调其产品套件以适应比特币的发展。作为少数同时支持 ARC-20 和 BRC-20 铭文的多链钱包之一,币安的 Web3 钱包以及铭文市场简化了铭文资产的交易、铸造和管理,该市场的主要功能包括支持超过 60,000 种 BRC-20 代币以及交易所和 Web3 钱包之间的一键转账。
8 hours ago
知情人士透露,香港最快将于下周一批准比特币和以太坊现货 ETF。(彭博社)
9 hours ago
Analysis: BlackRock IBIT ranks among the top 100 ETFs by assets among nearly 3,500 ETFs
Odaily News BlackRock has once again launched an advertising spree for its Bitcoin spot ETF. Nate Geraci, President of The ETF Store, said: “iShares is fully advertising Bitcoin ETF spot. I saw seven advertising banners on the Bloomberg homepage. Remember, it has only been three months since the Bitcoin spot ETF was listed. Marketing The battle has just begun.” Geraci also said: “In terms of assets, the iShares Bitcoin ETF currently ranks in the top 100 of all ETFs, which is achieved among nearly 3,500 ETFs.
10 hours ago