actively carries out marketing activities and plans to launch the ISP platform points system

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This article is approximately 693 words,and reading the entire article takes about 1 minutes will continue to promote industry innovation, bring better services and experience to users, and create more possibilities for users. is emerging as an innovative online order trading platform in the market. Unlike traditional methods, is deployed on the zkSync chain and adopts a multi-matching hedging model, providing users with a more active role and committed to ensuring the security and fairness of transactions. In terms of market promotion, cooperates with many internationally renowned AMA self-media platforms and media organizations, and holds online events in the community to expand the platforms popularity and influence.

iSports.ios innovative model brings a new betting experience to users. Through the multi-matching hedging model, users can not only simply place bets, but also participate in transactions more actively, gain more choices and higher participation. This innovative model is redefining the way online order transactions are conducted and promoting the future development of the industry.

Recently, has cooperated with a number of internationally renowned AMA self-media platforms, including Crypto Whale Global, Crypto Talkz, Wise Crypto, Ctalks, Crypto Solution, etc. Through these collaborations, has promoted its future development direction and innovative features on platforms such as Twitter and Telegram, expanding its visibility and influence in the international market.

At the same time, also cooperated with the Chinese community Jujing Research Institute, IN web3 Community and others to hold online activities, inviting experts and enthusiasts in the field of sports technology to discuss future development trends and inject new ideas and impetus into the development of the industry.

NEO, the platform representative of, said that the future development direction of includes the introduction of AI intelligent data analysis functions and enhanced AR and VR technologies to enhance the viewing experience. The use of AI algorithms and big data analysis can not only display real-time data, but also conduct pre-match analysis and predictions, and provide intelligent suggestions on the outcome of the game and the performance of key players based on the teams historical data, current status and tactical analysis. Through 3D smart wearable devices and AR technology, fans can see the superposition of real-time data during the game. These technologies make watching games no longer limited to physical space. Fans can enjoy the feeling of being on the scene from any location, and the experience is better.

In addition, at, we are not only committed to providing users with the best betting experience, but also actively planning the future ecological layout to make greater contributions to society and football. The ISP platform points system to be launched in the future is a new value system designed to reward users for their active participation and contribution. Every user who participates in betting, interacting and sharing on the platform will receive ISP platform points based on their activity. These points are not only a mark of the users achievement on the platform, but also a reflection of their contribution to the community. Through these points, we hope that every user can feel that their participation and contribution are valuable.

NEO said that the multiple values of points include the cultivation of football youth training. We will use ISP platform points to invest in the cultivation of young football talents. Every point of the user will help us discover and cultivate the next generation of football stars and help them pursue their dreams on the green field. In addition, ISP platform points will also be used for various public welfare projects. We hope that through these points, we can promote more social welfare activities and benefit more people. has always been committed to giving back to society. Through ISP platform points, we will launch more social feedback projects and make positive contributions to the community and society. is not just a bet, but a partner working together for the future, for society, and for more sports.

The rise of is not only a challenge to the traditional online order trading model, but also an incentive and promotion for the development of the industry. In the future, will continue to promote industry innovation, bring better services and experience to users, create more possibilities for users, and become the leading platform in the global sports betting field.



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