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In the past 24 hours, many new popular currencies and topics have emerged in the market. It is very likely that they are the next opportunity to make wealth.

The annual rate of U.S. PPI in March was 2.1%, the highest since April 2023. The cryptocurrency market as a whole is under pressure, and altcoins continue to decline. In comparison, BGBs price performance is very impressive. in:

  • The sectors with strong wealth creation effect are: Base Ecology, Ton Ecology and RWA sector

  • The most popular tokens and topics searched by users are: Avalon Finance, BounceBit, AI Crypto;

  • Potential airdrop opportunities include: Zircuit, Nubit;

Data statistics time: 4:00 on April 12, 2024 (UTC+ 0)

1. Market environment

The U.S. PPI annual rate in March recorded 2.1%, a new high since April 2023. Data shows that inflation remains highly sticky. After the data was released, the U.S. dollar index DXY fell by more than 20 points in the short term, U.S. Treasury bond yields fell, U.S. short-term interest rate futures rose, the cryptocurrency market as a whole came under pressure, and altcoins continued to decline.

In comparison, the price performance of Bitget platform currency BGB is very impressive. In addition to the continued improvement of Bitgets spot business, it is also affected by the high-frequency LaunchPool and the newly launched PoolX currency product form. With the assets launched by these two products, users can use BGB and USDT for pledge mining, thereby not only obtaining new asset mining income, but also enjoying the income from the increase in BGB currency price. In addition, because PoolX and LaunchPool activities have been very frequent recently, the market demand for BGB has continued to increase, and the price of Golden Shovel BGB has continued to rise. If the current high-frequency mining of 2-3 assets per week continues, the price of BGB currency will continue to rise.

2. Wealth creation sector

1) Sector changes: Base Ecology (AERO)

The main reason: Base ecological TVL exceeds 1.5 billion US dollars, and the continued inflow of funds may directly affect the overall trend of meme coins on the Base chain. The AERO currency price continues to rise, the development of the SocialFi track, Farcasters currency issuance and ecological project progress have all brought good attention to the Base ecosystem.

Rise: AERO rose 18% in the past 24 hours;

Factors affecting the market outlook:

The continued inflow of funds into the Base ecosystem may directly affect the overall trend of meme coins on the Base chain. Traders can pay close attention to changes in ecological TVL, DEX trading volume and other data. The fundamentals continue to improve, and the assets mentioned are expected to break new highs. At the same time, judging from history, the ceiling of meme coins on the Base chain is limited, so beware of the risks of chasing high prices.

2) Sector changes: TON Ecology (INS, TREMP)

The main reason: The wealth effect of the TON token itself is particularly prominent in the current market correction environment. Yesterday, the price of Ton exceeded $7, setting a new record high. At the same time, yesterday the TON Foundation airdropped 300,000 TON (approximately US$2.19 million) to the most active Meme currency traders on Dedust and/or The reward incentive of airdrop tokens further deepened users’ interest in the Ton chain. Passion for trading.

Rise: INS rose 10.5% in the past 24 hours, TREMP rose 149% in the past 24 hours;

Factors affecting the market outlook:

Wealth effect of Launchpad: The two tokens INS and TREMP in the sector come from two different Launchpad projects in the Ton ecosystem. They have a wealth effect of 10-100 times respectively. If this wealth effect can be replicated in projects that appear later. , then the hype of Ton public chain will further increase.

Notcoin’s currency listing performance: As the most popular project on the Ton chain, countless eyes are paying attention to Notcoin. The current number of players exceeds 27 million, and X (Twitter) follows 1.68 million. The transaction volume on getgems exceeds 3.1 million Ton, equivalent to 21 million US dollars. Notcoin’s currency is about to be released. If the market acceptance is high and the currency price performs well after the currency is released, the ceiling of Ton’s ecology will be further opened.

3) The following sectors need to be focused on: RWA sector (PARCL, MANTRA DAO)

The main reason: BlackRock announced the launch of its first tokenized fund issued on the public blockchain. The entry of giants has energized the second spring of the RWA track. RWA may still be the most important in this bull market. One of the narratives. At present, RWA is developing rapidly, with frequent financing events and project progress. In addition, PARCL is about to issue currency, and the potential wealth effect may further trigger a second wave of RWA market.

Focus on projects:

  • Parcl: The Parcl ecosystem based on the decentralized real estate trading platform Parcl Protocol announced a strategic partnership with global alternative investment company SkyBridge Capital.

  • Mantra DAO: MANTRA announced the launch of the Hongbai incentivized test network, which is also the second phase of the MANTRA Chain test network. This test network is expected to expand the user base of the ecosystem and encourage the development of decentralized applications (dApps) on the MANTRA Chain. This is the first milestone since Mantra transformed into the RWA public chain.

