Waiting is one of the skills that seems simple but is difficult to learn in the investment process. It is long, boring, without light, and even ridiculed. It is rare to be able to remain calm during such a process.(来源: Twitter )
Binance’s announcement is very timely. I hope that more projects with medium and low valuations can be listed... Pros: 1. Projects with good fundamentals and low valuations in recent financing 2. Angels, VCs and incubators that can invest in projects with low valuations Cons: 1. Late-stage VCs that take over projects with high valuations, BN will no longer provide a guarantee for projects with overvalued valuations 2. Competition for early-stage investment is more intense. The future model is not for project parties to raise hundreds of millions of dollars in rounds, but to raise a seed round and go directly to the exchange, and the listing cycle is rapidly shortened...(来源: Twitter )
Here are a few opinions that may not be correct, just for discussion. I hope you can give me some advice. The emergence of http://Pump.fun is the end of Sol’s Tugou season. It feels like Blur to ETH NFT. 1. http://Pump.fun reduces the tradable range of SOL Tugou from 1M to 100M to 50K to 5M. Although there are successful cases such as Michi, my understanding is that Meme will choose to highly control the market in the early stage + wash out the floating chips, and then establish consensus through methods such as pulling the market/locking the pool. Using http://Pump.fun to issue means that it will be seen by the community earlier, the starting point of the game is lower, and the difficulty of early control is increased. It is also difficult to build a large pool. http://2.Pump.fun has basically dominated the issuance of early Meme. At present, the daily income of the platform can reach up to 1M. If the potential Golden Dog is released in advance, there will be hundreds or thousands of the same name. Users who buy the wrong coin will consume the subsequent acceptance emotions. I will throw out this point of view first. I have a few ideas but I haven’t found any arguments yet. Of course, I hardly made any money on http://Pump.fun, so if you are any expert, please help me.(来源: Twitter )
⭐️ What kind of sparks can Web3 + Game + AI Agent create? Last week, the @BladeofgodX team announced that it had received investments from Delphi, OKX, YGG and Longhash. I happened to talk to them about the application scenarios of AI Agent in games. They also emphasized a new concept called Agents as a Service. 1️⃣ Transformation from Web2 The development team behind Void Labs has entered the game industry since 2006. I have also seen an interview with their Co-Founder @TniseVoidLabs by a B station Up master. They said that the maturity of blockchain technology just provides a new business model and user interaction method for the game field, and its decentralized nature breaks through the geographical and platform restrictions of traditional games, allowing global players to play in a fair and transparent environment. Moreover, with the development of AI technology, production relations have been redefined, and the traditional currency system is no longer applicable to the new production relations. Blade of God X itself is an action role-playing game that incorporates the elements of Norse mythology Cthulhu and adopts a soul-style gameplay. 2️⃣ AI Agent: Optimized to run directly on mobile devices In the Blade of God X game, the behavior and decision-making of AI Agents can be controlled by models of different sizes. Small models handle simple tasks such as combat actions, while large models are responsible for more complex strategies and decisions. They introduced the concept of reinforcement training, which supports AIs behavioral decisions through a set of neural networks, improves AIs autonomy and efficiency, and makes the game content less predictable and exploitable by players. After the reinforcement training is completed, Blade of God X will also use vision and language as input, so that AI can more accurately identify and understand the game environment, which can enhance the immersive experience of the game. In order to reduce the burden on the server and significantly reduce the response time, the optimized AI can run directly on the GPU of the users mobile device. 