Exploring Cloudbreak: What opportunities will the $20 million DWF Labs new fund bring to Chinese crypto projects?

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It aims to fully unleash the potential of emerging Chinese-language projects through sound ecological investment and full-cycle incubation services.

On July 4, 2024, crypto market maker DWF Labs announced the launch of a new $20 million fund, Cloudbreak , to promote the growth and success of promising Chinese projects. This significant investment highlights DWF Labs’ commitment to empowering innovative companies.

Exploring Cloudbreak: What opportunities will the  million DWF Labs new fund bring to Chinese crypto projects?

At this stage, the crypto market seems to be unable to escape the profit dilemma. The high-valuation, low-circulation projects left over from the last bull market have led market participants to generally reach a consensus that they will not take over from each other. The crypto market is in urgent need of a new revolutionary narrative to change the status quo.

Against this backdrop, DWF Labs launched the Cloudbreak Fund, which focuses on crypto investments in multiple key areas, demonstrating its keen market insight and firm determination. In the official announcement, DWF Labs explained:

In recent months, Chinese-language projects have attracted much attention in the crypto market and have shown strong potential. Cloudbreak was launched to meet this demand, aiming to fully unleash the potential of emerging Chinese-language projects through sound ecosystem investment and full-cycle incubation services.

Exploring Cloudbreak: What opportunities will the  million DWF Labs new fund bring to Chinese crypto projects?

To this day, the crypto space still lacks large-scale practical applications, and even more scarce is the right environment for these projects to grow. The Chinese-speaking region has many excellent teams with rich experience in technology and project operations, but due to environmental and resource constraints, many outstanding crypto products have difficulty getting the attention they deserve. Next, lets take a look at what unique advantages Cloudbreak has and how it copes with challenges?

Unique advantages

DWF Labs has a broad and deep presence in the crypto space, with a portfolio that includes partnerships with more than 60 cryptocurrency exchanges around the world and more than 700 projects. DWF Labs is committed to providing one-stop support services for projects supported by the Cloudbreak Fund to ensure that these projects can succeed in the highly competitive crypto market:

  • Ecosystem support: DWF Labs provides a package of products and services for promising Chinese projects. These projects can fully leverage DWF Labs powerful Web3 network effect to obtain diversified empowerment in technology, marketing, and strategic consulting.

  • International Marketing: In addition to its presence in the Chinese-speaking market, DWF Labs also provides resources to project owners through top global media and key opinion leaders (KOLs), such as promoting strategic partnerships, increasing user groups, and attracting high-quality potential investors. The ultimate goal is to help project owners expand into a broader global market.

DWF Labs unique strategy has proven to be extremely effective in the crypto market. By continuously collaborating with high-quality projects and providing resource support, the projects in its portfolio can perform well during market downturns. The newly launched Cloudbreak Fund not only understands the core needs of Chinese users and project parties, but also provides international resources for Chinese projects, including investment, market making, ecological partnerships and other aspects of support, helping these projects to flourish globally.

Areas of Focus

Cloudbreak Fund will focus on key areas with high growth potential, including GameFi, SocialFi, Memes, DeFi, L1/L2 infrastructure, and AI. Each field represents an important direction for the future development of science and technology and finance, with broad market prospects and huge development potential.

1. GameFi

GameFi is a combination of blockchain and games, and is quickly becoming a hot trend in the crypto space. By combining games with DeFi, GameFi not only changes the profit model of traditional games, but also provides users with new economic incentives. Cloudbreak will invest in innovative GameFi projects that can not only attract a large number of players, but also promote the widespread use of cryptocurrencies through unique economic models.

DWF Labs’ GameFi investment portfolio: YGG, BeamX, XAI, Shrapnel, Zentry, Ultiverse…

2. SocialFi

SocialFi combines elements of social media and decentralized finance, aiming to reshape the economic model of social platforms through blockchain technology. Vitalik Buterin once pointed out that many idealistic open Internet projects have made important progress, such as Farcaster and Lens. These projects provide users with more privacy and control through a decentralized approach. Cloudbreak is optimistic about the future of SocialFi and plans to invest in projects that have the potential to promote the development of the next generation of social networks.

DWF Labs SocialFi portfolio: Mask Network, DeBox, Beoble…

3. Meme

Meme culture holds a special place in the crypto community, announcing the rebellious spirit of the crypto space, a phenomenon that is particularly evident in 2024. They are not only a tool for entertainment, but also a powerful means of communication. Meme projects are able to quickly attract a large number of users and funds through a community-driven approach.

DWF Labs meme portfolio: Milady, FLOKI, MAGA, MOG...

4. DeFi

DeFi is a revolution in the financial sector, providing greater financial inclusion, transparency, and security, while reducing transaction costs, driving financial innovation and market efficiency. DeFi projects that are both novel and innovative, meet real needs, and have strong product-market fit (PMF) will be a good fit for the Cloudbreak program. Cloudbreak is committed to building a more inclusive and risk-resistant future financial system.

DWF Labs DeFi portfolio: Scallop, Jupiter, Lumia, LeverFi, Coin 98 Finance...

5. L1/L2 Infrastructure

Infrastructure construction is the cornerstone of blockchain technology development. Especially in the early stages of technology development, strong infrastructure is crucial to improving the performance and scalability of blockchain networks and providing solid support for the entire ecosystem. Cloudbreak will invest in infrastructure projects that can significantly improve the efficiency and security of blockchain networks and promote the sustainable development of the entire industry.

DWF Labs L1/L2 infrastructure portfolio: TON, TRON, GALA, API 3, Klaytn, Flare Network, ARPA, peaq...

6. AI

Web3 combined with AI is redefining the boundaries of technology, providing trustless intelligent solutions through the combination of decentralization and artificial intelligence. Cloudbreak focuses on projects that can use blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to achieve innovation. These projects can not only improve market efficiency, but also open up more application scenarios with practical value.

DWF Labs AI investment portfolio: Fetch.ai, AIOZ, RSS3...

In summary, Cloudbreak Fund aims to seize important opportunities in the future development of technology and finance, and its investment strategy will focus on areas with high growth potential. For example, SocialFi and GameFi projects, which are both consumer applications, will play a key role in attracting the next billion users. Infrastructure projects will continue to serve as the core support of the industry to ensure the steady progress of blockchain technology. Through these investment directions, Cloudbreak is committed to bringing rich returns to investors.

About DWF Labs

DWF Labs is a new generation of Web3 investors and cryptocurrency market makers, one of the worlds largest high-frequency cryptocurrency trading entities, trading in spot and derivatives markets on more than 60 top exchanges.

Website: https://dwf-labs.com

About Cloudbreak

Cloudbreak is a $20 million crypto-native fund launched and managed by DWF Labs that aims to promote the growth and success of promising Chinese projects.

Website: https://dwf-labs.com/contact/cloudbreak

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