A brief analysis of Somnia: a high-performance Layer 1 network built specifically for the Metaverse

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Imagine that all NFTs can coexist in the same virtual world.

A brief analysis of Somnia: a high-performance Layer 1 network built specifically for the Metaverse

Introduction to Somnia

Somnia is a Layer 1 blockchain and an omnichain-protocols suite, aiming to build a unified, scalable virtual society that can serve millions of users. Somnia will connect the various fragmented metaverses, NFTs and game worlds, returning value and creative control to users and creators.

The Somnia protocol has the potential to absorb a large amount of total value locked (TVL) in the existing blockchain gaming, metaverse and NFT fields. The total TVL value in the above fields is currently close to 100 billion US dollars, and is expected to continue to achieve this in the next few years. Exponential growth.

Core features and benefits

  • High scalability low cost

Unlike existing blockchains that are slow, expensive and mainly targeted at financial applications, Somnia is a Layer 1 designed to support hundreds of thousands of transactions per second. While many blockchains boast of being the fastest, Somnia can achieve sub-second transaction finality while supporting millions of assets. (See Why choose another blockchain?》)

  • Creator economic system compatible with multiple chains

Somnia aims to build a real economic system in the metaverse world, such as supporting creator royalty mechanisms and micro-transaction mechanisms (content payment). The Somnia blockchain is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and is compatible with the current huge EVM ecosystem.

  • A multi-chain protocol built specifically for the Metaverse

  1. Building a creator economy: Somnia attaches great importance to the creator group and will build a decentralized economic system around this group so that innovators can directly benefit from content creation. This will encourage the development of more new use cases and build a Community driven governance system.

  2. Composability: Users can now combine content and expand upon the creations of others. For example, in some metaverse activities, users can reuse elements from previous events (concert stages, light shows, fireworks shows, etc.), making event planning easier and more convenient. At the same time, the creators of the original elements used can also receive royalties through the micro-transaction mechanism, thus benefiting all parties involved.

  3. Content re-creation: Composability also allows users to make fine adjustments through content mashups. The event elements mentioned above can be modified according to the specific needs of users. For example, when creators borrow some event elements from the past (stages, light shows, etc.), they can choose to change the colors, themes or other characteristics to create A whole new experience.

  4. Upgradeable NFTs: Somnia can upgrade existing 2D NFTs, turning them into 3D images in the Metaverse. Somnia is currently helping some well-known NFT projects to upgrade for free. Collectors of these NFTs can now use their favorite NFT images to swim around the Metaverse, and can also create themed worlds in the Metaverse based on their collections. Imagine Pudgy Penguins and Cool Cats being able to move around in a unified metaverse and have their own themed world.

  5. Interoperable system: Through standardized infrastructure, such as the Metaverse Markup Language (MML) and MSquared Origin engine, Somnia will ensure that assets, avatars and commercial activities can be transferred seamlessly between different platforms, allowing creators to reorganize content in unprecedented ways . Using this technology, different metaverses (such as the entertainment-themed metaverse and the sports-themed metaverse) will be able to communicate with each other, thereby raising the performance in the metaverse to a whole new level.

route map

  • Betanet and Testnet Phases: These phases will allow Somnia’s early community members, generally known as Somniacs, to try out interoperable avatars in Somnia’s immersive experiences and mega-metaverse events.

  • Community Events: Somnia will leverage the experience of Improbable and Msquared to host large-scale events capable of hosting millions of people.

Key Information

  • Somnia is a Layer 1 designed for millions of users;

  • Somnia is able to capture hundreds of billions of dollars of TVL scattered among the blockchain gaming, Metaverse and NFT industries;

  • Excellent investment background:

Somnia byVirtual Society Foundation(VSF), a UK startupImprobableAn independent organization founded by Improbable, Improbable has been at the forefront of building virtual worlds for many years; VSF initially receivedMSquaredFunded by MSquared, an interoperable metaverse ecosystem. VSF will continue and continue to advance Improbable and MSquared’s metaverse vision.

2022,Improbable raises $150 million in funding from a16z, SoftBank, Mirana Ventures, CMT Digital and SIG, among others, to build MSquared, and the funding has also been used to launch VSF.

  • MSquared has supported a series ofbig event, such as withMajor League Baseball(MLB) Official Held in CooperationVirtual Ballpark Event, and inKosmopopExclusive concerts of Kpop musician TWICE held on the platform, etc. These successful events are expected to prompt a number of early users to settle in Somnia.

  • New Economic Framework: Somnia is building the foundation for a more decentralized, open and interconnected virtual world. In this world, users and content creators will be able to participate in governance and influence the future development of the world.

  • Incentive economic system for creators: Somnia is committed to creating a true virtual society in which creators can thrive and earn real benefits while constantly innovating.

  • Somnias vision is to create a metaverse world with a smooth and integrated experience that supports individual creative freedom and provides people with opportunities to create, share and collaborate.

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