3️⃣ Agents as a Service: Digital twins are different from the previous single enhancement of AI strength through machine learning. Void Labs also proposed a new concept Agents as a Service. They said that in the Agents as a Service mode, AI Agents can not only play an auxiliary role when the player is online, but also continue the game as their digital twins AI Twins when the player is offline. That is to say, the players AI Agent will be highly similar to the player in terms of thinking style and processing ability. In addition, through blockchain technology, Blade of God X can ensure that the activities of AI Agents are transparent and verifiable, and can generate real economic value for players. The studio also revealed that it plans to develop a more complex and interactive Group AI Agents function in the next generation of AI Agent systems, so that AIs can cooperate and compete with each other. The core of Agents as a Service is to use VLA (Visual Language Action) based on large language models for intensive training. This method combines the three dimensions of vision, language and action, which can not only help AI better identify objects and scenes in the game, interpret and execute player text instructions, but also enable it to determine its behavior in the game based on visual and language input. 4️⃣ Recent progress: AI Agents will be fully deployed soon The first round of Alpha testing of Blade of God X ended at the end of March and received a rating of 5.0 in the Epic Store Alpha test. They will fully deploy AI Agents in the upcoming second round of testing, allowing players to interact with them in more than ten different scenarios. Finally, they emphasized that the exploration of AI Agent is not limited to the current stage, and the ultimate goal is to make AI an intelligent agent that can parse game engines and logic. These AIs will be able to use user-generated content tools and game engines to create new game modes and rules.(来源: Twitter )
Today, lets talk about Bouncebit, a new project on Binance. At present, BTC layer2 has been divided into two ways of playing. One is the technical flow, which is to ensure the security of assets through various technologies, such as Babylons decentralized staking system, and Bontenix uses a group of rotating nodes to form a spider-like node network to ensure the security of Layer2. The characteristics of this type consider decentralization and technical optimization from the perspective of the public chain, similar to the Infra project of ETH and other chains that turns the projects own tokens into assets; the other is the asset flow, which is essentially to add yield to the existing BTC. Bouncebit is the most stable one, using centralized exchanges to arbitrage to obtain the currency-based yield as the bottom layer, and then issuing corresponding bills for use on Layer2. Compared with the yield through the ecosystem, the yield of this model will be more stable, and the corresponding growth rate in TVL will be slower, but the advantage is that the debt owed to TVL and the rise and fall of the ecosystem is less. Bouncebit is not a purely technical project. On the one hand, most of the Dapps on the chain are deployed under a licensing system, and they do not emphasize technological innovation, but rather provide users with stable arbitrage income + stable ecological income. Another feature of this passive model similar to CEFI is that the participation threshold is low. Users only need to deposit money to obtain stable and long-term income, which is naturally similar to Binances Megadrop. Megadrop is an alternative way to play. Users obtain the quota of IDO projects by regularly depositing BNB and completing tasks, which does not conflict with the quota acquisition of Luanchpad. For