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Therefore, every Saturday, our editorial department will select some high-quality articles that are worth spending time reading and collecting from the content published in the past 7 days, and bring new inspiration to you in the crypto world from the perspectives of data analysis, industry judgment, and opinion output.

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Weekly Editors Picks (0608-0614)

Investment and Entrepreneurship

The inflow of US spot ETFs is astonishing, so why hasn’t BTC risen sharply?

After the emergence of the Runes Protocol, the number of active addresses decreased and the number of transactions processed by the network increased. The initial driver of the decline in address activity was mainly due to the reduction in the use of inscriptions and Ordinals; Rune-related transactions have now basically replaced BRC-20 tokens as well as Ordinals and inscriptions, accounting for 57.2% of daily transactions. This indicates that collectors speculation may have shifted from inscriptions to the rune market.

Another divergence that has recently attracted attention is that despite the amazing inflows into US spot ETFs, prices have stagnated and moved sideways. ETF demand has diverged, and in addition to the selling pressure of GBTC when the market rebounded to new highs, more and more traditional market traders are adopting spot arbitrage strategies. Spot arbitrage trading structures may be an important source of ETF inflow demand, where ETFs are a tool to obtain long spot exposure. Organic buyers brought by non-arbitrage demand are needed to further stimulate positive price action.

Discussing the optimal token distribution structure: TGE unlocks 5%, and the circulating supply does not exceed 15%

Weekly Editors Picks (0608-0614)

Trading solely on hype trading, smart money moves, or technical analysis is a bad idea.

What do you think of the DWF controversy?

In this round of bull market, the sentiment of pursuing simple and high volatility has reached its extreme: DeFi has been labeled as too complicated, and the more complicated it is, the easier it is to lose money; NFT used to be the target with the highest space for storytelling and pie-in-the-sky, but so far there is not even a sign of a second outbreak in this round.

After the events of FTX, LUNA, and other elite market makers in the last cycle, the results were also very tragic. In such an environment, the controversial DWF has emerged in this round. DWF, which is known for its strong medicine, seems to be playing the role of a stimulant in this special era. It focuses on market making but also invests in many projects. Therefore, DWF often causes controversy due to its aggressive trading strategy, and is accused of market manipulation.

In fact, DWF gives you what you want in a very controversial way, such as $NOT $FlOKI $LADYS, etc., grasping the main emotions and power of users in this cycle. In the current market environment, it can be said to have the right time, place and people.


Understanding the airdrop mechanism: How to design a satisfactory airdrop?

Projects should consider intentions vs expectations, airdrop quantities, country eligibility, token distribution, Sybil handling, claiming vs direct to wallet, and unlock date/unlock schedule.


Hotcoin Research: What is the impact of the US election on the crypto market? Which tokens will be popular?

The key time points of this US election are: June 27 (first debate), July 15-18 (Republican National Convention), August 19-22 (Democratic National Convention), September 10 (second debate), November 5 (national general election), December 2024 (electoral vote), and January 20, 2025 (presidential inauguration day).

The popular tokens in this US presidential election are MEGA, TREMP, BODEN, PEOPLE, USA, and PEPE.

In addition, the Trump team accepts donations in eight cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, DOGE, SHIB, XRP, USDC, SOL, and 0x (ZRX).

Meme Token Ladder Revealed: Where Does Your Investment Stand?

An entertainment article:

Weekly Editors Picks (0608-0614)

Also recommended: Tracking Smart Money on the Chain: Top 10 Meme Coin PVP Master Addresses and Their Records .

Ethereum and Scaling

Galaxy Partners: MEV will play an important role in the blockchain market

Advantages of blockspace: strong net income margins; easy to generate network effects; blockspace scale continues to expand over time; exogenous demand multiplier effect of MEV.

Blockchain space weaknesses: low but improving gross margins; strong cyclicality.

Inventory of core projects in the DA track

In DA projects, factors such as security, customizability, interoperability, and cost are crucial.

The article further introduces Celestia, Eigen DA, TNA Protocol, Avail DA, and Near DA.


Grayscale Research Report: In the battle for smart contracts, who will lead in fees and growth?

Different smart contract platforms adopt different strategies for fee income. Some platforms increase revenue by setting relatively high transaction fees, while others attract more transactions by lowering transaction fees.

Grayscale’s research shows that fee income can be seen as the main factor driving the growth of token value in this space.

Weekly Editors Picks (0608-0614)

How to kill two birds with one stone and maximize the benefits of Aptos ecosystem interaction?

As a public chain with a total financing of US$350 million, 4 of the top 5 protocols in the Aptos ecosystem TVL have not yet issued tokens.

The article further introduces several potential projects and how they interact: Aries Markets, Amnis Finance, LiquidSwap, and Cellana.

To kill two birds with one stone, you can: (1) mint stAPT and deposit it in Aries Markets, borrow APT, and exchange about half of the APT for amAPT through LiquidSwap, providing amAPT-APT pair liquidity on LiquidSwap; (2) deposit zUSDT/zUSDC in Aries Markets, borrow zUSDC/zUSDT, and exchange half of the borrowed stablecoins for another stablecoin on LiquidSwap to form a stablecoin pair LP and deposit it in Cellana.

