Boshi HashKey Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs both top the Asian market

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The road to championship for the double champion of Hong Kong virtual asset ETF.

Hong Kong, July 5, 2024 - Yesterday, Boshi HashKey Virtual Asset ETF achieved a historic breakthrough, with total assets under management exceeding US$110 million for the first time. Among them, Boshi HashKey Ethereum ETF (HK.3009) has a clear advantage, with holdings remaining stable at more than 6,000 Ethereum since May 7, continuing to lead the market. Following closely, Boshi HashKey Bitcoin ETF (HK.3008) also surpassed yesterday, with the scale of management exceeding US$90 million, jointly pushing the total scale of Boshi HashKey Virtual Asset ETF to a record high, currently ranking first in Asia.

Since 2015, the founding team of HashKey has been deeply involved in the construction of the global blockchain and crypto ecosystem. As one of the few forward-looking institutional investors in the world, HashKey not only funded the Ethereum Foundation in the early days, but also helped the Ethereum ecosystem to flourish in the Asia-Pacific region. As one of the earliest institutional investors in Ethereum, HashKey has accumulated significant first-mover advantages in the wave of traditional finance converging with Web3.

In 2018, HashKey Capital, a subsidiary of HashKey Group, was formally established. Adhering to the philosophy of institutionalization and compliance management, it quickly emerged as Asias leading venture capital fund. HashKey Capital adheres to the global layout strategy, promotes the flow of industrial resources and local ecological construction, and has made important contributions to the development of global blockchain technology, industrial upgrading and community iteration. In the industrys low period in 2022, HashKey Capital successfully raised a third VC fund of US$500 million, injecting new vitality into the Web3 community. Over the past six years, driven by the dual engines of investment and research, HashKey Capital has invested in more than 600 blockchain projects, making important contributions to the prosperity and development of the global blockchain ecosystem.

As a bridge between the crypto world and traditional finance, HashKey Capital continues to set new benchmarks for compliance in the Web3 industry. In 2022, HashKey Capital Limited completed the upgrade of its Hong Kong Type 9 asset management virtual asset license. In 2023, HashKey Capital Singapore Pte. Ltd. obtained the Capital Markets Services asset management license in Singapore. This year, HashKey Capital Limited has successively obtained the Hong Kong Type 9 asset management retail license upgrade and Type 4 investment advisory license, and provides virtual asset management and consulting services to professional and retail investors. If approved by regulators in the future, HashKey Capital plans to expand its business lines to promote and distribute private equity funds and derivatives related to virtual assets to qualified investors.

In terms of secondary market product layout, in September 2023, HashKey Capital launched the first actively managed virtual asset liquidity fund, marking that its product map in the field of Web3 asset management is gradually emerging; in January 2024, HashKey Capital jointly launched three major indexes with FTSE Russell, one of the leaders in the global index industry, to track global digital assets; in April 2024, HashKey Capital and Bosera International joined forces to launch Bosera HashKey Bitcoin ETF (HK.3008) and Ethereum ETF (HK.3009), and successfully listed them on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, pushing virtual assets to the mainstream financial market stage.

The success of virtual asset spot ETFs is inseparable from the ecosystem that continuously empowers them. After six years of unremitting efforts, HashKey Capital has established deep strategic partnerships with traditional financial institutions, sovereign funds, Internet companies, well-known family offices, crypto-native investors and other investor networks while continuously promoting blockchain technology and virtual assets towards large-scale applications and mainstream markets. Through deep insights into investor needs and cutting-edge knowledge of the Web3 industry, Boshi HashKey Virtual Asset ETF has not only gained a firm foothold in the early competitive market, but also achieved steady growth in the scale of asset management. With the continuous deepening of cooperation and the continuous development of the market, Boshi HashKey Virtual Asset ETF will be able to create more value for investors and play a more important role in the global virtual asset field.

In the ecological framework of Bosera HashKey ETF, Bosera International and HashKey Exchange under HashKey Group are two pillar partners, jointly promoting the product landing and market expansion of ETF. Bosera International, as a senior public fund management institution, provides an entry and channel for traditional investors to access virtual assets. On the other hand, HashKey Exchange, as the first compliant virtual asset trading platform in Hong Kong, provides a solid infrastructure for the transaction execution and liquidity of Bosera HashKey Virtual Asset ETF.

In addition, the booming development of virtual asset ETFs also benefits from the active participation and promotion of regulators and industry leaders. The Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX), the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), and Hong Kong Legislative Council members Dagen Chiu and Ng Kit-Chuang have provided valuable guidance and suggestions for the compliance development of the virtual asset ETF industry.

Looking to the future, HashKey Capital will continue to promote financial innovation, promote compliance development in the Web3 field, provide investors with more diversified investment options, and help the Web3 ecosystem further integrate into the mainstream financial market and achieve wider application and recognition.

About HashKey Capital

As a crypto asset management company with global influence, HashKey Capital is a leader in the field of digital assets and blockchain, and is committed to working with institutions, founders and talents to promote the long-term development of the blockchain industry.

As one of the largest cryptocurrency funds and one of the earliest investors in Ethereum, HashKey Capital has managed over $1 billion in total assets since its inception. With its outstanding expertise and in-depth market insights, HashKey Capital now manages a diversified portfolio of more than 600 leading projects covering institutional services, infrastructure, data, artificial intelligence, consumer services/technology and other fields.

In addition, HashKey Capital has successfully launched a series of secondary fund products, including an actively managed fund, three virtual asset indices in cooperation with FTSE Russell, and Bosera HashKey Bitcoin (3008.HK) and Ethereum (3009.HK) spot ETFs listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX).

With a deep understanding of the blockchain ecosystem, HashKey Capital has successfully built a strong ecological network that closely connects founders, investors, developers and regulators.

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