users, projects under this model require BNB to pledge for a long time, and the corresponding percentage of tokens that can be provided to pledgers is high. The corresponding MC/FDV will not be as high as the traditional Infra project, and the look and feel will be better. For Binance, some users who do tasks can increase the use of Web3 wallets and can give BNB Holders a relatively stable rate of return. The total amount of Bouncebit is 2.1 billion, with 19.5% at the opening, 8% for Megadrop, and the rest including 4% airdrop, 3% MM and part of the ecological reserve (about 4.5%). If we estimate based on the two rounds of financing, which totals 21%, and the first round of financing is 6M, the average financing valuation should not exceed 80M (calculated based on 10%@60M in the first round of financing and 11%@100M in the second round of financing). The price calculation in the previous period was quite different, so I will not estimate it this time.(来源: Twitter )
In this round of bull market cycle, the biggest theme is still infrastructure Infra, and there is a collective lack of application layer projects. Of course, there are endogenous factors, such as the imperfect infrastructure of crypto, the short falsification cycle of the application layer, etc. But the more core problem is that there is no increment, and the source of the lack of increment is the tightening regulatory environment. Major markets such as the United States have knocked all non-compliant exchanges through the case of BN. Compared with the last round, before the collapse of FTX, almost all overseas exchanges, including BN, could be accessed smoothly in the United States. A certain country in the East has been tightening up after 19 years, and has continued to make concessions after 22 years, and ground promotion is basically impossible. The leeks in South Korea and Turkey should have been cut. There are two possibilities in the future: First, the supervision continues to be strict, and crypto continues to pvp on the market. In this case, for secondary investment, I suggest that ordinary people only play Bitcoin, funds do quantitative currency standard enhancement, and smart money and dealers continue to play meme; the core institutions in the primary market cooperate with large exchanges to change the form of packaging projects. If small and medium-sized funds are not to be harvested, they must change the pure financial investment approach and become a community of interests with the project party, participate in distribution as a traffic distribution channel, or create a delivery model and channel (this is why KOL is better than general VC terms, because it can help sell goods). If the pvp situation continues, or the market diverges, such as Bitcoins new high, but the effect of copycat listing is seriously insufficient, so that the new coins of large exchanges continue to break. Primary investment can focus on asset distribution platforms that can create endogenous profits, and the logic is similar to investing in Pinduoduo during an economic downturn. The variable is that the election change in the United States and the settlement of the FTX incident have the opportunity to make the United States begin to loosen its high-pressure regulation on crypto. In addition, the new incremental market is superimposed on the interest rate cut cycle, and perhaps some emerging markets can have individual explosive projects. Second, if the regulatory wind direction begins to loosen, it is a good opportunity to vigorously increase positions and configure new trading venues (such as FTX in 2019 and Uni in 2020) and new types of applications. In a huge bubble cycle, we should hype up the most Ponzi model, hype up the next algorithmic stablecoin Luna/OHM, and hype up the next game Gamefi.(来源: Twitter )
