Planet Daily | Bitcoin spot ETF holdings account for 5% of the total; Solana has removed the validator of the sandwich attack (June 11)

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10xResearch: $6.75 billion in BTC and $1.9 billion in ETH were withdrawn from exchanges last month.

Planet Daily | Bitcoin spot ETF holdings account for 5% of the total; Solana has removed the validator of the sandwich attack (June 11)


Global spot Bitcoin ETF holdings now account for 5% of BTC total supply

According to data disclosed by Bitcoin Magazine on the X platform, global spot Bitcoin ETFs currently hold Bitcoin worth more than US$70 billion, and their holdings account for 5% of the total supply of Bitcoin.

Solana Foundation: Removed some validators who conducted sandwich attacks on users

The Solana Foundation announced that it has removed a group of validator operators from the delegation program due to their involvement in a “sandwich” attack on Solana users. The removal of these validators is in compliance with the rules set by the Foundation, which prohibit such malicious activities.

1 0x Research: $6.75 billion in BTC and $1.9 billion in ETH were withdrawn from exchanges last month

10x Research said in its latest report that Bitcoin is currently close to the top of its range and faces challenges in breaking through its all-time high. This can be attributed to the Bitcoin halving event on April 20. After the halving, the minting of stablecoins has slowed down significantly, and the number of wallets holding more than $10 million in stablecoins has decreased. This trend is hindering Bitcoin from setting new highs.
A massive amount of Bitcoin (worth $6.75 billion) has been withdrawn from exchanges over the past month (down 97,000 BTC). This record outflow was driven primarily by two U.S.-focused exchanges: Kraken (down 55,000 BTC, or about $3.8 billion) and Coinbase (down 24,000 BTC, or about $1.7 billion).
Last week, $771 million was withdrawn from exchanges, which is a significant number compared to the 13,500 BTC issued last month. The only exchange with a significant inflow was Bitfinex (72,000 BTC). In comparison, Bitcoin spot ETFs bought about $3.9 billion worth of Bitcoin (56,000 BTC) last month.
Additionally, a large amount of Ethereum worth $1.9 billion was withdrawn from exchanges last month. Inflows came from Binance and Coinbase, while outflows came from Bitfinex and Kraken. In the past week, only $56 million worth of Ethereum was withdrawn from exchanges, indicating that the outflow rate has slowed significantly and the demand for Ethereum has been decreasing in various forms.

Industry News

The gap between Grayscale and BlackRock’s Bitcoin holdings has widened to nearly 20,000 BTC

According to official data, as of last Friday, June 7, Grayscale GBTC held 285,105.8738 BTC, and BlackRock IBIT held 304,976.7378 bitcoins. The gap between Grayscale and BlackRocks Bitcoin holdings has widened to 19,870.864 BTC.

Bitfarms attempts to block Riot Platforms hostile takeover with poison pill

Bitcoin mining company Bitfarms is adopting a poison pill strategy to prevent acquisitions by peers and competitors Riot Platforms. It is reported that equity dilution anti-takeover measures, also known as poison pill plans, are measures taken to prevent companies from unsolicited acquisitions and try to reduce their attractiveness. Bitfarms said that the plan has been approved by the board of directors and is designed to maintain the integrity of its previously announced strategic alternative review process and is in the best interests of shareholders.

OKX Star: The OKX address book function does need to be improved, and OKX will bear full responsibility for any customer data loss caused by its own problems

In response to a users clarification about a new address appearing in the address book on his OKX account, OKX CEO Star said on social media that he often forgets the addresses he added a long time ago. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact customer service to verify. The OKX address book function does need to be improved, such as showing the time of addition. In addition, OKX will continue to bear full responsibility for customer data losses caused by OKXs own problems.

Project News

Binance: CR 7 NFT airdrop will be carried out, and all CR 7 Forever Worldwide holders can increase the rarity

According to official news, Binance announced on the X platform that it will conduct a CR 7 NFT airdrop, and all CR 7 Forever Worldwide holders will be given 100 free NFTs to increase the rarity.

LayerZero CEO: The final list of Sybil addresses is expected to be announced by the end of June

LayerZero CEO Bryan Pellegrino responded to the question of “When will the witch check be completed and the final list released” on the X platform and said that it is expected to be before the end of the first half of 2024.

zkSync will start pre-game activities tomorrow

Ethereum L2 network zkSync posted on the X platform: Turn on notifications and follow ZK Nation, the community account dedicated to managing, protecting and growing the zkSync protocol. Pre-game starts tomorrow.