LayerZero is about to issue its token. Which community projects have the opportunity to receive airdrops?

Recently, LayerZero co-founder and CEO Bryan Pellegrino said that the final list of Sybil addresses will be released by the end of June, and the airdrop was previously planned for this month. The article also selected some projects:

Public chains: Manta Network, Astar Network, Core Chain, Sanko GameCorp, LIF3, Canto;

Infrastructure: Clusters, DappRadar;

DeFi Trading Cross-chain: Magpie Protocol, KelpDAO, ether.fi, StakeStone, Pendle, Equilibria Finance, Ethena, Prime Protocol, Extra Finance, dump.trade, Clearpool, Beethoven X, Olympus DAO, SpartaDEX, Maverick Protocol, GMX, Abracadabra, Balancer, Aura Finance, Beefy Finance, Beraplug, XEX Labs;

Games NFTs: Gh0stly Gh0sts , Beam, Battle, Kanpai Pandas, Utility Wen NFT, CryptoRasta, Heroes Empires, Honey Jar, Tiny Dinos, GnomeLand, OmniDoggos, Halls of Olympia;

Others: Omnichain 404, Tradable, SQUID Game.


Eigenlayer vs Symbiotic, the re-staking war begins

Symbiotic features a permissionless and modular design, providing more flexibility and control. The main features are: multi-asset support, customizable parameters, immutable core contracts, and permissionless design.

Eigenlayer takes a more managed and integrated approach, focusing on leveraging the security of Ethereum ETH stakers to support a variety of dApps (AVS). Features: single asset focus, centralized management, dynamic markets, slashing, and governance.

As a user, you will receive both Symbiotic and Mellow points by depositing funds into Mellow.

Symbiotic is catching up to Eigenlayer. Karak needs to pick up the pace.


Decentralized identity: Can on-chain reputation become an anchor of trust?

In the crypto space, reputation comes in many forms, such as protocol trust, lending credit scores, and the track record of project founders. Only after all of these factors are taken into account can the system be adapted for many use cases, factoring in on-chain reputation into “offline activities” based on the publicly queryable nature of decentralized identities.

Blockchain analytics firms that have introduced reputation measures based on on-chain behavior include Chainalysis, and DeBank, which created the DeBank Credit Score. Another interesting attempt to create “verifiable proofs of verification” is being conducted by Ethos Network.

Developing a truly standardized and universal on-chain reputation system will face the following challenges: centralized solutions; crypto reputation can be manipulated/purchased; privacy must be preserved; and it must go beyond a single wallet attachment and have universal applicability.

Examples and real-world situations where on-chain identity could be helpful: open CVs, celebrities issuing tokens, meme developers, KOL sell-offs, loyalty programs.

Hot Topics of the Week

In the past week, the Feds dot plot suggests that there will be four interest rate cuts in 2025; the chairman of the US SEC: Ethereum ETF S 1 is expected to be approved this summer; Trump called himself the cryptocurrency president at the event; Trump met with top miners to ensure that the key Bitcoin industry remains in the United States; Elon Musk withdrew the lawsuit against OpenAI and its co-founders Sam Altman and Greg Brockman;

In terms of opinions and voices, CryptoQuant: The second half of the bull market has just begun; Billionaire Bill Miller: Bitcoin is still seriously undervalued ; Wintermute CEO: Ethereum leaders are caught in a major contradiction; Uniswap founder : Ethereum L2 should not focus on immutability before L1 is ready; Solana co-founder: Increasing competition among block producers may be a potential solution to the MEV problem ; He Yi: Binance and Coinbase are not on the same track; Fortune: Terraform Labs has gone bankrupt and cannot pay the huge fine of US$4.47 billion to the US SEC;

In terms of institutions, large companies and leading projects, zkSync launched an airdrop query and was caught in a rat trading scandal. ZKsync responded to the airdrop question : the airdrop address with 0 transactions is a test address and the tokens will be destroyed; Aethir started airdrops; The founder of Curve was finally liquidated , the liquidator made a profit, and the investors suffered losses. The founder of Curve: 93% of the CRV liquidation bad debts on the Curve lending platform have been repaid ; The Arbitrum community voted to pass the 200 million ARB game catalyst plan proposal; friend.tech will work with Conduit to develop Friendchain, using FRIEND as the Gas token;

In terms of security, a user claimed that 5 million yuan of assets were stolen from his OKX account . OKX fully compensated two users whose accounts were stolen. In the future, it will add mandatory Google Authenticator. OKX Star responded to the theft of 11.6 million US dollars from QuantMatter account: it has nothing in common with other cases and is still under in-depth investigation ; Loopring : some smart wallets were attacked by security vulnerabilities; ZKsync suffered a large-scale Sybil attack on the X platform, and a large number of robot accounts spread false information ; UwU Lend was attacked; Holograph contract was attacked, and hackers illegally minted 1 billion HLG tokens... Well, it was another week of ups and downs.

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