Some data I saw during the holiday: 1/ In the past two weeks, 14,000 new tokens were issued on SOL every day 2/ Most of the new tokens occurred on Pump, and 600,000 tokens were issued in 45 days 3/ At present, Pump’s annualized revenue has reached 128 million US dollars, entering the ranks of unicorns Thought one: If you don’t have the energy to study so many new tokens, then the logic will sink: the more tokens are issued, the more transactions there are, and the more conducive it is to DEX= $JUP, MEV= $JTO, and the bottom-level revenue capture is real Thought two: The bottom level is still $SOL. The formation of the trend is like a rumbling train. A few small bumps will not change the trend of the train. The scale effect will only snowball and grow bigger, all the way north Thought three: New consumption and new retail groups such as Pump also have social attributes, integrating transactions and social interaction. The monetization of WEB2 is advertising and shopping (transactions), and the monetization of WEB3 is also transactions. Therefore, in WEB3, whether it is social or live broadcast, similar to Telegram Bot Well, trading is the only way to generate revenue, and we also look forward to the new interaction method of Pump/$Friend to release more potential and possibilities.(来源: Twitter )
Mainnet GAS hits a new low, a good opportunity to activate boutique wallets👀 Mainnet high-quality TX interactive reference👇 1️⃣Register/purchase ENS and set an avatar2️⃣Create Safe multi-signature3️⃣List NFT on Opensea/blur4️⃣Buy some UNI and ENS on Uniswap to participate in governance5️⃣Approve a token of a certain protocol6️⃣Revoke to cancel the authorization of a certain token8️⃣ETH pledge of high-quality projects such as Eigenlayer\Zircut\Swell9️⃣Mint free NFT on http://mint.fun 🔟ZK-era\Linea\Scroll and other official bridges(来源: Twitter )
Runes have always been criticized. Some people say that the technology has not been updated, the name is too long and not easy to cx, and the gameplay is as boring as brc20! Refutation: 1. If you want technology, you can play atom, why play runes and brc20? 2. The name is too long. Do you think foreigners will like it? All coins had short names before. Isn’t it an innovation to change it to a long name? 3. The gameplay is still not innovative because you have played brc20, so you think runes are boring, but foreigners have not played it, so they will find it very interesting! 4. The last point, the strong will always be strong! If you want to play, play the leader and the second dragon. Other liquidity will be a mess. At least the leader is trapped and wait for ath!(来源: Twitter )
A few things, let me briefly talk about them: 1. Merlin is about to release the pledge, and there will be a large amount of NFT + Brc20 selling pressure at that time. Operation: 1. Sell projects with large pledge volume in the short term, and buy them back at a low price when selling pressure comes. 2. For projects with great potential, this is the last chance for everyone to pick up chips at a low price. 3. When the Merlin token is launched, follow the idea of paying the cost first and leaving the remaining structure. 4. geniidata.com/ordinals/addre… This is the pledge address, and you can find the wealth code here. 2. Runes are coming soon. I remind you again that this is a rare opportunity to get rich. Operation: 1. Divide into multiple wallets, keep BTC in each wallet, and it is recommended to use new wallets to avoid confusion. 2. Pay attention to some big projects/KOLs, such as MagicEden, Unisat, OK Wallet, Xverse, GeniiData, Casey, Dan Zong, Wizard, Wei Shen, etc. I will not list them one by one. 3. If there are new projects coming out, go directly to see if there are any big projects and KOLs paying attention. If you pay attention to more than 3, go directly, don’t be afraid of making mistakes. 3. Recently, many people are making money and getting rich, but you are not, but you have to keep a good attitude. Operation: 1. Try to sleep late and wake up late, and reverse the Asian time difference. Most of the projects that made money this year came out in the middle of the night, so a lazy sleep is sometimes worth thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. 