Pump PVP Manual: Scythe and Leek Promote Mutual Evolution

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If you want to become a local dog, you have to keep evolving to survive in the market.

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Pump PVP Manual: Scythe and Leek Promote Mutual Evolution

Before Pump.fun became popular, Solana Meme investors were mostly 10u War Gods for security reasons to prevent Rug operations such as DEV removing liquidity. In March, influenced by BOME and SLERF, super-large pools of Meme tokens began to become popular on Solana, but it also reached a freezing point again due to factors such as the overall market downturn and the increasing number of runaway incidents.

Since then, Pump has taken over - convenient opening methods and secure token endorsement have made Meme tokens popular again on Solana. Influenced by the attack, Pump.fun launched a 7-day zero-fee event . The number of new tokens on Solana has continued to set new historical highs, with more than 20,000 new tokens added daily.

However, the emergence of Pump has changed the characteristics and gameplay of Meme again, and the means of harvesting malicious DEV have also continued to evolve. Odaily Planet Daily will analyze the market characteristics and some methods in this article.

Token Market Characteristics

The tokens born in Pump have some notable features, which we summarize as follows.

Riding on the heat

Pump.funs extremely convenient token issuance method has led to a rapid increase in the number of DEVs that specialize in hot projects. Just as anything Musk posted on Twitter would be disassembled into countless Ethereum idiots, Pump is mostly aimed at some Solana ecosystem big V startups, including Ansem, Yelo, etc. Paying attention to such big Vs is expected to get early chips at the first time . However, it is often the case that five or six tokens appear within one or two minutes for the same keyword. In this case, the first token is not the main advantage, and the choice should be based more on the distribution of chips and the speed of purchase .

Internal disk is dead

Pump.fun is divided into internal and external markets. The internal market needs to purchase 85 SOLs to end. After the end, LP will be added and destroyed. However, due to the large difference in chip costs between early participants and late participants in the internal market, which is usually at least five or six times, many DEVs often directly take profits when the internal market is 80%-90%. How to deal with it? The simplest way is to stare at the chip list on the pump interface and exit as soon as the DEV leaves the market. In addition, users can try PlonkBot , which has the function of running away with DEV, but the success rate is limited.

There is a clear upper limit to the market value

The huge number of tokens disperses funds and also makes the creation of Meme consensus fragmented. Even if they succeed in surviving the internal market, only a very small number of tokens can break through the market value of 300,000. According to some users who have participated in the Pump project, there are obvious step-by-step limits to the achievable market value . When one limit is broken, it is easy to rise to the next limit. Users can summarize it by themselves.


Website and Community

Generally speaking, having a well-made website can greatly promote the early rise of Pump tokens, and whether there is a community at this time is not critical. However, community and cultural consensus are the key to breaking through the conventional upper limit. For example, the recent DJCAT, NAMI and other tokens, the former rose due to community takeover, and the latter gathered consensus through the continuous creation of theme pictures by the project party.

However, it should be noted that some DEVs promote their products by buying high-fan X accounts or creating websites in an assembly line, and then dumping them at high points in the domestic market. As a reference, you can use the TG tool Tugou Website Check to detect the website. This tool can check how many websites are deployed on the same IP , but if the website developer uses some third-party services (such as CDN), the same IP may create hundreds of websites, and users need to identify them by themselves.

Pump PVP Manual: Scythe and Leek Promote Mutual Evolution

GMGN indicator

There are many tools for Pump on the market, and GMGN is one of the websites with more comprehensive data. The website provides multi-dimensional data such as progress, creation time, capital inflow speed, transaction amount and number of comments, which can comprehensively evaluate investment.

Pump PVP Manual: Scythe and Leek Promote Mutual Evolution

But at the same time, DEV is also evolving. Currently, there are a large number of DEVs that have developed their own robots to brush transaction volume indicators. There are also DEVs that purchase from multiple wallets and brush the number of comments on the Pump interface , creating a false prosperity, and then selling at the high point of the internal market.

Be careful with orders

Copy Trading is a common operation for discovering early projects, but it is not suitable at the moment when Pump is popular, because the LP pool of basically all tokens is very small. Buying after purchasing with a smart wallet can even increase the price several times again. Chinese and foreign big Vs have been exposed to using the copy trading mechanism to harvest copy traders. To address this problem, it is far more appropriate to choose an address with a low win rate and a high profit and loss ratio to copy, rather than an account with a high win rate and a low profit and loss ratio.

(Note from Odaily Planet Daily: Because the latter may use the copycats to raise the price and then quickly exit to create address data with a high winning rate.)

in conclusion

Malicious harvesters are constantly innovating their methods. This article can be used as a reference for some ways to fight against them, but when everyone uses the same or similar strategies, the strategies will become ineffective. Only by constantly evolving can you survive in the market.

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