Space and Time releases sub-second ZK prover SQL and makes it open source

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The SQL prover is orders of magnitude faster than other zkVMs and coprocessors.

Space and Time releases sub-second ZK prover SQL and makes it open source

Space and Time (SxT), a verifiable computation layer for AI and blockchain, today released SQL Prover on GitHub, a high-performance ZK prover for processing data.

SQL Prover is a new type of ZK Prover developed by SxT that uses cryptography to ensure that SQL database queries are accurately calculated on untampered data. Using SQL Prover, developers can calculate on-chain and off-chain data sets without trust, and prove the results to smart contracts in a timely manner during the transaction process to support more complex data-based DeFi protocols.

“Space and Time is excited to lead Web3 into a new era of data-driven smart contracts and next-generation DeFi,” said Dr. Jay White, co-founder and head of research at SxT, inventor of the SQL Prover protocol. “Our team pioneered sub-second ZK provers so that smart contracts and AI agents can ask questions about chain activity as well as off-chain data and receive trustless SQL query results on-chain during transactions without having to wait for 30-minute proving times.”

The SQL Prover was released in alpha to a select group of SxT clients in August. With today’s release on GitHub, the protocol is now open to the public. Community members can run trustless queries on SxT on Space and Time Studio, and developers can download the repository directly from GitHub.

The SQL prover is the first ZK prover to run in sub-second time. In recent benchmarks by the SxT Cryptography team, the protocol can execute analytical queries on tables with over 100,000 rows in less than a second on a single GPU, and can aggregate over millions of rows of indexed data within Ethereum block times on a single NVIDIA T4.

Compared to general-purpose zkVM and coprocessors, SQL provers provide a higher-performance architecture for processing large amounts of data. While general-purpose zkVMs provide a scalable solution for arbitrary computations, they are slow at processing data proofs.

SQL provers can be integrated with these zkVMs to provide verifiable source data, allowing arbitrary code to be executed. Space and Time encourages and invites community members and other ZKP engineering teams to collaborate in the repo. The prover can be integrated into any SQL database (such as Google BigQuery), whether centralized or decentralized, and has been used in some well-known Web3 applications, financial institutions, and enterprises.

About Space and Time

Space and Time is a verifiable computation layer for AI and blockchain, combining immutable on-chain and off-chain data to enable enterprise-grade use cases for smart contracts and LLMs (Large Language Models). Space and Time has developed a new type of cryptography called SQL Provers that allows developers to connect analytics directly to smart contracts, opening up a host of powerful new use cases and business logic on blockchain technology. Space and Time was built from the ground up as a multi-chain data platform for financial services, gaming, DeFi, or any project that requires data verification between enterprise, blockchain, and AI.

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