2. There is always no shortage of opportunities to make money in the B circle. Check Twitter and financial media (Lythm, Golden Finance, Coinbase, Shenchao, etc.) more often, and spend less time in chat groups to read useless junk information. 3. Drink more water, more protein and vitamins. If you have been staying up late, then smoke and drink less. Life comes first and making money comes second. Because of marriage/childbirth/Web2 work/personal mental state/cognitive problems, I missed at least 10 million wealth codes this year (not the kind of missed after the fact, but I really reached the purchase interface but didn’t buy for various reasons). I also sold a lot of assets, which made me extremely Emo for a while, but now I have recovered. Stay in this circle and you will always be full of hope. Let’s encourage each other and wish you good luck! (来源: Twitter )
To sum up seriously, the recent ore on the sol chain has led to a great collision of ideas, and the level of various postures has been rapidly improved, including but not limited to: 1. The official link speed is too slow, and the rpc of the little ghost wallet is fast and good. 2. The single IP of the Little Ghost Wallet still has a little speed limit, so you can directly connect to the IP proxy. 3. After Little Ghost directly banned non-APP requests, you can directly connect to the quicknode proxy. 4. The quicknode proxy was directly destroyed, and the speed was significantly reduced. 5. After the claim failed, I modified the code and successfully claimed 6. Then after the failure rate was too high, I directly jitos mev 7. During the period, I learned to create sol accounts in batches, transfer funds in batches, start mining in batches, mirror the cloud server with one click, throw the wallet, and enter json Can run directly, automatically swap, automatically collect, how to run sol chain mev, etc. 8. The most important thing is to make a lot of money(来源: Twitter )
Yesterday I read a lot of information on the Bitcoin ecosystem, and they all used the keyword competition. There is indeed competition, but the BTC ecosystem is really in its early stages. At this point, I personally feel that it is more about making the pie bigger and letting the entire second world. The first-layer ecology gets more exposure and recognition, rather than a direct competitive state. Didn’t Tesla have the same logic behind open source back then?(来源: Twitter )
深度挖掘:Ethena (ENA),加密世界赚钱机器,ENA值得长期持有!(投研报告) 先说结论:投研完后Ethena是一个会赚钱、能赚钱、并且正儿八经落地赚钱的台子,其代币(ENA)值得拥有。 金戈铁马,气吞万里如虎!! 前言:Ethena到底有多赚钱? Ethena最近一周的日入达到了680万美刀,一跃成为最赚钱的去中心化应用(DApp)。 根据Ethena的官网,现在它正给超过35万用户发放USDe稳定币,年化收益率高达67.2%。DefiLlama的数据显示,Ethena的USDe市值在过去一周里涨了43%,一个月涨了409%,总值达到了8.4亿美金。 Ethena Labs今年2月19号在公链上正式亮相,USDe一上来就开出了27.6%的年化收益率,远超Anchor Protocol给的20%。这比去年5月崩盘前的TerraUSD(UST)还要高。 Ethena 正在构建衍生品基础设施,使以太坊能够通过 stETH 上的 Delta 中性头寸转型为全球互联网债券,从而创建第一个加密原生、具有收益的稳定币:USDE。 一、#Ethena 到底是个啥玩意? 建立在以太坊上的合成美元 (synthetic dollars) 协议,以 ETH 作为底层资产标的USDe 是个在以太坊链上的合成美元协议,用 #ETH 做底层资产。它通过现货 ETH 和期货 ETH 空头抵押构成,二者对冲成为一项 Delta 中性的稳定资产。即使 ETH 的价格波动,USDe 的铸造和抵押的价值也几乎不受影响,确保了资产的稳定性和可靠性。 说人话:是无论ETH涨跌,#USDe 都能保持其价值稳定,你可以理解为以太坊版本的USDT。你可以理解为持有ETH现货并做空对冲,抵押发行 $USDe ,防暴跌、保稳定的币。 二、Ethena 赚钱的运作逻辑? 1、假设我们投入了1000刀的 #stETH,扣掉各种对冲和操作成本之后,可以铸造出1000刀的USDe。 2、然后Ethena会自动在中心化交易所(#CEX)上开一个等额的ETH对U( $USDT 或 $USD )的永续合约空头,进行对冲。 3、我们放进去的stETH不会直接扔CEX,而是转到 #Copper 、#CEFFU、#Cobo 这种托管机构手里,这样就能避免那些麻烦事,比如资产挪用或者CEX炸了。 4、这操作中就有两个能持续赚钱的路子,还会作为奖励送给质押了的USDe(sUSDe): a/挂在以太坊上质押PoS的收益,年化大约3.2%;质押 PoS 收益比较固定,保证了一个最基本的稳定收益。 b/还有就是从delta对冲那些衍生品头寸上撸到的资金费和基差价差,年化收益能有5到30%。 三、Ethena 背景如何? 1/Ethena完成2050万美元touzi,#Dragonfly 领投,并得到BN,Deribit,Bybit,OKX,Gemini和Huobi等交易平台以及BitMEX创始人Arthur Hayes及其家族办公室的支持。 •种子轮:价格未知,融资 650w,估值未知 •战略融资:价格 0.019u,融资 1400w,估值 2.86 亿 2/#MakerDAO 创始人 #Rune 也在昨天 (30 号) 通过个人地址将 566 万 USDT mint 成 USDe 四、Ethena 的缺点是? Austin 在文中指出,其更愿意将 USDe 称为一个「结构性票据」,而非稳定币,并剖析了 USDe 的四层潜在风险: 1/是质押层面的安全风险,质押节点的安全性及可持续性是否可得以保证; 2/是期货合约开设平台的安全风险,无论是 DEX 还是 CEX 均存在黑客攻击风险; 3/是合约可用性风险,有些时候可能根本没有足够的流动性来进行做空; 4/是资金费率风险,虽然空头头寸的资金费率大多数时候为正,但也存在转负的可能性,如果在加权质押收益之后的综合收益率为负,对于「稳定币」而言是相当致命的。尽管Ethena的方法创新且有潜力,但该项目目前仍处于测试阶段,尚未完全推出。 由于加密货币市场的不确定性和波动性,Ethena的稳定币USDe仍面临着潜在的风险。 五、关于 #ENA 价格预测? ENA 总量 150 亿,初始流通 14.25 亿 (9.5%)。 目前市场上有多个对 ENA 价格预测的估值模型,例如: 1/参考场外平台 (如 aevo 等) 成交价:$0.65; 2/根据往期币安挖矿项目平均收益率 (年化 123%):$0.45。 3/要是根据 PE 来进行估值的话价格会更高。因为以最近 #Ethena 的收入来推算,Ethena 年收入获将达到 3.3 亿美元。 🫡路虽远,行则必至;事虽难,做则必成。 看不懂的SOL结语:总的来说Ethena是一个会赚钱、能赚钱、并且正儿八经落地赚钱的台子,他的代币(ENA)值得关注,流动性质押衍生品LSD领域正在快速发展,尤其是 #LSD 稳定币领域即将出现新的创新。相信在以太坊坎昆升级后崛起的带动下,稳定币也将迎来一波热潮,让我们拭目以待。(来源: Twitter )
