LayerZero witch screening is about to end. How can you check if you are arrested?

1 months ago
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LayerZero witch screening is about to end. How can you check if you are arrested?

The LayerZero witch screening activity, which has lasted for nearly a month, is about to come to an end.

At 8:00 am Beijing time on May 30, the report window for the second round of the bounty activity (Bounty Hunt 2) will be closed. Considering that LayerZero has previously determined that May 31 will be the final date for the screening activity, it is difficult to start another round of bounty activities in the last two days. This also means that if your address (provided that it has not been exposed or arrested in the first two stages) is not included in the bounty list before 8:00 am tomorrow morning, it is likely that you will successfully escape the poison and win the game.

Screening progress summary

For users who are not familiar with LayerZero’s witch screening plan, you can read On the eve of LayerZero’s coin issuance, the community is waiting for the largest witch cleansing event in history before reading this article.

In short, LayerZeros witch screening is divided into three stages.

  • The first round is the self-exposure stage, which lasts from May 3 to May 17. Users who believe that they are suspected of being a witch can self-expose through the window provided by LayerZero during this stage to retain 15% of the airdrop allocation.

  • The second stage is the “trial” stage, during which LayerZero officials will conduct Sybil screening according to specific rules. The screening results will be announced on May 18. Addresses found during this stage will not receive any airdrop allocations.

  • The third stage is the “reporting” stage, which will last from May 18 to May 31. LayerZero encourages community users to report witches to each other. Reported witches will be deprived of all their shares. “Hunters” can get 10% of them, and the rest will be distributed to all other qualified users.

Currently, the screening has entered the third stage, and the final address list obtained in the two stages has also been announced (you can check it through this link: ).

There were also some minor incidents during the actual implementation of the third phase. Initially, the bounty activity in this phase was based on Github, but LayerZero obviously underestimated the enthusiasm of users to report. Many people even submitted reports frantically out of sheer luck, causing Github to ban many accounts for spam attacks.

LayerZero witch screening is about to end. How can you check if you are arrested?

Therefore, LayerZero had to stop the bounty activity and restart it on Commonwealth. All hunters must pay a deposit of 0.5 ETH when reporting. If the report is valid, the funds will be returned after TGE, and random reports will be confiscated.

Reports that have been submitted to Github through the first round of bounty activities will be given priority review in the second round, but hunters must pay the deposit using the bounty address that has been marked in the Github report - essentially, this is to prevent others from copying the report and grabbing the results.

The second round of bounty activities was opened at 8:00 on May 28 and is scheduled to close at 8:00 on May 30. The reporting window will last for a total of 48 hours.

How to check whether you have been “arrested”?

Since the new bounty activity has been changed to run on Commonwealth, we can also check in real time whether the address has been included in the witch list through the relevant homepage. (Homepage link: )

After opening the above link, you can directly enter your address in the Search Common line.

LayerZero witch screening is about to end. How can you check if you are arrested?

If it says “No results found”, it means your address is still in a “safe” state and has not been reported by any “hunters”.

If relevant information is found, it means that your address has been included in a report and there is a risk of being regarded as a witch.

LayerZero witch screening is about to end. How can you check if you are arrested?

Just because she has been reported, does that mean she is definitely a witch?

Although being included in the report list will obviously increase the risk of the relevant address being considered a witch, it does not necessarily mean that the address will be judged as a witch.

According to the screening process, LayerZero will conduct a secondary check on all reported information. Any reports suspected of stealing others achievements, fraud, lack of methodology (i.e. unreasonable logic), spam, etc. will be discarded, and the deposit will not be returned to the hunter.

As things stand, even with the risk of losing margin, there are still a lot of outrageous reports being submitted. For example, yesterday there was a report covering nearly 480,000 addresses. LayerZero co-founder Bryan Pellegrino responded: “Anyone can put anything they want in the report, but not every report is valid.”

It is also worth emphasizing that Pellegrino has revealed that this round of bounty activities will not set up the above procedure for misreported addresses like the initial witch list (Phase 1 and Phase 2), but the inspection intensity of this round will be very strict to prevent hunters from making random reports in order to increase their profits and accidentally harming real users.

LayerZero witch screening is about to end. How can you check if you are arrested?

In short, being included in the report list means that your address will be rechecked by LayerZero along with the entire report, but it does not mean that the address is definitely a witch.

As for the final result, we can only wait for the official conclusion after May 31.

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