TRALA LAB and zkSync collaborate to promote innovation in the global gaming industry

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Based on zkSync, TRALA LAB will accelerate the entry of millions of players into the new gaming era.

TRALA LAB and zkSync collaborate to promote innovation in the global gaming industry

On April 3, TRALA LAB announced a strategic commitment with zkSync, which uses cutting-edge zero-knowledge (ZK) technology. TRALA LAB is a subsidiary of South Koreas listed gaming company Joycity, known for its large-scale games such as Gunship Battle and Street Basketball.

TRALA LAB and Matter Labs will begin a full collaboration. Based on comprehensive professional technology and development support, TRALA LAB will publish a variety of AAA-level games on zkSync. Furthermore, the strategic collaboration between TRALA LAB and Matter Labs marks an important step in driving innovation and solving key challenges in the global gaming market.

TRALA LAB will work to revolutionize the gaming space by solving critical issues such as the lack of quality gaming content. TRALA LAB focuses on building a long-term sustainable game platform and plans to access a series of AAA-level global game IPs on zkSync, including Gunship Battle and Gunship Battle with global cumulative downloads of 150 million and 160 million respectively. Street basketball.

TRALA LAB will strive to set new standards for high-quality gaming content and plans to leverage its global marketing channels, which already cover 249 countries, to introduce a new wave of gaming to the world stage. In addition to integrating TRALA LAB’s games into the zkSync ecosystem, the strategic partnership also involves working together to launch TRALA’s gaming platform leveraging ZK Stack.

Rich Kim, Head of Web3 Entertainment and Media at Matter Labs, said: Joycity is a successful international game company with many successful IPs. We are excited to see various AAA games entering the zkSync ecosystem through TRALA in the future. We also look forward to its ability to inspire zkSync’s gaming ecosystem.”

TRALA LAB BD director, Ivan Chung said: “The cooperation with Matter Labs marks the first step in opening a new path in the global gaming market, and we have high expectations for the synergies between TRALA LAB and Matter Labs. We are very excited to contribute to the zkSync ecosystem with our games. Please stay tuned.


To learn more about TRALA LAB, please join the officialTRALA Discord. In the TRALA community, you can participate in various activities to win special roles and interact with the community.

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About Matter Labs

Matter Labs is a leading research and development company focused on creating scaling solutions for Ethereum and other blockchains. The company is a pioneer in zero-knowledge proof technology, leveraging the technology to build blockchain infrastructure that enables fast, secure and scalable transactions. Committed to privacy and decentralization, Matter Labs is driving the next wave of innovation in blockchain technology.

About zkSync

zkSync uses state-of-the-art zero-knowledge (ZK) technology to scale Ethereum and bring cryptocurrencies into the mainstream - connecting millions of developers and billions of people who need technology solutions to progress and thrive. The zkSync blockchain network is rooted in the mission of advancing human freedom and making digital self-ownership universally available. zksync is a trustless, secure, reliable, censorship-resistant, privacy-preserving, hyper-scalable, accessible blockchain network. To learn more about zkSync, visit。

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