目前为止发生在Arbitrum上的事情很有意思:Arbitrum不管在TVL、交易次数、交易量、dApp数、dApp活跃度、DEX和PERP的交易量,还是在桥接的ETH数量、开发者支持度、用户体验、L2安全性上所处的阶段等等基本面上要么位居首位要么位居前列,而它的FDV(全流通市值)在L2中一直处于弱势状态。问题出在哪里?(来源: Twitter )
撸的越久,越发觉掌握科技的重要性,越来越多的案例借助科技的力量将细微可能产生套利的空间放的无限大。 批量、群控、自动化、脚本,感觉这些东西再结合精细策略和路径,运用得当一波超神的机会大大提升。 半手动+最强大脑+半自动化 指纹浏览器、云服务器、群控、影刀RPA、批量化脚本… 强制自己运用好这些撸毛人的好助手。 要潜心研究了,摒弃一些旧的观念,升级迭代自己,提升工作效率,坚持科技增强生产力(来源: Twitter )
干货分享 - TON 网络新手入门👨‍🌾 $TON 突破 5 美元续创历史新高,生态代币也出现普涨;如果你正因陌生的交互望而却步,这是一份参与「冷门公链」TON 网络的新手指南✨ 1️⃣ TON 简介 Telegram Open Network(TON) 最初是由 Telegram 创建的区块链平台,于 2018 年首次提出,后因 SEC 介入被迫放弃项目运营,由社区接手并持续发展, $TON 是该网络的原生代币 需要注意的是:TON 基于 PoS 共识机制运行,其地址格式 / 资产管理方式与大家熟悉的 EVM 网络存在较大差异,初次接触存在一定成本 2️⃣ 钱包 参与第一步,你需要一个好用的钱包工具 - Telegram 内置钱包:t.me/wallet - Tonkeeper(@tonkeeper):推荐,支持网页端 / 手机端 / Chrome 插件等形式的 TON 钱包,使用体验相较内置钱包要好一些 3️⃣ 跨链 创建钱包后,有两种主流方式将资产转移至 TON 网络 - 交易所:从已上线 $TON 现货资产的交易所(OKX / Bybit / Kucoin / Gate / HTX)中提现即可,需要选择 TON 网络 - 跨链桥:在 BSC / 以太坊主网购买 $TON 或其他代币后,使用官方跨链桥完成跨链 官方跨链桥:bridge.ton.org 以太坊 TON 合约地址:0x582d872a1b094fc48f5de31d3b73f2d9be47def1 BSC TON 合约地址: 0x76a797a59ba2c17726896976b7b3747bfd1d220f 4️⃣ 看盘 / K 线工具 准备工作都已完成,要去哪里了解热门代币和价格走势呢?你会发现 Solana Meme 热潮时的工具都失效了,目前只有 @GeckoTerminal 支持 TON 网络数据,使用方式和 DEXScreener 几乎完全相同 传送门 👉 geckoterminal.com/ton/pools 5️⃣ DEX 交易时你可以选择主流去中心化交易所或者交易机器人 - Dedust(@dedust_io):部分代币只能在 Dedust 交易 - STON.fi(@ston_fi):交易体验略优于 Dedust,推荐使用 - 交易机器人:不做推荐,请注意安全风险 6️⃣ 浏览器 在使用上述 DEX 平台交易时,都会出现「交易完成但页面状态未更新」的问题,此时就需要浏览器 / 钱包工具辅助进行判断,目前数据支持最好的浏览器是 Tonviewer 👉 tonviewer.com 7️⃣ 其他工具 随着对 TON 生态的进一步探索,你可以需要用到质押 / NFT 交易等工具,可以从这两处来源获得更多信息,本推文不做展开(来源: Twitter )
This morning @BlackRock posted a Money Market Fund, and as a Web3 native converted to Boomer Fi, let me talk about this topic. Blackrock obviously wants to make efforts in the field of public chain tokenization. The name of this Fund is BUIDL, which is also cool (Blackrock USD Institutional Digital Liqudity Fund, the first letter of each word); the previous BTC Spot ETF was actually a Web3 asset through Web2 This time, the Web2 assets are sold to Web3 (and Web2) in the form of Web3. Similar to the various compliance and technical processes polished by the previous BTC Spot ETF, this type of product needs to take into account both the Web2 system and the Web3 system. The minimum subscription amount of this product is 5M. It is open to qualified investors and maintains 1 BUIDL = 1 USD. Interest is distributed in the form of daily rebase (the token price remains consistent and the number of tokens increases with income). Only circulated in the whitelist. The structure is as shown below, and the most concerning one should be @Securitize. Securitize Markets has an ATS (alternative trading system) license in the United States and is Finras broker dealer; Securitize LLC is also an SEC-registered Transfer Agent, and the system is deployed on the public chain. This is similar to the Capital Market Service and Recoginzed Market Operator licenses obtained by @DigiFTTech in Singapore, which uses the public chain as the underlying technology for primary market issuance and secondary market transactions. Blackrock entering this field as a fund management company will need to find such an institution to help them tokenize. Other institutions such as BNY Mellon Bank provide traditional asset custody, and ecological cooperation with BitGo supports the custody and distribution of such assets. Compared with previous RWA assets, the highlight of this Fund is real-time subscription and redemption, which is also something traditional institutions like Blackrock are very eager to achieve. Get ten points of income on AAVE in the Web3 world, and the entry and exit are real-time. This