3. User hot searches

1) Popular Dapps

Avalon Finance:

One week after Merlin Chain’s first lending agreement, Avalon Finance, went online, its TVL exceeded US$100 million and the number of users exceeded 7,000. It became the largest lending agreement in Merlin Chain and the entire BTC ecosystem, and also created the fastest TVL growth in the history of DeFi. DeFi lending protocol records. Avalon Finance completed a $1.5 million seed round in March, with participation from SNZ Capital, Summer Capital, Matrixport Ventures and others. Currently, Avalon Finance launches a community airdrop program with an airdrop ratio of up to 20%. Users can participate in early airdrops.




BounceBit is a Bitcoin re-staking and CeDeFi protocol. In terms of project background, BounceBit received US$6 million in seed round financing led by Blockchain Capital and others, and also received support from Binance Custody (CEFFU), Breyer Capital and Mainnet Digital, ensuring the security of users pledged assets. In the latest news yesterday, Binance Labs announced its investment in BounceBit, aiming to expand the capabilities of Bitcoin beyond traditional storage of value. Currently, BounceBit TVL has reached US$784 million, and users can actively participate in network verification and various revenue generation activities.

3) Google Search Region


From a global perspective:

Masa Network (MASA): Masa Network is a two-way data market that connects data suppliers (users) and data consumers (developers), that is, a decentralized data market developer. It announced yesterday that it will be launched on April 11, 2020, Beijing time. : 00 Launch the mainnet and launch MASA tokens, of which MASA tokens will be issued simultaneously on Ethereum, BNB Chain and Masa network (dedicated Avalanche subnet). Previously, Masa Network completed a $5.4 million seed round of financing led by Anagram in January this year. On April 11, Bitget will be listed on Masa Network (MASA). The deposit channel is now open. The MASA/USDT trading pair will be open at 16:00 today. Investors can consider buying at their discretion.

Judging from the hot searches in each region:

(1) The European region and CIS region have shown a certain degree of attention to AI Crypto:

The main reason is that Binance will list Bittensor (TAO) at 20:00 on April 11, 2024 (Eastern Eighth District time). It has attracted attention and discussion on Twitter and various communities. Previously, with the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in the encryption field The craze continues to heat up, and the cost of registering a subnet on the Bittensor network has soared to US$6.7 million. The popularity of community discussions on AI-related topics has remained high.

(2) There are no obvious hot spots in Africa, Asia and the English-speaking region:

The regional popularity in this region shows a relatively scattered performance. Among them, Floki, Crypto Bubbles, and RWA mainly appear frequently in hot searches. Before the arrival of the Bitcoin halving market, more retail investors will pay attention to narratives such as Memecoin and RWA. The overall market has experienced differentiation in themes. When the market is relatively stable, rotational speculation in sector themes has begun.

4. Potential airdrop opportunities


Zircuit is a Layer 2 public chain project based on zkRollups parallelism and AI integration. It is invested by Pantera and Dragonfly. The current TVL of the project has exceeded US$1.1 billion. Zircuits current ecology is gradually improving and already includes functions such as staking, cross-chain bridges, and browsers. Users can also obtain air investment qualifications by participating in ecological construction and community interaction.

The currently launched Zircuit Staking is a good place to eat more than you eat. As long as you have participated in the Eigenlaye series of ecological projects before, you can maximize your returns and the risk is extremely low. The Zircuit staking program is designed to reward participating users and communities and help guide Zircuit’s native day-one liquidity. In addition, there are three other methods. Here we only introduce the staking method.

Specific participation methods: 1) Enter the staking page ( and participate in staking to win points; 2) Participate in deploying nodes to win points (


Nubit is a scalable Bitcoin-native DA layer with security secured by Bitcoin. Nubit can effectively expand the data capacity of Bitcoin and provide support for applications such as Ordinals, L2, oracles, thereby expanding the scope and efficiency of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Nubit completed a $3 million Pre-Seed round of financing, with dao 5, OKX Ventures, Primitive Ventures and others participating in the investment. The team said it is preparing for the launch of the mainnet. The current rule is that the more inscriptions in the wallet, the higher the score and the faster the progress. You can start the test network task with 2000 points.

Specific participation method: connect brc 20 and unisat wallet, then follow Twitter, link your wallet, and you can see your points after inviting.

More information about Bitget Research Institute:

Bitget Research Institute focuses on focusing on on-chain data and mining value assets. Through real-time monitoring of on-chain data and regional hot searches, it explores cutting-edge value investments and provides institutional-level insights for crypto world enthusiasts. So far, it has provided Bitget global users with early value assets in many popular sectors such as [Arbitrum Ecosystem], [AI Ecosystem], and [SHIB Ecosystem], and created better wealth for Bitget global users through in-depth data-driven research. effect.

[Disclaimer] There are risks in the market, so investment needs to be cautious. This article does not constitute investment advice and users should consider whether any opinions, views or conclusions contained in this article are appropriate for their particular circumstances. Invest accordingly and do so at your own risk.

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