Berachain announces the launch of public testnet bArtio B 2

L1 public chain Berachain announced on the X platform that its public testnet bArtio B 2 is now live.

io.nets new CEO: From now on, the former CEOs IO tokens will be hosted on Ceffu and will be subject to a 1-year sales restriction

io.nets new CEO @MTorygreen announced on the X platform that his top priority is to ensure the successful launch of the IO token and lay the foundation for the future development of the project. From now on, the IO tokens of the former CEO Shadid will be hosted in Ceffu. These tokens will be subject to a 1-year sales restriction from the date of listing. At the end of the 13th month after listing, 1/36 of the tokens will be available for sale. The tokens will be unlocked and available for sale every month for the next 36 months.

StarkWare Ecosystem Leader Launches Catnet to Test Bitcoin Circle STARK Verifier Deployment

Starknet core developer and StarkWare ecosystem lead Abdel (@dimahledba) announced the launch of Catnet on the X platform, a custom Bitcoin signet that enables OP_CAT and will be used to test the deployment of Bitcoin Circle STARK Verifier.
Abdel added that the Faucet is coming.

Security Risk

Cosine: ComfyUI plugin has risks, it is recommended to check and deal with it as soon as possible

Developer @op 7418 said: Check if you have installed the ComfyUI plugin ComfyUI_LLMVISIO. This plugin contains a virus that will send your browser passwords, credit card information and browsing history to hackers. If you have it installed, uninstall it as soon as possible and clean the registry.
Yu Xian, the founder of SlowMist, said: Targeted attacks on players who mess with AI... Pay attention to this plug-in of ComfyUI. If your computer has it installed, follow the corresponding instructions to troubleshoot it as soon as possible.

Bitcoin Core members urge users to upgrade to version 25.0 or higher and discuss new vulnerability disclosure policy

Bitcoin Cores Optech Newsletter #306 advises users to upgrade to Bitcoin Core 25.0 or later in the next two weeks. The latest release is 27.0.
Several Bitcoin Core project members discussed a new policy on vulnerability disclosure. If Bitcoin Core releases a new version, low-severity vulnerabilities will be disclosed about two weeks after the new version is released, while most other vulnerabilities will be disclosed after the affected version expires.

Character Voice

Uniswap founder: Ethereum L2 shouldn’t focus on immutability until L1 is ready

Hayden Adams, founder of Uniswap, said in a post on the X platform yesterday that L2 chains focused on Ethereum expansion should not focus on immutability (the ability to retain an unchanged and unchangeable transaction ledger) until the Ethereum blockchain is ready.
“Ethereum L2 should not be immutable. It’s been 10 years and L1 is not ready to be immutable,” Adams said, adding that it is “pointless” to expect that the L2 network “will never be upgraded again or force a large-scale migration.”
“The very nature of how users and applications are interconnected on L2 chains breaks composability if some migrate and some don’t,” he explained.
The Ethereum Foundation has stated that the L2 chain is its expansion plan. In response, Jonathan Colón, head of the ecosystem at the NFT market Rarible, called the L2 network a money grab.
Adams responded: “The whole plan to scale Ethereum is ‘L2’, we either make them work or change the roadmap (I’m leaning towards the former). Calling them money grabs [or] saying they need to be immutable doesn’t change that. They’re expensive to build, and L1 doesn’t fund the work.”

Crypto KOL TOBI: Suspected ZK token delegation function has been deployed in ZK Nation

Crypto KOL TOBI posted on the X platform that the suspected ZK token delegation function has just been deployed in ZK Nation.

LayerZero CEO: Welcome witch hunters to publish high-quality reports and will do our best to complete the review

LayerZero CEO Bryan Pellegrino posted on the X platform: Last weekend was mainly about cutting down some low-quality witch reports. Now I want to focus on high-quality reports. If you are a witch hunter and think your report is excellent after looking at the reports we approved and rejected... please publish it.
It’s a very real possibility that despite our best efforts, we won’t be able to review 100% of all reports. We will absolutely complete most of them, but we may not complete all of them, so I want to make sure we get quality reports.”

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