is the most attractive point of public chain technology for financial institutions - clearing and settlement are completed in real time. However, in traditional channels, due to the inconsistent account books of various institutions, clearing and settlement are required in the middle, involving various external institutions and internal processes. As long as the entire link becomes longer, T+2, 3 or even T+5 are normal. matter. It is claimed that subscription and redemption can be achieved in real time, but after all, traditional and legal currency systems will still encounter friction and time issues in clearing and settlement. There will be too many stuck points and prerequisites in the process. There is no test but there are some conjectures. Let me share with you the current status of traditional channels and the problems to be solved: - 1. Securitize can support the subscription and redemption of USDC and USD, which is similar to the DigiFT platform. If users use USDC to subscribe, they still need to exchange through Circle (currently Circle only has Customer bank). Unless both Securitize and blackrock have accounts in the bank, or there is a real-time transfer network between banks, it will not be possible in real time. - 2. If the user uses USD, they also need to recharge to the Securitize platform first. If they are not from the same bank, they will need to pay for the time difference and wear and tear of inter-bank transfers. Bank transfers between Securitize and blackrock can be implemented in real time if they are in the same bank. - 3. Real-time subscription enables Blackrock to mint new fund shares in real time, but it takes time for the invested USD to purchase the underlying assets, which is somewhat similar to STETH and will dilute the overall APR. However, if a large redemption exceeds the cash retained in the Blackrock fund, the underlying assets will need to be sold, which will take longer; however, as the largest asset manager, the liquidity that Blackrock can provide is still very sufficient. The current circulation of BUIDL is 40M, and two holding addresses hold 35M and 5M BUIDL respectively. Blackrock requires a minimum subscription amount of 5M, and generally few Web3 organizations can participate. Observing the situation on the chain, we did not see USDC subscription behavior, and the buyers were basically traditional institutions. In fact, from the above link, it is only the tokenization of fund shares, and other processes are actually off-chain. To achieve real-time, Blackrock can mint new shares in real time through securitize subscription, and the intermediary is the connection between the above two parties. Redemptions are subject to Blackrocks own liquidity arrangements. The entire structure is basically the real time that traditional institutions can barely achieve through various advanced fund reserves, system automation docking and other solutions, and through a lot of consultation and collaboration; compared with Web3, although Web2 is larger in size, it must be able to This function really took a lot of effort and ten years of hard work to reach the point where Web3 can be implemented with just a wave of the hand. But no matter how complicated it is, this is a very good attempt. It is a big step in the integration process of Web2 and Web3. It does not matter how big it can be. The key is that in this process, different participants have different opinions on the entire process. Promote the infrastructure level and further explore the ability to integrate traditional channels and emerging infrastructure. In the future, more assets will enter Web3, especially more assets will be issued directly on the chain, and there will be more stablecoins, especially bank stablecoins and even CBDC on the chain, enabling direct token-to-token transactions in the Web3 world. Exchange, this is the real way web3 changes the financial world.(来源: Twitter )
The idiots of SOL have brought Kuailian back to what it was like 20 years ago. Everyone is working on the same project and working towards the same goal, including BCH fork, EOS node election, FOMO3D, ALGO Dutch auction, and DeFi Summer. The plates in ten thousand directions disappeared. Whats the point of paying for a bunch of messy vaporware VC disks? To BUIDL hard? Dont be impressed by yourself. Dont forget your original intention.(来源: Twitter )
The Ethereum DENCUN upgrade is a major upgrade in its history. In addition to the well-known obvious help for L2 (EIP-4844 can significantly reduce the cost of L2), there are also other upgrades, such as EIP-1153s transient storage, which supports the persistence of storage during a transaction, which helps save gas costs. , and at the same time, it will not cause state expansion, which will also improve the user experience of DEX and so on in the future. Finally, regarding the name, why was it originally called Cankun upgrade and now it is called Dencun upgrade? The upgrade name of the execution client is Cankun, and the upgrade name of the consensus client is Deneb. Taking both into account, it becomes the Dencun upgrade.(来源: Twitter )
I haven’t talked much about the wealth code these days. I’ve mainly been thinking about future strategic matters. Only after I figure it out can I understand how to proceed. The following points are probably: 1. The correlation between the big pie and the US stock market is getting bigger and bigger. The premise of the eternal bull market is the eternal bull market of U.S. stocks. Most people think that the interest rate cut by the United States and the United States will start a wild bull market. However, I think that the interest rate cut by the United States and the United States may be all the benefits. They will kill first, but no matter how hard they kill, Bitcoin has already entered the stage of death. 2. The biggest role of btc ecology is btcfi. btc will become the most powerful interest-bearing asset in the world. The ultimate form of btc’s ​​interest-bearing is that btc can continuously generate income from energy sources in its own address, with 20 With BTC, at least there will be no problem with cash flow in mainland China; 3. The essence of investing in other copycats is to obtain more BTC, but if you do not exchange it back for BTC, in the end most combinations will not be able to outperform BTC, especially those who like to buy frequently For investors who want to change their cars, in fact, most people can’t make as much profit from copycats as buying Bitcoin directly; 4. Finding new assets is the most important thing, and BTC ecological new assets and AI assets have the best chance of bursting into hundreds of times profit; 5. There will be a third wave of Inscription, because Inscription is the easiest way for players outside the circle to enter the Bitcoin ecosystem. However, at the same time as the third wave of Inscription, other tracks in the Bitcoin ecosystem such as Rune, Rare Satoshi, Head L2, etc. will be more attractive to the circle. There is smart money in it, thus triggering a huge wealth effect, so the strategy is to stick to the top of the inscription and accelerate the search for new btc assets; 6. web3’s ai assets (not necessarily tokens) are the next ten to one hundred times the return There are three sources and directions: 1) AI mining; 2) NFT of leading AI projects; 3) AI models or data are uploaded to the chain, and you need to rely on AI to turn over; 7. The opportunities outside the currency circle are actually very large, and insiders underestimate them Opportunities outside the circle, the opportunities brought by compliance belong to the traditional financial circle, the leverage effect will be particularly sufficient, and capable suggestions can be involved; 8. The distinction between China and the West in the currency circle will become less and less, and more important Under the unknown water, various alliances and systems are gradually taking shape. Various resources are being monopolized. It is difficult to form an army alone. If you cant defeat it, join it. Bandits become regular armies.(来源: Twitter )